How to Set Up a Guest Post on Blogspot

Your BlogSpot blog, commonly called a Blogger blog, is a businessmarketing tool that enables you to share useful information withclients, customers and employees. It takes time to fill your blog withthoughtful, well-written content, but without a steady stream of posts,blog visitors may stop reading. If you don’t have the time to writeevery post yourself, enable guest posting on your Blogger blog. Bydefault, no one can post to a Blogger blog except for itsadministrators. To allow guests to write on your blog, send an emailinvitation to potential posters via the Blogger dashboard.

How to Allow or Enable Guest Blogging in Blogger Blogspot

As we know that Guest Blogging is getting more popularity day by day. In WordPress, it is easy toregister and do guest posting if admin have enabled registration ofusers. But in blogger, there is no concept of open registration. StillBlogger provides an option by which you can allow guest posting on yourblogspot blogs. But for enabling guest blogging, you have to invitet the author manually and then only he/she can post on your blogs.
Step By Step Guide to enable your blogspot blogger for Guest Blogging Follow these basic steps to enable guest blogging in your blogspot.

Step 1Navigate to the dashboard for your Blogger blog. Log in to your account.
Step 2Click the “Settings” tab at the top of the page. Click “Permissions.”
Step 3Click the “AddAuthors” button in the Blog Authors box. Enter the email address of thepeople you want to invite for guest posting. If you want to invitepeople from your Gmail contacts list, click “Choose from contacts.”
Step 4Click “Invite” to send an invitation to the email addresses you provided.
Step 5Ask your invitees to check their email for a message from Google. Have them click on thelink in the email to accept the invitation. Clicking the link takes them to your blog dashboard. When the invitees enter their Google accountinformation and click “Accept Invitation,” Blogger adds their names tothe Guest Authors list.

Point to be Remember:
1. You can add maximum of 100 authors for each blogs in blogspot.
2. You can delete any member at any time in one single click.
3. You can give administrator rights to any member or all.

So, Hope this tutorial was helpful for you to make your blogger blog enabled with Guest author. If you liked this post then pleaseshare this with your friends on facebook and twitter. If you can anydoubt then please ask it here..

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