5 Reasons Why Startups Need A Business Plan

The main serial killer of startups and SMEs is a bad execution. A business without a plan is like a ship without navigation systems. Eventually, it will end up lost or crash.

A business plan increases the chances that your business will prosper. According to a study conducted by Babson College, new companies with a business plan increased their capital twice as much during the first 12 months compared to those that did not. More than a recipe for success, it is a tool that can be used to set objectives, monitor your progress, be accountable and, ultimately, have a comprehensive vision of the destination of your business.

5 Reasons Why Startups Need A Business Plan

Writing a business plan forces you to have a more complete vision of your business project, and the holistic perspective that gives you will allow you to identify weak points that otherwise would have been overlooked. Elements such as the value proposal, operations plan, personnel estimates, among others, are some of these factors that we sometimes forget.

Here are five great reasons on why your startup needs a business plan: 

1. To set objectives

The most important thing that a work plan will bring you is the order. It is normal that as you begin your project, you are so passionate and excited that you lose a bit of the floor. It is precise to prevent this from happening that you need a business plan that allows you to take some steps back and look objectively at your work.

Many directors learn the bad that, without a plan, their work is time and effort thrown away. A business plan helps you get started on the right foot, it tells you how much capital you need to achieve your goals and what skills your team’s key team members need to move the project forward. With a traced route, you can be sure that you are going in the right direction.

2. Predict the costs of the operation

The prices of your service will not be fixed and as your business grows it will require a new capital investment. When you reach new markets, it will be more difficult for you to sell, since your group of selective suppliers is occupied by the competition. Therefore having a business plan will help you to know how much money you need and if it is really worth investing in a particular area, or leave it in the background.

If it is a service company, for example, its expansion will require a higher number of people to support you in work. You probably need to open a branch or offices where your staff is concentrated and thus improve customer service, all this means costs and what better than having them planned in writing.

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3. To raise funds

Most mutual funds and banks require evaluating your business plan to decide if it is worthwhile to leave your money in the hands of your company. On the other hand, if it is a matter of borrowing money from family or friends, the best way to raise that amount will be to support you in this work plan so that you communicate the vision of your project in a clear and convincing manner.

It also offers many advantages when offering shares or selling a business, since it helps buyers understand what they have in front of them, why does the project have that value? Why do they need it? Or why is it worth buying? Are some of the questions that can be answered in said plan.

4. To have control over your business

Business is controlled the smaller its range of operations, however, when, when it increases, the chaos begins to fill every corner of it, and if there is no order on each process, it is often lethal, and there can be no remedy. Having a business plan will help you go back, pin down what is working, what does not, and point out what can be improved.

If your company converges employees, the implementation of this work tool will be advantageous, since you can consult the staff, understand their needs within your facilities and propose a solution. Your employees will value this opportunity to contribute to the business.

5. To clear the picture; copy it and improve it

A business plan is not a document that is created once and must be stored in the drawer. It is a life guide that must continuously be adapted as a business grows and changes. Writing and research to make this work plan generate the opportunity to learn about the industry, market, and competitors, in addition to identifying the challenges you can find and develop strategies to avoid or overcome them.

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Successful companies review and update their business plan when circumstances change. Given this, it is advisable to make it routine, create a reminder to discuss your business plan regularly. If your business is made up of a team of partners, managers or mentors, it is advisable to hold brainstorming sessions, thus exchanging advice, doubts, and opinions and making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Revenue Sharing: 5 Mistakes When Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Career

When you consider your affiliate business, you are likely to start looking for the information related to it. Over 80% of websites that you can see on the list of Google prove you that this route is very easy. They try to convince you that starting as an affiliate marketer is very easy and you don’t have to do anything but sit and wait until you earn your first million.

Such an approach may lead you to a fake understanding what a real affiliate marketing career is. Let’s take a look at five most popular missteps that the beginners tend to make. This article will give you insights on how to start affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to spend much time on it

This is the number one misconception that most of the newbies stumble upon. If you notice that some websites offer you to get rich spending only a few minutes a day on your project, don’t believe them. If you decided to make money with the help of various programs, you ought to spend all your free time to attract traffic that to your site and make people click the right link on the right page. How can you increase the traffic and your revenue if you spend so little time on your work? It’s impossible.

Revenue Sharing: 5 Mistakes When Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Career

You will destroy your credibility with the link

If you have a group of people that visit your site and they recognize who you are, they will not hate you if you post one or more links on your website. Your audience will consider it as a reliable place to make a purchase. If people trust you, they will not be afraid of clicking on your link. However, your links should be related to the topic of your site. For example, if you are a great writer, a phrase like “lab report writing service” can be a great anchor for the affiliate link. Thus, sharing some valuable information together with the link will be a perfect choice.

You cannot become an affiliate because of a high competition

If you think you cannot make money, you will never come to the destination. Don’t listen to anyone who says that there’s a high competition. Your primary goal is to find the niche that you will be comfortable with and find out how to do affiliate marketing. The next steps comprise planning, developing your websites and other things that you have to consider to be valuable for your work. If you believe in your results, you will get to all the goals accomplished.

You don’t need SEO at all

If you want more people to come to your website, you should learn where to find them. The cheapest leads come from the search engines. Why not use this tool for making more and more money. Of course, your path will start from reading on topics like:

If the search engine detects that people leave your site right after opening the page, you will lose a lot of traffic. It’s always better to get to the top positions from the start than trying to do it after getting to the last positions.

