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One of the greatest struggles that I had in blogging is gainingtraffic from a less targeted niche. My blog is a religious blog and Ireally do not know if how many people are interested in discussing suchthings.
When my blog is already 3 months old, the traffic still ranges from10 to 15 visitors a day, and most of those visitors came from my ownclicks.

I thought my blog will never make it to top, and it will continue tohave a small size audience especially that its niche is all aboutChristian living and religion to which I believe is not a popular niche.
But after a year of blogging in this niche, my blog is slowly copingup where most of my visitors came from raw searches over Google andYahoo. And now, my blog is one of the top most Christian blogs in thePhilippines (based on

What are the key factors in gaining raw search engine traffic? I will not be talking about SEO. I assume that most of you who are readingthis post know exactly how to SEO your website. Rather, I will betalking about things that you need to develop in your inner being as ablogger.

1.    Perseverance – I think this is where mostblogger fail. Blogging needs perseverance because traffic and pageranking takes time to gain. It is not an overnight process. It needshard work.
Most bloggers surrender in writing after 2-3 months. But blogsusually gets a good recognition from the search engines (granted thatyou have good well optimized and written articles) only after the 3rdmonth unless you post well written articles every day. That is when your traffic starts to boom. That is when you start gaining subscribers andreaders.

There is no blog guru that will say their blog is an “instant moneymaking machine.” Though, it can really be done probably by highlytalented internet marketers, but for regular bloggers, I doubt if getrich quick scheme is readily applicable in blogging.
But granted that you are a regular blogger who started from scratch,it would mean more perseverance on your part because creating a goodreputation and credibility takes time.

2.    Delivering  genuine information –
I am referring to goodquality information, not driven by money, not driven by hypes. I mustadmit that once I fell on this mistake.
When my blog is still a few months old, I was very eager to makemoney online. And so I have been trying to market my products. Then Ifound out later that even those people who have been my friends are alittle turned off to what I have been doing.

And so I decided to stop my existing marketing strategy. I switchedto delivering high quality content. I started to help people in my niche solve their problems, and giving what they really need.
Now, people just subscribe to my blog. And guess what, I don’t eventell people to buy this or buy that anymore. By simply putting somerelated affiliate products within the posts, my visitors voluntarily buy because that is what they are looking. It is what they need.

But if you are for selling something, Ken Evoy made a good point on what he calls preselling.
Don’t sell but presell.  Tell your customers all about your product,present it in a way compelling, that they will never say no once youarrive at the time when you will ask them to buy.

3.    Following the advice of the “REAL” gurus –
I hate to saythis, but there are lots of money making gurus out there whose blogswhere intended for all the hypes so to speak. I respect their choice,but I strongly believe that business blogging is for deliveringinformation and not hypes.
So if you are a newbie, I strongly recommend that you only choose the gurus that deliver a good deal of information. You can always sense the real gurus, the real people who have the “know-how”.
As for me, I want to recognize those great guru bloggers who made a great impact in my blogging attitude.

I have seen some more “real deal” gurus like the staffs of Blogussion and the whole WordPress Community. But there are literally more hype-maker bloggers out there than good ones.
So I strongly suggest that you look for those real deal gurus. Thethree above are highly recommendable, which also compels me to make this article because I know that these people can really help.
4.    Be Optimistic – Optimism can do lots of things in one’s life. It can turn your world upside down.
I know that we have been living in a world full of negativity. Theeconomy went down, cost of living grows higher, wars, famine, etc.
Behind all these things that are happening in our world, there lieshope. “We can still work it out” this is the usual response ofoptimistic people.
There are times that you will be discouraged with the flow of traffic and income on your blog. But be positive. This is the ingredient thatwill keep you moving.
Optimism brings you to a whole new level of “purpose-driven”blogging. That despite of the negative things happening, you will stillcontinue doing and improving your blogging habits.
In the end, blogging is more than making money. It is more thanexpressing yourself. Blogging is helping people, it is relating to yourreaders and helping them solve their problems, and delivering to themwhat they need.
Becoming a Problogger starts in our inner being. Try to upgrade it,and your blogging habit as well as your blog income will also beupgraded naturally.
Vince is the owner of a religious blog and is currently working on his second blog that talks about blogging,  He created his second blog to help his subscribers to start and continue blogging without a hype.

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