5 Kinds of Content to Make Your Readers Happy

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As bloggers, we know how important it is to make our readers happy.After all, our readers are what make us want to keep blogging. It’s funto interact with all kinds of readers, and it is also financiallybeneficial to get more readers, because we can get better advertisingrates. So, obviously, the important thing is to grow your blog andplease your readers, and the way to do this is give them a variety ofvaluable content.
Here are five different kinds of blog content that your readers will truly appreciate.

Classic Content

Classic content, also known as pillar articles, is content thatsupports the rest of your blog. It is often in-depth and meant to helpreaders of all kinds learn something or figure out something. Usually,classic content brings in new readers on a pretty regular basis. It’s agreat way to draw in new readers; hopefully, if your pillar articles are high quality, new readers will want to stick around your blog and readthe other articles that you write.


Interviews and other interactive kinds of content, such as ePanelsand guest posts and forums, are a great way to get readers involved inyour blog. These kinds of posts bring in new voices for your readers toengage with and listen to, and as a result, they can really create avibrant discussion for your community to participate in.

News Pieces

News pieces are a bit trickier to post successfully. If you get thenews late, then you’re simply reporting old news, and that can look abit desperate to your readers. However, if you have a legitimate sourcewithin the industry, you could possibly turn that into a breaking newsstory. After a bit, your readers will start turning to your blog as asource of trustworthy news.

Opinion Essays

Another great way to capitalize on news stories, especially if youdon’t have a source to help you break news, is to develop an opinionated writing style that gives your readers the opening to a discussion about the news. In other words, share your opinion about recent developments, and your opinion can serve to spark important discussion about eventsin your blogging community.

Mixed Media Messages

Finally, you should sprinkle into your blog several posts that makeuse of mixed media. Create a podcast that you can post every Friday.Occasionally you should video blog, especially when you travel, as thiswill give your readers something to watch as a break from reading. Andconsider using photo essays and other images to emphasize your points.The point here is that a variety of kinds of content can make your blog a more exciting place for your readers.

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