Affiliate career will not be popular in ten years

There are some marketing experts that consider this way of making money an obsolete thing in ten years. However, I completely disagree with this opinion. If you understand how to bring people to the right place, and encourage them to make a purchase, you will be rich in ten or twenty years. Money is the thing that any business requires to grow and develop. If you bring some extra cash to a company that offers a good affiliate program, you will get your part anyway. However, you should learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.


You are the one who can cope with your future. You have to spend a lot of time planning your future work. Once you do it, you will see how this way of making money can be addictive. You are not able to discover all you need before you start. Thus, avoid a procrastination mistake. You will learn some new things every day, and it will make you move on and never stop.

About the Author:
This was a guest post written by Helen Birk.

8 Ways to Increase Your Intellectual Capacity

Time invested in your personal growth is an investment in your success. Improve your emotional intelligence by practicing these eight things.

To become a standout success, invest in yourself. The broader your investment, the more fit you become for sustaining your entrepreneurial journey. You can only grow your career to the extent that you develop yourself. The good news is, time invested in your own personal growth is entirely under your control. You will either do it and standout or not. To follow are some simple ways to expand both your intellectual and emotional intelligence capacities.

8 Ways to Increase Your Intellectual Capacity

1. Expand your horizons.

Extending your points of view opens the world to you by acquainting you with the likelihood. Novel encounters welcome the new into your life. The original endowments you with different meetings which immeasurably increment your insight. The mind reacts to new things by making new neural pathways. Each new path ends up noticeably more grounded with reiteration giving us new aptitudes and qualities. Hence, you ought to dependably endeavor to be slightly outside your usual range of familiarity. This can be proficient effortlessly. You can visit new places, take an alternate course to the workplace, or even brush your teeth with your non-prevailing hand. The mind is conformed to propensities. The more unbending and habituated you are the harder it is to adapt to change. Whatever is normal in your life really shields you from developing in the ways you could if you did only a couple of things a bit distinctively every day. Blend elements up to prepare yourself to flourish in new routes, with unique individuals, and in new conditions.

2. Be Imaginative.

All achievement starts with envisioned results, openings, and potential outcomes. The more inventive you enable yourself to be, the more open you are to making creative and compelling critical thinking methods, conceptualizing abilities and systems administration aptitudes. The more visionary, the all the more notable your progress toward becoming the capacity to draw motivation from all zones of life at whatever point the need presents itself. This kind of innovativeness gives you a certainty that causes you massively whether you’re in your day to day life or when this expertise ends up noticeably valuable in your business life. Individuals will realize that you are the individual to go to when new and imaginative thoughts are essential to get things moving in another and better bearing. Innovativeness is the critical characteristic you should be a wise trailblazer. There is no such thing as “not imaginative.” You all have it, and not exclusively does a little innovativeness increment the enthusiasm you have for what you do, yet it can likewise make the most repetitive work more engaging.

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3. Pleasure reading.

Achievement isn’t just essential to take a stab at, yet is the fundamental need for Entrepreneurs, to such an extent, that a significant number of you neglect to have some good times, to unwind and decompress. Self-improvement doesn’t generally mean you have your nose in a type of a course book. Perusing when all is said in done, paying little mind to the substance, is marvelous for your cerebrum. Regardless of whether it’s a murder secret, fiction, your most loved verse or a games magazine, perusing empowers your creative procedure. Without your cognizant exertion, your cerebrum is making an interpretation of the words into pictures that play like a motion picture in your brain. Perusing offers you a reprieve, places you into a different universe and makes a passionate association amongst yourself and the words on the paper. All of you require some an opportunity to get away. On the off chance that you can’t a get-away, perusing a book is an excellent substitute. Further, perusing builds your vocabulary furnishes your cerebrum with cases of right language structure and causes you end up noticeably a superior peruser and essayist as well as more significantly a more other-focused communicator.

4. Train your brain.

There are various simple to-get-tightly to strategies to keep your mind sharp. There are many words confuse applications and different applications like Luminosity that are free on your cell phone that give amusements and critical thinking procedures intended to build the neuroplasticity of your cerebrum. Neuroplasticity is the cerebrum’s capacity to frame new neural associations empowering you to work at a more elevated amount. The greater neuroplasticity your mind has, the speedier it makes new relationships and the snappier and all the more successfully you process data. Making awesome progress comes down to basic leadership, but then so few prepare their mind for this every day.

5. Consistently learn.

There is continually a comment learn. Never be above instruction. Be energetic about getting and growing new abilities and data. To end up noticeably a fruitful Entrepreneur, you should dependably be scanning for what is new and what isn’t yet wholly comprehended on the bleeding edges of your industry. When you proceed with your instruction, it is lowering to get a handle on how much there still is to know. The more you take in, the more set you up progress toward becoming for fantastic strategizing. The more learning you secure, the more data you have access to you when settling on basic choices. Realizing is the thing that develops your certainty. It is the thing that builds your aptitude base and adds to your ability. It is additionally what enables you to work more astute not merely harder. Continuously accept there is more you have to learn and you will encounter an immediate and evident increment in your capacity to accomplish.

