Why Video Blogging Would Increase Your Traffic

Video blogging has been making waves for quite sometime now. Manymarketers are making thousands of dollars from this. For you to blogusing videos is simple. It is another way of driving traffic to youraffiliate or your own product.

Tutorial Blog
Seeing they say is believing.people are naturally easily persuaded to buy a product when they actual see how the product works or see itsfeatures and a demonstration on how it is being used.
If you are promoting an e book,software,it is effective for sales totell people  step by step ways of using the product.Get a video creation software like Camtasia which is the best.Record the tutorial on yourcomputer and place the video on your blog.This will sure pull visitorsto your site than your competitors that are using this method.

Create Video Review Blog
Video review blog is specifically to give reviews on major productsthat is making waves online.Amazon is what it is today because of theconcept of allowing customers reviews and start writing for thoseproducts.So you can start writing re views on sought after products andthis will draw visitors to your site.
You may have to start on a small footing at first.For you to reviewall major products online could be expensive.You will need to buy theproduct you want to review then ask for refund.But the vendor may not be happy with that.What you can do is to tell him about the review youwant to do for the product and then pay him back when you make moneyfrom the affiliate sales.

Youtube Submission To Get Email Subscriptions
Submit these video reviews on you tube which the largest video siteonline.See that you optimize for keywords on video reviews blog forgreat search engine traffic.Whenever visitors view your video,have youlink that will direct them to your blog or website.

Leveraging on video review blog,video tutorial blog will go a longway in giving you huge traffic to your site thus bringing more sales and more money too.So start video blogging today!

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