5 Critical Keys To Long Term Blogging Success

Long term blogging success is at the forefront of every new bloggersmind. When we take our first tentative steps into the foray of the bigblogosphere we are full of fire and ideas. So we blog away,enthusiastically for weeks on end until we run out of steam, ideas orinspiration.

It isn’t easy to be noticed amongst the noise and many bloggers justpack their bags if their place is consistently devoid of visitors.

5 Critical Keys To Long Term Blogging Success

Blogging can be a very lonely exercise. But contrary to popularbelief it doesn’t have to be. Quite the opposite really. You too cansurvive for the long run with your blog if you implement the 5 criticalkeys to long term blogging success.

Let’s look at them and how they can help you open hidden doors to your very own blog emporium.

1.) It all starts with the content.
If your content sucks, so will your blog and that’s the end of that. Not many of us are actually gifted enough to publish one killer content post after each other. And we don’t have to either. It is far moreimportant to talk with your heart and write about subjects that areinteresting enough to your readers.
You also don’t need to be the expert on your topic, as long as youresearch your bits, you will be creating a perfectly fine blog post.
While many grapple with the disease of writers block, you don’treally need to. You can create your very own brainstorming list of blogposts in very little time by focusing around a topic, idea, tutorial orseries.

2.) Keep planting those seeds.
It is relatively easy to just give up but a lot harder to keepwriting. Especially when we run out of ideas it takes considerableeffort to keep those posts coming. Remember though, every single bit you do for your blog counts.
Whether you build links, write posts or interact with your community, it all counts. This also includes networking with others who are likeminded and operate in the same industry.
These people can be a tremendous source of inspiration that will keep you going for years on end.

3.) Stay focused
Keeping your focus razor sharp is essential for your long termblogging success. In today’s world it is so easy to get sidetracked with yet another idea or project and before you know it, your blog is dead. I suppose you need to think about the longevity of your blog before youfall head over heels if it’s not really what you want to do.

One way that helps with focus is to plan your posts. With the WordPress timestamp feature it is soeasy to write a whole batch of posts upfront and publish them for later.
A huge problem for many bloggers is their day job. When they comehome at night they are generally exhausted and the last thing they wantto do is to blog. This is understandable, especially if you don’t blogfor business but merely for fun.
Just remember that a fun blog could quickly turn into a moneyspitting cash machine with the right content and readers. Just look atthe ICanHasCheezBurger blog. What started out as a joke and hobby quickly became a massive income stream.

If you struggle with focus, you might be better of by posting allyour weeks entries on the one day and get it over with. That way you can still enjoy private time with your family during the week after a harddays work at the office.

4.) Build your network
I quickly mentioned this in point number three, but deemed it worthits own number since networking is so important. Without a networknothing ever happens in live. We would be lonely and miserable. From anearly childhood we form groups and network with like minded peoplethroughout our lives.
Networks help us to belong and form new friendships. The same applies for bloggers. If you network within your industry your blog has a lotmore chances at long term success (survival).
You can network by:

  • using forums
  • comment on other blogs
  • social media
  • interest groups

Networking has allowed me to make many online friendships and it is those that keep my blog alive.

5.) Don’t fail
Failing is synonym to giving up, so if you want your blog to survive for thelong term, you mustn’t give up. I know, it sounds easier than it is.With a bit of effort and resolve while keeping your focus you too canfind long term blogging success.

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