6. Physical activity.

Physical activity shows signs of improvement shape, as well as it gives you a higher working mind. The mind reacts best when it is brimming with oxygen. When you give your mind the oxygen-help it needs from work out, it enhances your memory, supports your capacity to center, and forestalls intellectual decay. Without work out, your brain can’t take in new data or produce the improvement of new cells. The fastest and most proficient approach to wind up noticeably more astute, less pushed, not so far discouraged but rather more lively is to get your body moving.

7. Get enough sleep.

Research has demonstrated that when you place yourself into lack of sleep, not exclusively does it put your execution in risk yet it impacts every other person around you that relies upon you to perform at your pinnacle. Bounteous examinations have demonstrated that lack of sleep is the absolute opposite of smart administration. Working all day and all night makes you as risky to yourself as well as other people as somebody who is inebriated. Getting enough rest decides your capacity to manage consideration and keep up scholarly magnificence. It is such a straightforward activity, but then so few teach themselves to deal with what is explicitly under their control that can have a tremendous effect on their life and achievement. Try not to give this a chance to be you.

8. How you dress.

What you wear has been demonstrated to directly affect improving your insight. The “Stroop Test” shown that individuals who wore lab coats performed preferred on mental execution tests over those in the control bunch who did not wear the protective outer layer. There is control in a uniform. Grasp that it is so critical to dress for the expert part you play. For one, how you dress puts forth an immediate expression to you about your identity and what your prosperity potential is. When you dress for your part, you perform for your part. Besides, how you dress immediately affects how others see you and your scholarly limit. The more you dress for the event, the more important you will feel and the all the more honestly you will be taken. The mind reacts not to just to information but rather likewise to temperament. When you dress better, you can rest easy. The more you hoist your mindset, the more open, adaptable and astute you feel and are experienced by others while arranging, collaborating with partners or while introducing yourself to a gathering of individuals. Thus, dress to impress.

10 Best Brand Monitoring Tools That Can Improve Your Branding

Brand monitoring is an essential yet often neglected aspect of internet marketing. Whether you are managing a big brand or owner of a small business, you should keep tracking your branding performance, so that you can deliver the best of its service.

You might be doing an excellent job identifying the right keywords for your brand and making decisions for the perfect strategies to rank for them, but do you know, how satisfied are your customers? If your customer posts a bad experience feedback on social media, will you know it? You should know everytime someone talks about your brand. To do so, you have to keep watching every second. But its impossible to do. Luckily few tools do great jobs for monitoring a brand on the web.

10 Best Brand Monitoring Tools That Can Improve Your Branding

You need to resolve your customer’s issue, whether they come to you or post a question on facebook/twitter. This way, your brand’s trust ratio will improve, and both you and clients will be happy. Some brand monitoring tools allow you to take feedback and post automatically on social media and send an email.

A few days back, I had an issue with a very new VPN service. But the web has no review yet. So I had to search the issue deeply, and on Google’s 10/12 page I found an unfamiliar forum, where they talked only a few words mentioning the VPN brand. I visited and saw the VPN company replied the thread. I wonder how they know that immediately after posting a new forum thread? It’s pretty clear they are using one the best brand monitoring tools to track their names.

There are a lot of excellent brand monitoring tools out there. Choose the best fit for you. If you look for basic, you can find some tools for free to use. But I recommend you to use the paid one. Here are our picks for the top 10 brand monitoring tools for 2017:

#10. Tool of the month – BrandMentions  

BrandMentions is an excellent and unique next-generation brand monitoring tool for every business to gain reputation management, business intelligence, and competitor research. This tool is completely different than keyword analysis tool SEMRush and backlinks analysis tool Ahrefs. You can easily track your brand’s social mention and anywhere on the web. By having access to a very wide mention database, BrandMentions allows you to do:

  • Marketing Analysis
  • Media Monitoring
  • Business Intelligence
  • Competitor Spying
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Writing

BrandMention is currently hosting a massive giveaway over $100000 worth web apps and tools for entrepreneurs. You can be one of the winners and get early access to BrandMentions. Also, you’ll be able to win some apps for a lifetime. I recommend you to try BrandMention’s Giveaway to win a price. Competition is ongoing and will be ended on December 5, 2017. 
I believe this one will be one of the best five tools to monitor brands in 2018. What do you think? Let me know in the comment box. Now let’s see the list below.  

Best Brand Monitoring Tools

1. SEMRush

At the point when individuals specify your image in remarks on websites or web-based social networking, it can be hard to find those notices. It used to be chiefly incomprehensible.

SEMRush is a standout amongst the most well-known SEO instruments out there for online advertisers and mainly intended to screen those notices and track your competitors. This apparatus tells you when our image is specified in these remarks, and you can set up cautions to discover when they are going on.

With SEMRush, you can likewise get bits of knowledge into what your competitors are doing as such you recognize open doors for your own promoting. In particular, you can perceive what catchphrases your competitors are utilizing and how they are positioning on those watchwords in query items. Your outcomes will be parsed by show publicizing, interfaces, and paid and natural pursuit.

2. Brandwatch

Brandwatch compiles data from more than 70 million sources to help you get a comprehensive listing of all the mentions of your brand.

This tool not only shows you where your mentions are coming from, but it also lets you know what kind of reach those comments are getting as a result of shares, comments, and likes.

Brandwatch monitors mention across the globe and gives you results in 27 languages.

3. Brands Eye

Mark a bull’s eye on your brand with Brands Eye.
Not exclusively will these instruments tell you when there’s been a specify of your image, however it will likewise tell you what the notoriety of the wellspring of the say is. As it were, you’ll know whether the site is some no-account startup that you can overlook since it’s recently attempting to make its name by cutting yours down.

