Why Is SEO Important In Order Have Top Position In Search Engine

If you have been blogging for some time , the word SEO which meanssearch engine optimization would not be a new phrase to you.You hear orread about from a lot of internet marketers or blogger bearing theirperspectives on what SEO is.

Come to think of it, can’t we blog with having SEO in the picture?Why is it so important that i have to follow the SEO Strategies so thatmy blog could be relevant to the almighty search engines. It is obviousthat search engines dictates the rules which every blogger or internetmarketers must play by in order to get people’s attention online.

Anyway. if SEO is the referee for any blogging activites I concurthat you have to play by their rules. These regulations in a part iswhat i will telling you about SEO.  That is the off page optimizationbecause there is the on page optimization.

So, let see what off page optimization is.

My focus will be on Link Building and Linking to Authority Site.

1.Link Building
You must know that search engines work on the number of links thatyou have pointing to your site. If you want  to rank for anykeyword,there is stiff competition in the search engines for you to bein the top 3. You will need to do some investigation on these site thatare already occupying the top position,to know the number of links theythat gives them such position in the search engine. For instance. If aparticular site on chocolate recipe has 120 links to rank for the no 1position, then you need to get at least 150 to beat it an take itsposition.

One of the best site that could help you know the numbers of links in a site is the Yahoo site explorer. If you place the site on the searchbar, and search it will give the all the links to the site. There aresome feature in the bar you could use for thorough  results.

When building links to your site,it has to  be a gradual thing. ITcould be 10 or 12 per day. Don’t rush things. If you do, the search engine like Google will smell foul play and give your site a red flagbecause to it, this is not natural link building.

2.Linking To Authority Sites

Another way to optimizing your site for the search engine, is bygetting links from authority sites. What I mean by authority site isthat this particular site has gain prominence in the eye of searchengines overtime and visitors too. It has Alexa ranking that  is in therange of 1-200. It has also garner many links overtime  that areconsistently topping the search engine ranking.

One of such site is ezine articles. Let say you have an article onthis site that has a link directing visitors to your site, when thesearch engine spider crawls on your site, it will rate you high base onthe link coming from ezinearticles since it an authority site. I believe you now know why ezinearticles is the best article directory for now.

Your search engine optimization worries is almost over if you areable to apply this fundamental SEO strategies. Your site can then beginto compete favorable with the “big guys” online.

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