+1 My Google Rank?

You know the Like button? Well, Google one upped Facebook with the +1 button. What makes the +1 button unique but comparable to the Likebutton is the ability for users to like links and share it amongstfriends. But the +1 button works on a slightly different level in thatit can directly affect the way Google ranks a site in their browser.

When a user uses Google to search, they will be able to click the +1button that appears next to each site if they like it. The only way auser can do this is by logging into a Google account; either Google+ orGoogle profile will do.

What happens when a site is +1’d? When a site is +1’d, it will showup in the search results of your friends (as long as they are loggedinto Google). Your name will appear below the link as a sort ofendorsement to the site, signifying that the site is worth checking out. Your friends will be more likely to click on the link after seeing that you recommended the site and more than likely they too will +1 it.
By doing this, the site’s viral ability increases. As more friendssee the recommendation, check it out and cast their vote, the sitebegins to get passed around the entire world and eventually becomes aviral phenomenon.
This also brings up traditional search principles. When a searchengine is employed to search for specific keywords, it brings up thesites that are the most relevant—or at least they should be the mostrelevant. Sometimes spam will pop up as well as mediocre sites in thesearch results. This is often the result of black hat SEO. Google hasdedicated a lot of time to make their search engine the best, butunfortunately even it makes mistakes. +1 is another way to rectify theproblem.

As users peruse through the sites, they come across these irrelevantpages and grow frustrated—something that Google is adverse to. As usersfind the good sites in the list, they are able to give them a +1. Google can then review the results and reevaluate the rankings.

What does this mean for the WordPress community? For those that doown a blog or WordPress site, you want people to find your work. Heck,if you have a website you want people to find it. And +1 will help morepeople find your website or blog. But there is also the other side ofthe coin. If your blog or site is irrelevant, then users are not goingto give your site a +1.

This new innovation ultimately means that content is king (It alwayswas by the way). If your site is irrelevant to the keywords thatsupposedly define it, then your site will be demoted. Likewise, if thecontent is poorly written or presented, then your site will suffer aswell. So pay strict attention to the content you post on your page.

Also be sure to install the extension on your site. There is a +1extension that is available to for WordPress users that can be placed on the site so viewers can press it while they are at the site so theywon’t forget.
The +1 button isn’t something that should be feared. As long as yoursites offer good information that is relevant to the search terms thereisn’t anything to worry about. +1 is really an awesome tool that willhelp users find the best information faster without having to wadethrough a list of crap. Also if you do a great job you have the chanceof increasing your SEO. Really a win win in the end.

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