Google Text Ad Impact On Blog Earning

A misconception exists that Google Text Ad, or as it is more known AdSense, is bad for you blog earning! I think we absolutely MUST clear this mistaken misconception especially for people who are just joining the ranks of bloggers.
Blame the economy or rising awareness of the tools available topeople but blogging to make money is becoming increasingly popular andpeople are on constant look out for the information to help themincrease the potential, maximize the opportunity and actually becomethat 5% of the bloggers who succeed of getting a bit of extra from their blogs.
And while I don’t implement Google AdSense on this blog – there is agood reason behind it and I want to explain in detail “the why” and “the how”!

Did Google Text Ad Lost Its Usefulness?

I’m seeing multiple bloggers post about removing the AdSense fromtheir blogs all together due to multitude of factors. And while I don’teven use it on this blog I believe that Google Text Ads are one of thebest and simplest ways to do at least couple things:

  • Monetize your Niche Blog using set and forget option
  • Evaluate profit potential of the Niche you picked

In fact my partner and I use AdSense extensively on Niche blogs as it helps us to see if the Niche we got into and did a quick research onactually has a potential to deliver. When you do it enough times you can actually see how some Niche’s deliver results that far supersedingothers and becomes a good indicator if we should spend time ondeveloping that niche or simply let it run its course on autopilot!
And AdSense can deliver a nice chunk of change, at the very least itwill always cover your hosting expenses, even if you only put marginaleffort!
You can maximize the blog earning potential via AdSense by implementing a few very small tweaks:

  1. Minimize the number of ads but place them into locations that generate most clicks. Generally left top corner within content is superb location and topright corner of your blog (think sidebar) should get some attention.Less Ads Shown with same number of Clicks – higher CTR and as suchhigher earnings for you!
  2. Blend your ads into content. Use same colors asyour blog theme uses for text, url, etc. I know everyone tells you itneeds to be done but that is because it works! Plain and simple.
  3. Implement Section targeting. While there areplugins available for you to implement section targeting in WordPress –one of the simplest ways to do it is by inserting code into your themefiles.

Google Section Ad Targeting allows you to tell Google Which Contentshould be evaluated for relevancy of the ads. This allows you to pullMOST relevant ads that greatly increase your Click Through Rate (CTR)and as such your earning.
Simply edit following files of your theme: single.php, index.php, page.php, archive.php. Your theme might have more template files responsible for controlling content but I take into account most common.
Insert section targeting before and after PHP code responcible for showing content:

<?php the_content(); ?>

So it looks like this:

<!-- google_ad_section_start --> <?php the_content(); ?> <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Code above implies just the most common theme and while yoursmight be slightly different – just find the code responsible fordisplaying content and wrap it into Google Ad Section tags.

Should AdSense Be Part Of Every Blog Earning Strategy?

Absolutely Not!
In fact I don’t even use it on this blog and I do it quiteintentionally. I work hard on creating content that will pull readers in and help people. I work hard on getting new visitors and inviting myprevious readers to revisit my blog and I’m not willing to send myvisitors away in exchange for a few cents that Google will provide mefor text ad click!
Plain and Simple – My Goal Doesn’t Include AdSense Monetization
Blog, just like any other site should be designed to help youaccomplish your own MOST DESIRABLE ACTION, guide your visitors gentlytoward that action by placing it into relevant location and even askingfor it.
But first you have to decide what your goals are. I have covered the idea in 2 blogging webinars you can watch and will not repeat myself.
And yes, earning via AdSense can be one of the goals and should be implemented then!

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