Brands Eye tells you the setting of your say, also, and lets you know whether you should make a quick move. It is a group-sourced site that utilizations genuine individuals to screen your notices.

4. Hootsuite 

Many individuals utilize Hootsuite to plan their web-based social networking posts and streamline their long range informal communication. Be that as it may, you can likewise use the device to screen your image specifies via web-based networking media.

To do as such, you merely need to set up a pursuit inquiry with your image name, and after that Hootsuite will send you alarms when your expression flies up via web-based networking media. Hootsuite screens Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

5. Mention

Track brand mentions across the web with this straightforward tool.

Mention offers free and paid accounts that let you get exactly what you need for your investment. You can monitor your own brand or your competitors to keep track of your marketing campaign.


If you haven’t started using IFTTT, now is the time.

This convenient device enables you to tweak a large number of online channels. To utilize it, you set up a “trigger” channel that at that point enacts an “activity” channel. For example, each time your image is said on Twitter, IFTTT can send you content, an email, a push warning, et cetera.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another tool that people often use for another reason, but that can also be used to track brand mentions.

Most people use BuzzSumo to find hot content and trends to build their content marketing strategy. However, you can also use it to track brand mentions by plugging in your company name for your alert query. Find out when you or your competitors are mentioned in real time.

8. Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts is a simple tool that lets you track keyword activity.

You can easily plug in your own brand name to find mentions as they happen. Narrow your results with criteria like language, content type and more.

9. Google Alerts

Start with the master: Google.

Google offers Alerts that let you discover when a say happens anyplace on the web. Just put in your image and choices of your name to see every one of your notices as they arise. Limit your outcomes by recurrence, sort, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Utilize any of these instruments to screen your image, and you’ll have a vastly improved handle on your online notoriety and what you have to do to get it where you need it. You’ll establish the connection you need and begin achieving the clients you need.

SEMrush Review – How I Use It to Dominate SERPs – And a Giveaway

SEMRush is the #1 keyword research tool that allows users to compete and win over cooperators. It is an essential SEO tool for bloggers and content creators. Today. I will participate in this SEMRush review; I will tell you how SEMRush made search engine marketing more accessible than ever and even better. After reading this, you will conquer Google search result.


Announcement: We are hosting a giveaway for our readers. You can win one of three $50 value Amazon gift card and one-year SEMRush Guru account $199.99 worth. Scroll down and find the gleam widget to enter for free. 


As a content writer and SEO project manager, I have tasted many SEO tools. Moreover, finally, I found the best one tool I needed to rank top on Google, Bing and other search engines. Google webmaster tool might help you a little for keyword research and learn about your site’s data. However, that is not enough to dominate to SEM world. There is always a reason for some tools are free, and some are paid or premium. I bet, it is worth paying money for using SEMRush tool. However, you can start using 30-day free premium via this link.

SEMrush Review

SEMrush is an excellent SEO optimization platform with robust tooling across keyword research,  domain monitoring, and crawling. It is the perfect tool, and genuinely innovative features like SEO Ideas can give your business a severe edge.

I am going to show you some things that have been helping me become more productive in keyword research and SEO. For a backlink tool yes, Ahrefs, is the best but you must have SEMrush to dominate Google search! Doing any keyword research, competitor research, keyword volume lookup, I have found SEMrush to be much more reliable.

 Try SEMrush 

1. SEMrush Is Fast

The very first thing I love and appreciate about SEMrush, especially compared to Ahrefs, is that it is always fast! This is my biggest complaint with Ahrefs. If I have to go to another tab and work while waiting for results, well… you pretty much lost my business. I am a pretty good multitasker, but I should not have to switch tabs when doing keyword research. SEMrush is just plain fast.

2. Lookup Current Rankings of Posts

When I go to optimize a post that maybe I have not ever optimized on a site before, the very first thing I do is look up the current keyword rankings. If something is working, you do not want to break it. As they say, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. If something is already right at the top of page 2 with good search volume, then I simply know I need to focus more on that. In this example, let’s take the post I wrote about our “die peacefully.” So I want to see what it is currently ranking for so I under the “Domain Analytics” and “Organic Research” section I paste the URL of the post and hit “Search.”

SEMrush Review – How I Use It to Dominate SERPs

It then spits out all the keywords that I am ranking for and their search volumes. As you can see some keywords are not relevant because all I tried to help, people to prevent suicide. I never focused on such keywords, but I think I should work on its keywords because it is already getting a good ranking and traffic through search engines.

 Try SEMrush 

While it is not a lot of search volume, you can also see that keyword difficulty scores (in the 69s) are a medium for SEMrush, meaning over time I should be able to dominate them easily.

SEMrush Review

Improve Upon What is Already Working

So after seeing that information, what do I do next? I just need to improve upon what is already ranking and working. Here are some general guidelines I use to optimize a current post.

