A Simple SEO Guide to Meta Titles

The meta Title is on of the most important parts of on page SEO and can have massive effect on search engine rankings.

What is a meta title?

The the meta title is a title give to each page on your site. Codewise all you need to do to specify a title is use the title tag in thehead tag for example.

Main text from the page appears here
The title is then used by your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) for text at the top of the program, for example the BBC.
The search engine will use the Meta title as an indication of whatthe page is about and also for the link in the search engine resultpage.

What should the title tag contain from a SEO point of view?

The short answer is key phrases, so what ever you want the page torank for for should be contain in the title tag. For example a site that tells comic books.
Comic Books
Often you’ll want your home page to rank for more than one keyphrase, in those case you can separate key phrases with a comma or avertical pipe.
You may want to combine multiple key phrases by reducing duplications

Restrictions on characters for the title tag

As a general rule you want to use a maximum of 90-100 character forthe title. The search engines will only show a certain amount ofcharacters.
* Google – will only use around 60-65 characters.
* Yahoo – will use around 70-75 characters.
* Bing – Will only use around 60-65 characters.

Important Points to remember about meta titles.

The nearer to the start of the title the more important, so put your most important key phrase first and the least last.
The title tag become the link in the search engine result so make it something you would be likely to clicks on.
Every page in the site should have a unique description.
Don’t put your web address or company name at the start of the meta title, put it at the end.

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