Why Every Blogger Should Take a Break from the Internet

Starting a blog is easy, but having the perseverance and commitmentto keep blogging regularly is much more difficult. It is common to getburned out when you are writing a blog. You devote so much time andenergy to your project at the beginning, and then you just loseinterest. Alternatively, you want to keep blogging, but you start tofeel like you have said everything you can say about your particulartopic. Writer’s block is a challenge every writer struggles with at some point. Both blogging burnout and writer’s block can be helped by taking a break from the internet. It might sound counterintuitive, but turning off the computer occasionally can actually make you a better blogger.

Some bloggers recharge by turning off their computer for a full weekeach year. Then, they return to blogging, full of new ideas and plentyof energy. An extended break helps bloggers avoid burning out andabandoning their project. If you do not have the discipline to stay offthe computer while you are at home, consider taking a trip to a placewhere there is no internet access. Camping can be a great way to detoxfrom technology and recharge.

Of course, just because you are taking an extended break from theinternet does not mean you have to stop thinking about blogging. Writing out some notes for a blog entry or taking pictures can help keep youthinking about and planning for your blog, while still giving you achance to take a break from the internet. You could even attend ablogging conference or a conference geared toward your blog’s topic. You would make valuable connections and come back home with plenty ofmaterial for new blog posts.

For individuals who are unable to take an extended break from the internet due to freelance work or online training, it is still important to unplug periodically. Beyond down time topromote brain activity, there are even health reasons why you shouldtake periodic breaks from the internet. Some medical research suggeststoo much time spent on the computer, especially right before bed, canmake it difficult to sleep at night. Sleep is so important to youroverall health. If you are not getting enough rest, you cannot writeinsightful, creative blog posts. You will simply be too tired to do your best work. Even if you spend the entire day on the computer, rechargeyour brain by spending an hour or two before bed engaging in anotherhobby. Your blog and your health will surely improve.

Although extended breaks and periods of internet free time areimportant, it is equally crucial for bloggers to take breaks throughoutthe day. Breaks are especially important for professional bloggers whomight spend all day working on their blog. After an hour or so ofworking at one task, you start to lose your focus, energy and drive. You work at a plodding pace, or you might find yourself getting distractedand visiting websites that do not have anything to do with the task athand. Take a ten minute break after an hour of focused work. Yourproductivity will increase, and you will have more energy throughout the day.

Of course, during your break you need to actually step away fromthe computer. You will not get a productivity boost after your breakunless you switch to a new activity for a while. If you worry that youwill not return to your desk after a short break, set a timer to ringafter your break is over. Of course, if you are more inclined to keepworking without taking breaks, you can always use your timer to remindyourself to take a breather. Blogging can be a rewarding hobby orcareer, but in order to be successful, you need to take regular breaksfrom the internet.

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