  • Update title to ensure it reflects the main keyword I want to focus on.
  • Update a couple of alt tags on images in the post with the keyword or secondary keyword.
  • Update the meta to ensure it includes the main keyword. While the meta does not increase your SERP rankings, it does affect your CTR. Moreover, remember, Google highlights search terms in bold!
  • If you have an ugly slug, redirect it (301) to a new shorter one, preferably the slug should match your main focus keyword.
  • Make sure the post has at least one link to an external site with high domain authority.
  • Add more content. This is usually almost always applicable. It is also an excellent way to ensure you have better keyword density. Moreover, yes, in 2016 keyword density should still be looked at. Don’t spam your keyword.
  • Make sure the post has a couple of interlinks.
  • Re-share on social.
  • Re-crawl with Google to ensure faster indexing/updates in SERPs.

So as you can see, knowing the current rankings of your post is very important. Without using a tool like SEMrush, I would have never identified this information above. Moreover, I could have destroyed some of the current rankings and lost traffic. So when you need to optimize an old post, be smart about it!

3. Grab Keyword Ideas

Now let’s say I am writing a brand new post. Maybe about “blogging for money” So I have a few keywords in mind, but I do not know what has the highest search volume or the variations I should be using. So this is where SEMrush’s new SEO Keyword Magic tool comes into play. This is still in beta, but I am so glad they added this. I use it every day.

So in the SEO keyword magic tool, I input “blogging for money, ” and you can see it returns that keyword along with all the variations around it. It also gives the keyword search volume and the keyword difficulty estimation. Now anything in the high 70s is going to be pretty hard to rank for without some work. Especially if you are publishing it on a newer website. This is where domain authority comes into play. Soon a brand new site I would probably skip this topic or go at it from a different angle. However, without using a tool like SEMrush, you would have never known this.

Don’t waste time writing on a topic you might never rank for! It would be better to dig through to lower search volume results and aim for a keyword with lower keyword difficulty. Things add up over time, so writing for things with lower search volume is not necessarily always a bad thing if you push out much content and are consistently ranking high in SERPs.

Grab Keyword Ideas

4. Lookup Exact Keyword Search Volumes

The other day I wrote about Google’s horrible decision to change their keyword planner data to use close variation keywords. This means a lot of keyword data is now grouped, which makes it harder to do keyword research. Keyword tool.Io, LongTailPro, and pretty much any tool that uses the Google API. The current solution though? Well, because SEMrush grabs their keyword search volume from a couple of different sources, including approximations from their database, SEMrush does not have this problem. Note: KWFinder also doesn’t have this problem. If you are looking for a cheaper keyword research tool, definitely a great one. I use both KWFinder and SEMrush for everything that I do.

Let me show you a comparison below. So first I look up the following keywords in Google keyword planner and here are the results. As you can see below they all match. Well, this is not helpful at all!

cdn: 27,000 searches
content delivery network: 27,000 searches
content distribution network: 27,000 searches

Lookup Exact Keyword Search Volumes
However, let’s plug those keywords into SEMrush. So I go to the “Keyword Difficulty” tool in SEMrush, another amazing tool, and plugin in just those keywords. Moreover, it returns the following results.
cdn: 27,100 searches
content delivery network: 2,400 searches
content distribution network: 390 searches
Now that is more like it!

 Try SEMrush 

Steal Competitor’s Best Content

5. Steal Competitor’s Best Content

Another great tool I use in SEMrush is the newer “page” feature under Organic Research. This allows me to instantly see what a competitor’s best pages are and what is driving them the most traffic. As some of you know, I run a gluten-free blog, and so this is an example of something I ran the other day. This website is a competitor of mine, and I wanted to see which pages of theirs were ranking the highest and drove them the most traffic.  As you can see below, after entering their domain into the “pages” section it returns a list of the top pages with traffic % and the keywords that the URL is ranking for. You can then click on the “keywords, ” and it will give you the data as I showed you in #2 above, the keyword rankings for the post or page itself.
This is great for generating new blog post ideas as well as strategically writing to grab their traffic! You can even take this a step further and dig into the backlinks of that post or page and then try to reverse engineer the backlinks.

6. Find Competitor’s Traffic Sources

Moreover, lastly, a brand new feature that SEMrush has just added, and that is the Traffic Analytics feature. This is pretty awesome! In the past, you can use tools to find your competitor’s backlinks, keyword positions, top pages, etc. However, there was no way to find where the competitor’s referral traffic was coming from. Now there is! Of course, this is an approximation of aggregated data in SEMrush, but it is the best I have seen anywhere.


Those are just a few of things I use SEMrush for. Other great features include the SEO audit tool, backlink research, and position tracker. To be honest, I could sit here all night and rave about all the amazing features that SEMrush has, but the ones above are the most important ones. I use them every day, all day. SEMrush is one of those rare tools that never closes in my browser. I urge you to try some of the tips above as keyword research is alive.

 Try SEMrush 

Hopefully, this SEMrush review was helpful. Have any experience yourself using SEMrush? Would love to know how you use it. Feel free to comment below.

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SEMRush 1 Year, $50×2 Amazon Gift Card

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The Impact of Work on Health – Ten Best Ways to Maintain Balance

Life is a juggling act, and we usually drop the ball when it comes to our health because we are too busy focusing on work and personal life. Here are ten ways to change.

The Impact of Work on Health - Ten Best Ways to Maintain Balance

For most people, it is difficult to find a way to take care of their health, have a successful career after writing a dissertation and still find personal time for family and friends. This inability to find balance exacts a high price on their health – physically and emotionally – and results in a laundry list of ailments from exhaustion, anxiety, and depression to backaches, headaches, and colds.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost half of the workers in the U.S. put in 50-plus hours per week on their job. That’s more than the Europeans or the Japanese. No wonder the American people have medical problems and are looking for balance in their lives.

