What Is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

A query term when entered in a search engine and searched for,results in a list of results containing the particular query term. It is only natural that people tend to visit and pay attention the most asthe ones that are more likely to be the ones most relevant to the topicat hand. The differentiation between the sites appearing upper or lowerin the results is due to a suite of powerful techniques known as search engine optimization.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a host of techniques amounting to a process that affects howvisible a web page or website is in the results of a regular or naturalor un-paid (“organic”) results yielded by a search.

Why Does My Website Need SEO?

SEO is an indispensable at the hands of all those who wish to maketheir visibility better or even bearable. It ensures that your sitestands a chance of being seen among the often hundreds and thousands ofits competitors for that particular phrase or keyword. Its popularity is mainly derived from the following facts:

  • Only 1/4th of searchers view beyond the first page of results.
  • It helps to create trust and credibility
  • A brand is created with its help
  • It is quite cost-effective

Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO?

In spite of the fact that search engines are evolving into reallydiscerning entities but the fact remains that they are yet to beomnipotent and still require our help. They are in a state of constantflux in order to better their results and reach. However, a word ofcaution- if not properly utilized it may result in disaster as far asthe site’s visibility is concerned.

It is of great use if you wish to better your ranking apart from itsutility in enhancing content visibility as the site is now made easilyfound by web surfers. With the increasing competition SEO has become anabsolute must for small and big businesses alike.

Parts of SEO
SEO techniques can be separated into White hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO
The white hat bouquet of techniques related to SEO refer to thoseoptimization techniques, tactics and strategies that primarily is aimedtowards human beings in place of search engine spiders and is incompliance of the varied policies and rules of search engines.
It is a set of techniques that optimize sites for search engineswhile yet being aware of relevance and ranking in the organic results.Link building, analysis of keywords, back linking and quality contentare some of the strategies involved.

This line of action is often pursued by those who wish to make investments and commitment on their websites for the long term.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO is the holy grail for the audience wishing to make some quick money without committing themselves to any long term commitmentof investment.

Black Hat techniques do not generally do not focus on a humanaudience but rather targets search engines aggressively often at thecost of the guidelines as laid down by search engines. We can take forexample- doorway pages, stuffing of keywords, addition of unrelatedkeywords, swapping of pages or changing it completely after it has beenranked by search engines and invisible text.

Which set of techniques to go for while doing the SEO of your site is something that depends on the objectives of your website, howeverremember content is king.

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