Why Social Networking is Important for Bloggers

Coined in late 1999, the term, “blog,” was used to describe theprocess of content published online by individuals covering a wide range of topics. With the proliferation of the Internet, blogging has evolved into a global phenomenon where people post content and media onsubjects ranging from current events to cat picture memes to love. Withso many bloggers vying for top search engine results and viewers,publicizing your blog has become just as important as the content thatyou produce. One of the best ways for bloggers to do so has been toleverage different social media outlets. This article will cover somereasons why you should use social media marketing to publicize yourblog.

Picking a blog host is an important step in setting up your blog forfuture social media marketing campaigns. For example, WordPress andBlogger, two popular blog platforms, allow for users to link theirFacebook and Twitter accounts in order to automatically signify whenyour publish new content. Furthermore, these established platforms haveintegrated web forms which allows viewers to opt-in to subscribe to your blog, providing you another way to track the traffic that you’regetting. Although the time saved in manually updating your socialnetworks may seem trivial, the ability to aggregate your social networks (and subscriber listing) into a centralized source will reap dividendsif your blog starts to gain traffic.

Touched upon earlier, having a social media presence will help you develop an online personality and brand that viewers can discern and learn to trust, essentiallyhelping you drive further traffic to your blog. Facebook, Twitter, andGoogle+ allow you to interact with your friends and social networks, and other platforms such as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon allow you toshare interesting pieces of information to potential viewers.

Having an online presence will provide you opportunities to interactwith other like-minded bloggers. This is particularly important forstudents taking online classes or others who don’t have the opportunity to frequently interact withpeople who share their views. Similarly, given the importance of searchengines in helping people find relevant news and content, buildingrelationships with other bloggers is a great way for you to develop your blog. If you find content that you like, comment on the blogger’sarticle and they will likely do the same. After building a relationship, you could possibly write a guest article on the blogger’s website,which is another way you can gain traffic to your own blog.

One important aspect to keep in mind when using social mediamarketing techniques is that maintaining your social networks is afull-time job. Commenting on others’ blogs, replying to comments onyours, and sharing insightful information through your social platformsshouldn’t be restricted to work hours. Furthermore, building a solidnetwork takes time and effort; growth starts small and buildsexponentially. Initially, you might have to put several hours intobuilding just a few followers, but with constant work and qualitycontent, your social networks will become the perfect complement to your blog.

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