Unfortunately, as busy as everyone is, no one has time to figure out how to put the balance back in.

So here it is: ten ways for over-worked, under-staffed employees to put the balance back into their lives.

Establish Priorities

Set boundaries and stick to them. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on the important stuff. Delegate – especially the things that others do better.

Take a Break

Step back from the stress and strain whether it is in the middle of the workday or on the weekend. Take a walk during break time, ride a bike on the weekend, whatever it takes to feel refreshed.

Improve Time Management Skills

Use a calendar and tickler file to track due dates and appointments. Set up e-mail notification for important commitments.

Take a Vacation

Put play and vacation time into the schedule. Even if on a business trip, get away from the rest of the team and relax. On vacation, do not answer the call or check e-mail. No one is really that indispensable.

Take Care of your Health

Get enough sleep and exercise. Cut out the junk food and midnight kitchen raids. Eat good, healthy food and drink plenty of water.Rest after work physically and emotionally.

Talk to Friends and Family

Having a trusted outlet like a significant other or best friend is a great way to unwind or vent. Just be sure to give them equal time.They will be happy to help you.

Use the Company EAP

The Employee Assistance Program is there to help employees deal with their confidential issues. Ask the human resources department about a program at work.

Talk to Your Boss

Speak to the boss. Let him know what is going on and work out an equitable plan, whether that means shifting responsibilities, cutting back on hours or taking a leave.

Stop It

When the workday is over, go home. No matter what is left on the desk to do, vow to just get up and walk out. Rest is necessary for productive work. Don`t forget about this.


Indulge in a treat. A manicure or pedicure, a massage, or an entire day at the spa.
While a lot of companies have begun to offer a variety of health-related programs, like weight loss, exercise and work/life balance, ultimately it is up to each individual to make the right changes and build balance into their lives.

Author bio: Beatrice Howell, writer, and editor for Phdify.com.
A high qualification, experience in students newspapers, Beatrice works with dissertations, essays, articles, reviews, summaries and other students work, help in university selection and preparation to entry exams.

10 Ways Self-Improvement Can Change Your Business Life

It is wise to keep your work, and your personal life separated. Some people separate their work and their personal lives so much that they seem to be entirely different personalities at home and at the office. They get into a drinking habit, becoming late for work and doing odd things in the office. Refrain from being one of these people by improving your life to improve your business.

10 Ways Self-Improvement Can Change Your Business Life

Accept the Challenge

When you see a challenge, the tendency is to despise it. Do not remove the feeling of dislike for challenges, but don’t embrace the hatred either. Removing your dislike will make you disconnected with reality and fail to succeed, and embracing your hatred will get you depressed and unable to focus. Just accept the challenge for what it is. Your dislike for it will help you tackle the challenge.

Be Self-reliant

Do not expect others to make everything alright for you. You are supposed to be working, giving, and helping. You are not supposed to expect the same from everyone. Take care of yourself as much as you take care of everyone. Be independent. Because being dependent on others will only get you disappointed if others don’t meet your expectations. Worse, others will receive credit for doing the work.

See Opportunity

Good is good. Even on your mind, thinking about good can make everything good. Instead of seeing your career as something that needs to be filled with the things you don’t have, see it as a set of your previous accomplishments. This will make you happy, and a happy person attracts a lot of opportunities. It is like the Law of Attraction.

Focus on Areas That Need Improvement

Despite the need to see the good in yourself, you must not completely forget where you are falling behind. You need to make yourself as perfect as you can because there are so many people out there who can take your job away by having more skills than you do. Take courses and training that improve the areas in your life that are falling behind.

Choose One Goal

Having a goal is good, but having too many goals that keep changing is bad. You have to stay on one path for a certain length of time to accomplish anything. If you keep switching paths, you will not accomplish anything. Choose one goal and stay there for a long time. Even when it feels hopeless and even when you feel down, stay strong and keep following it. Stay in your job and collect your salary in a high-risk payment gateway.

Have a Purpose

Having a purpose gives you action, and the action takes you away from depression. Striving for something better can give you a life and career of abundance. Everyone has a purpose, and achieving this purpose is what makes them happy. Stay busy to keep living days that are lived in the hard work toward a beautiful purpose. It makes life a lot more exciting and also moves you ahead in business.

Choose Your Attitude

Be positive. Stop negative self-talk. Always look at the bright side. Everything starts from within, so make sure that what is within is good. Most of the time, you are your most unbeatable enemy. Speak kindly to yourself. Be your positive vibe. When things go wrong, be on your side and don’t be the first person to put yourself down.

Adopt Positive Company

People send off a certain vibe that gets absorbed by the people around them. We naturally adopt the ways of the people we spend time with. So, make sure you spend time with people who you want to be. Spend time with the cheerful, kind, and hard-working ones. Spend time with whoever you want to be, and you can easily go on your way to becoming a lot like them.

Work Hard

Turn your stress into the fuel that will help you work hard. Stress is there to get us moving away from something and toward something else. It’s just that some people focus on the stress and not the reason for it, so they get depressed. Lack of stress is a bad thing for someone who is in business because it can lead to laziness and carelessness.

Shed the Victim Mentality

You cannot succeed if you always think you are a victim. You control yourself and your thoughts. There is a reason for everything, even the negative things. Surprisingly, a lot of terrible things happen not because of you. They occur because of other things. You just happened to be there. So, love yourself and keep being positive.

