7 Ways To Drive Consistent Traffic to Your Site

The key term here is consistency. Having consistent traffic coming to your site is a lot harder than having a lot of traffic come to yoursite, or having a short burst of traffic. Consistent traffic takes a lot more planning and hard work. The trouble is that many people are fooled by rogue SEO companies. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization andthe companies that deal with it will promise to have your website ranked higher up the Search Engine Results Pages (the SERPs).

The rogue SEO companies will receive payment and get a website on the first few pages of Google. The customer is thrilled, only to find outtwo months later that their website has fallen down to result number two million, or worse still, the website has been banned from indexing bythe search engines. In this case the customer will have no way ofgetting their money back, or claiming reparations for having theirwebsites kicked off of the search engines.

Getting higher traffic numbers is easy

The SEO companies may use Black Hat SEO, which are SEO techniquesthat break the search engines rules. They work in getting websitesranked highly, but are usually punished within two months (on Google).Even without Black Hat SEO, a business may get their website rankedhighly and increase their traffic numbers for a short while.

Ways a website may get higher numbers of temporary-traffic

1 – An advertising campaign
This can be done via emails, leaflets, posters, TV, Radio, etc. Itdrives lots of traffic for a short period of time whilst the adverts are running.

2 – A PPC campaign
This is a program where you pay to have people look at your website.Your adverts run on other websites and search engines. When someoneclicks on your advert and looks at your website, you will have to paythe person who hosts your advert. This will gain you more temporarytraffic whilst the campaign is running.

3 – Black Hat SEO
This involves things such as spamming links that point to your site.It involves keyword stuffing, posting duplicate content as your own,etc. It has an initial positive effect, but this effect is removed whenyou are caught (for want of a better word) by the search engines.

4 – A viral campaign
Some content/emails/adverts may go viral online and be passed aroundby a lot of people. As they are being passed around, they will attractattention to the origin website (if you are smart enough to have putyour web address in the viral content).

5 – A social media campaign
Some people are going to take note if you run a good social mediacampaign. Your traffic will increase as you gain support online, but itwill only last for as long as your profile is the more current trendy or new thing. Often a social media campaign is a flash in the panexercise.

Ways of getting a more consistent flow of traffic

1 – Time
If you keep your website online for a long time, and update itfrequently throughout that time, the search engines will view you in abetter light and will start raising your website up through the searchengine results.

2 – Updates
Keeping the website updated is a good way of rising through theSERPs. The updates are viewed as good things by search engines, andolder information and web tools are not as useful to website visitors. A website that is kept up to date is more useful to viewers.

3 – Strong links
These are links from websites and content that is related to the page it points towards. They are also links that are not going t break after a few months. The longer a link points to your website, the better offyou will be.

4 – Consistently high quality
This helps you to rise up through the SERPs, and will keep peoplecoming back, since they are not going to return to a low quality website on mass.

5 – Easy to use websites
The harder your website is to use then the more people you are goingto scare away. This does not mean that you need to host a website forthe dumb portion of the population. You can make your website as complex as you like, but you will need to make it easy to learn, and thereforeeasy to use.

6 – Websites that are well internally and externally linked
Good internal links will help people remain on your website forlonger so that they bond with it more. It will also help the searchengines index your website correctly. Linking out to other people willhelp your SEO and usability if the links are to related sites/content.Links pointing in to your website will drive direct traffic to you, andwill increase your websites SEO value.

7 – A good on-page SEO foundation
Every part of your on-page SEO must be completed. This includeskeywords and descriptions in meta tags, good quality content, easy toread links with keywords, etc. Your websites traffic growth will beforever stunted if you fail with your on-page SEO.

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