Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Most businesses on the internet believe that the magic happens on the affiliate site. Sure, your sales conversions will be coming in fromyour e-business site, but I’m here to tell you that there is a lot moreto affiliate marketing than just having that. There’s a very easy way to boost traffic to your pages, which will consequently lead to more sales being made without having to resorts to the usual SEO tactics, most ofwhich are being policed strictly by Google now. Friends, I’m talkingabout blogging.

Yes, blogging. It used to just be about creative expression andletting like-minded individuals know of your day-to-day activities, butthe medium has grown into its own and can now be used as a source ofprofit. It’s a simple, effective marketing tool. Even juggernauts likeGoogle and Gizmodo have one, so why shouldn’t you?

If you remain unconvinced, here are the top 5 incredibly good reasons why you should consider putting up a blog for your business.

A blog can be the face of your business. You want to be an accessible entity to customers, may they be potential or regular. A blog becomesyour official internet representative, an extension of your businessideals and philosophy.

A blog is a FREE and easy way to inform your audience of what’s hot.Don’t limit yourself to promoting your own products, be generallyinformative and include topics about your company, your businesspractices, and your goals and outlook. Transparency is key, and peoplerespond to it. Sharing insights with your customers gives them a glimpse on how you run your business and exactly what kind of people it is that they’re giving their hard-earned money to. Also to this end, delivering quality content will translate to web traffic, which will thentranslate to your desired end result, which is more people checking outyour products, which means more profit. Be smart and make your blog part of your marketing campaign.

A blog establishes your web presence. Aside from the usualadvertising tricks you can employ on all the social media networks likeFacebook and Twitter, having a business blog is a great way of makingyourself known on the internet. You can also use it for link exchanges,which, as we all know, increases web traffic. As long as you havequality content, it won’t be hard to generate that traffic that turnsinto profit.
A blog is a faster way of delivering updates. You can post thesmallest update on a new product you might be developing, and it shouldtake little more than an hour to satisfy curious customers.

A blog will open up new business opportunities. When casual visitorsfind something they like on a blog, whether it’s the content or thewriting style of the blogger, chances are they’ll bookmark it and return for more reading later. It’s a win-win situation, both from a businessand a marketing standpoint.

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