Your personal life and work will be in harmony. The good things you do in your personal life with affect your work, and vice versa. It’s a promising existence.

Guest Author:
Kate Ashton is a writer at SharkProcessing.com. Shark Processing is a wonderful source for startup, small & medium-sized business owners & merchants to check plenty of genuine & unbiased high-risk merchant account reviews & articles before opting for one. Connect with Shark Processing through Facebook and Twitter.

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Various Applications and Usages of Plexiglass Sheets

Plexiglass is not a usual kind of glass, but it is the plastic acrylic which is clear in nature. It almost appears like glass, but it is acrylic. Nowadays, plexiglass is fast replacing the usual glasses as they are durable and resistant to breakage. They do not break like glass and is also resistant to heat or cold. If the plexiglass sheets are not cut in the right manner, plexiglass can chip, crack and cut. When it comes to application, plexiglass has a huge application in various fields like furniture, architecture, transportation and automotive, lighting, electronics and medical industry.

Various Applications and Usages of Plexiglass Sheets

What is a Plexiglass Material? How can it be used for Underwater Windows? 

Plexiglass is a versatile material choice which may be used in various fields. The sheets may be used for making underwater windows where the cameramen and film directors can shoot the sequence of underwater.

  • So, there is no need to expand on scuba diving equipment or underwater equipment to capture the shots. Shooting images underwater is not easy.
  • But with the plexiglass windows, the cameraman gets enough time to shoot images. The timing and light intensity may be correct.
  • It may also be used for making skylight windows beneath the waters. The plexiglass submerged windows might be installed underwater to transfer the sunlight to the underneath space. Reflecting pools make an extensive use of such glass.

Plexiglass Sheets for The Making of Underwater Public Aquariums

For the construction of aquariums, plexiglass or acrylic is an ideal material. It has been used since ages for making fish tanks or enabling the hydro sight. It may be used for making cylinder aquarium, acrylic tunnels, and shaped walls.

The Use of Plexiglass Sheets in Architecture and Construction

Plexiglass sheets have outstanding features and physical properties that allow optical clarity, UV resistance and protection from sun’s glare. The easy to repair and lightweight material is also abrasion resistant and shock resistant, and so it is an ideal choice for constructions of offices and homes. The sheets may be availed in a variety of color choices to suit a few applications. Plexiglass is so versatile that you may use it for home interior and exterior. Use it for making doors, windows, balustrades, canopies, patio roofing, gardens, and greenhouses. It has huge application in the bathroom as well. It may be used for making shower screens.

Commercial Uses of Plexiglass Sheets

The acrylic glass may be used for commercial purposes as well. It may be used for aquariums in the offices, for making music venues, theaters and for flooring purposes. The material option is safe and durable, and so it is just perfect for a wide range of commercial applications.

Plexiglass for Architectural Glazing

You may use acrylic or plexiglass for making the structural elements where the float glasses that cannot be used. It is used for separating the water bodies and help in creating walls. The material is ideal for swimming pool and aquariums. You may also use it inside the room to divide the room. You may enjoy a beautiful view of outside by considering plexiglass. With the help of plexisheets, you may allow water body to stand upright in the place. Such glasses may also break sunlight to illumine the adjacent rooms.

Movies and cinema make extensive use of plexiglass sheets to give a special effect. Several individual effect companies are collaborating to render visual effect.

The sheets can also be used for making flood windows, and wherever transparent barrier is needed. If you require customized submarine windows or custom acrylic windows, it is important to communicate your needs to the company.

About Author:
Evan Javieris an expert writer, a blogger with strong passion in writing for various topics such as Business, Health/Fitness, Lifestyle, Home décor, Travel, Automotive and lot more.

How to Motivate Your Team During the Last Months of the Year

The fiscal year is coming to its end, many of you already achieved the target. It’s time to be prepared for the next financial year, how will you set up your business for a prosperous 2018?

The financial year is going to its 4th quarter and its final three months of the year. This time most organizations calculate their goals and achievements, whether they accomplished or not. Most successful companies set their goals at this time. It’s the time when CEO’s check everything from the previous year.

How to Motivate Your Team During the Last Months of the Year

Professional sportsman that inflict in crunch time is labeled “clutch.” It takes a strong-minded footballer to shoot a critical shot with the game on the bottom line or go for the “Hail” pass with only a few seconds remaining on the clock. The executives need the same type of mentality to crunch the time and make it bold. This is the time of the year when executives put their skill into a big test and show how efficiently they can motivate their team.

Let’s face it — 

Finding ways to motivate employees is hard for most executives when the year comes to an end. December holidays and Thanksgiving are big notorious for decreasing employee productivity. Also, the mental stress of previous year’s performance starts to increase this time. This is harsh news for CEO’s as they try and make one significant push to end the year on a high note.
Fortunately, there are some proven ways to motivate employees specifically in Q4.

Lead by example.

An action speaks louder than a word. Finishing a strong year is hard for employees when they don’t understand what the leader commanding. If executives fail to show motivation to the employes, it becomes harder. The employees always follow the executives. So, managers should explain what he expects from the employees. An example, get to the office earlier and leave later than the previous few months.

