Definition of Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing

The distinction between digital and internet marketing is somethingthat one so often eludes even professionals in this field. In thisarticle we will have a look at these issues which will help prospectivestudents choose an effective advanced course in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing:

Marketing processes that make use of various digital channels inorder to promote services or products or perhaps even to build a digital brand are broadly described as digital marketing. The constitutingchannels of digital marketing are inclusive of – Web sites, banners,email, social media, SEO, mobile marketing, SMS, PPC campaigns, Web TVvirtually anything that uses digital methods.

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Internet Marketing:

A sub-type of digital marketing is what is termed internet marketing. Most of the activities of internet marketing fall within the purview of digital marketing and it is its main and single most importantcomponent.

Internet Marketing Mainly Consists of:
SEM or Search Engine Marketing – SEM forms the basis of Internet Marketing and is further sub-divided into SEO (SearchEngine Optimization) and PSA or Paid Search Advertisement. To put itsimply-

SEO or Search Engine Optimization – SEO is theoptimization of websites while keeping in mind higher search enginerankings and consists of Off Page and On Page SEO.

PSA – on the other hand is about attracting visitsby displaying ads on search engines. PPC or Pay Per Click happen to bethe approach that is the most popular and Google Adwords with the use of which one gives ads on Google and its partner network happens to be the most popular tool.

Websites – A web presence whether be it a personalor corporate website or maybe even a blog on a platform like WordPressor Tumblr is an absolute necessity these days.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – SMM is hot right now and is expectedly to be highly relevant in the years to follow. The time
spent on social networks is worthy to view it as a major factor and thus digital markers need to tap its potential to the fullest.

Content Marketing – At one point of time in the past SEO mainly stood for link building but since about 2011 contentmarketing has held center stage. This ensures that quality content willget you better rankings rather than dubious methods of link building.

Email Marketing – No matter what some might opineemail is still often the way to go to turn visitors and readers tocustomers. From the point of view of marketing email marketing involvesgathering email ids of people who may be interested in products orservices rendered by you with the goal of sending them informing them of new offers or newsletters.

Mobile Marketing – More and more mobile devices arebeing used each day to make use of the internet. As a matter of fact itis held that 30% of the traffic to a website comprises of mobilevisitors. Mobile marketing caters to this demographic by the creation of ads and content that maybe viewed or is suitable for a mobile device.

Banner Advertising – Banners are present in almostall things related to the web. Promotion through different types ofbanners such as text, animated, static, videos, images etc is commonamong digital marketers.

To Sum It Up
We might conclude by saying that Internet Marketing fall withinDigital Marketing and is not separate by any means all. Basicallydigital marketing is internet marketing with SMS, WebTV and Digital Ads.

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