Blogging Won’t be a Success Without Good Web Hosting

Big bloggers, looking to get you to give them money, will say thatblogging is so easy. They’ll say that you just spend a couple of dollars a month on web hosting and you’re on your way to making a ton of money.
Unfortunately, these bloggers are lying to you. Yes, you can get ablog set up for a few dollars a month, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to succeed with your blog. The reason I say that is because yourweb hosting is very important to your blog’s success. There are a fewreasons for this.

First and foremost, the speed. If you run your site on crappy webhosts, you’re not going to do. Two companies that do well in regard tospeed are Anhosting and Westhost. Think of it like this…When you go to a web page, how long do you wait around before you finally get fed up and leave? If you’re like me, you wait all of three seconds. Any longerthan that and I just can’t be bothered. Your guests are the same way.
But, let’s take away your guests for a second and just talk aboutGoogle. It’s their business to deliver information as quickly aspossible. That’s part of the reason they rolled out their instantsearch. They want you to find the information even faster than you’reable to type it. Therefore, if your site is loading slow, why are theygoing to show it above something that loads quickly? If Google’scustomers can’t get the information they need fast, then it’s not worthGoogle’s time indexing it.

In other words, the speed in which your website loads is ridiculously important both for a user experience standpoint and also because ofGoogle.

But, another reason your web hosting is so important is because ofthe security. There are many web hosts out there that launch and thennever update their servers. These web hosts make easy money, but whenyour site gets hacked, suddenly they’re not available–and trust me,attempts on your site will be made sooner or later.

Some of the big security moves that your web host should do iskeeping all the software on the server up to date. They also need toensure that they don’t have less-than-ethical sites running on theirservers. These sites run the risk of hacking and once someone gainsaccess to a server, they are then able to gain access to all sites onthat server. So, once again, security is important in choosing a webhost.

Finally, your web hosting is integral to your success because it ishow everything is delivered. It’s how you thrive. If it has the latestupdates, you’re able to run the best software on the web. Therefore, you need a web host who can respond to problems quickly and make updates to the server in an expeditious time frame. If they are taking two orthree days to get back to you, you’re missing out on opportunities…Andthat’s bad business.

So, when you’re looking to launch a blog, remember that while itmight be cheap to launch, it is better to spend a few more dollars andget the better web hosting. You’ll definitely appreciate it when you’remaking money and your site is always up.

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