Employees admire their executive staff for direction. If they see their CEO giggling, having a decent time and not working hard on the primary job, workers will rapidly stick to this same pattern. True leadership during Q4 originates from managers moving up their sleeves and buckling down side-by-side with their employees.

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Recognize great work.

While extraordinary work should be expected through the year, it’s critical to perceive and praise employees when they go well beyond in Q4. Nobody is expecting daily recognition for doing their tasks, but showing thankfulness after seeing an employee put in 110 percent effort on work will show staff members that executives are giving careful consideration to their shots at the end of the year.

Perceiving employees for their diligent work and expressing the value they bring is a proven technique to increase inspiration and engagement. A study by Make Their Day, an employee motivation firm, found that 70 percent of survey respondents revealed their most meaningful recognition “had no dollar value” and that 83 percent of people said recognition for contributions was more satisfying than rewards of prizes. Making sure that employees are receiving the feedback they deserve toward year-end could lead to a very promising Q4.

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Set realistic Q4 goals.

Back in January, executives clarified objectives and goals for the organization to accomplish before the end of the year, and it’s been proven that workers understand their organization’s direction.

My company’s Executive Priorities Report 2017, which was built from survey responses of over 400 managers, found that more than 75% of executives believe their employees have a clear understanding of their company’s vision for the year. At this point, it’s conceivable clear whether those objectives will be met or not. Regardless of the company’s progress, officials will want to see the last push from their employees to set themselves up for a solid beginning to Q1.

One approach to fulfill this is to set Q4-specific objectives that will regain the concentration of workers and give them new focuses to go for. It’s vital to make sure that these goals are challenging yet realistic, sufficient to drive workers to deliver great performances but fair enough to not dishearten staff individuals.

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Offer incentives.

While prior I talked about a study that said that gifts and rewards aren’t as satisfying as recognition, despite everything they work, particularly toward the finish of the year when the Christmas season is drawing nearer. Remember there are rewards and endowments outside of prizes and gift vouchers. Offering additional PTO days in the new year to the hardest laborer of the quarter is an approach to persuade workers without giving them an in a split second redeemable fiscal reward.

As we enter Q4, it’s imperative to remain on track and keep vitality high. It’s the official’s obligation to discover approaches to spur workers amid this period and drive comes about. With the right outlook and procedure, Q4 could be the current year’s most elevated quarter. Right now is an ideal opportunity for administrators to ask themselves, “Do I have what it takes to intention my group and complete this year solid?”

Top 7 Reasons You Should Start Thinking About Outsourcing Your Customer Service

If you have been running your business for a while now, you almost certainly know quite well that keeping your customers happy is highly important for your success. There are usually driving factors in organizations that distract attention away from focusing on offering quality customer service. Busy organizations, therefore, choose to outsource their customer service. Here are top seven reasons you should start thinking about outsourcing your customer service.

Top 7 Reasons You Should Start Thinking About Outsourcing Your Customer Service

Guarantees Quality 

Professional providers of customer support service understand that they need to deliver quality so as to remain in business. For this reason, whenever you give them business, they make it their top priority to deliver the highest quality. They specialize in customer service and, therefore, have a lot of knowledge and expertise on how to do the work.

Concentrate on your Core Activities 

When you don’t have enough resources to hire and onboard a client service staff, it is better to outsource the service. This will allow your existing employees to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. Outsourcing the service is the best compromise as it can do away with excessive costs and also allow you to be more productive.

Ensures Customer Satisfaction 

In the today’s business environment that is characterized by cut-throat competition, customer service is not only concerned with receiving and answering telephone calls. It focuses more on meeting your customers on their level. If your customers reach out to you through social media, for example, having a world-class telephone service means absolutely nothing to them. A specialized agency can assess the ways in which you engage your customers and help you to adopt the right call center best practices and tailor your call center technology to suit your unique business needs.

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Save Money 

When you outsource your customer service, you eliminate all the overheads associated with running this service in-house. You can then spend the saved costs in more beneficial business activities. When your service provider has optimized all the overheads, they are also able to pass the savings to you.

No Need to Train Your Staff 

All your employees can definitely use a phone with ease. But probably not many of them can make a call personable. Remember you are always accountable for how they interact with your customers. So if your employees aren’t doing the right thing, it’s upon you to train them. But since this can be time-consuming and costly, you should consider outsourcing your customer support. This also allows you to hire individuals who already have the required skills. So you don’t have to do a lot of work to train them.

Better Control over Call 

You get the best control over calls without necessarily buying advanced telephone equipment. External agencies have the best equipment. So you can use them without paying for premium perks and serve your customers better.

As your company scales up, you also certainly can’t suffer from poor customer service. During these moments, you can ask your front-of-line workers to meet the new customer demands. With in-house customer service, however, your business may suffer if you experience a sudden growth and eventually begin to stagnate because of lack of adequate skilled manpower.

More Accessibility 

You get the opportunity to benefit from a multilingual, 24/7 service, which ensures you get the best service irrespective of your time zone. Outsourcing the service also opens more opportunities. The service providers understand that when they have international clients, they must be available all the times. So you can get time to sleep at night and leave the work in the hands of the experts. This also relieves you from worrying about any additional cost your business incurs while you sleep. Your service provider takes care of everything.

Great customer service is a central part of any successful business. Whether you should keep the service in-house or outsource it depends on your specific business needs. The above benefits give you great reasons why you should start considering outsourcing your customer service.

Written by our guest author Robert Cordray.