Adsense signup process (Successful Method)

Adsense success signup

Adsense is one of the best contextual ad networks available. As ablogger, or website owner, it is one of the easiest ways to start tomonetize your site. If you have never heard of Google Adsense it issimply a way of putting advertisements on your blog or website that youwill get paid for when someone clicks on your ads. In this post I willshow you the steps of the Google Adsense sign up process and how you can get started with an account today.
I tried to explain what we should do before google adsense sign up. I wish you would apply all of these for getting instant approval.
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Adsense Sign Up Process:

Before signing up you must have a verified website and be 18 years or older to apply for an account. You will also need to adhere to theadsense policies.

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1. Go to the Adsense Sign Up Page
You will have the option to create a new Google account or use anexisting account to sign up.If you do not already have a google accountit will take you through the prompts to create one before you can set up your adsense account.
Be sure to read the policies before signing up and agreeing to theirterms. You do not want to be in violation of google’s adsense policies.

Adsense Sign Up Process

2. Content
Next, you will need to let Google know what domain name you will bedisplaying ads on. Fill your domain name into the appropriate box in the application. Also, you will need to choose the primary language foryour site.

Adsense Sign Up Process

3.  Submit Application

This is where you will need to fill out all the appropriateinformation including the payee name. Make sure you fill this outcorrectly and the name matches the name on your bank account forpayments. Google Adsense pays by direct deposit to your bank each month, so this information will need to match.

Adsense Sign Up Process

After you have completed the adsense sign up process you will begiven a code to put on your site. Adsense will then review yourapplication and if you are approved you can activate your account. Onceyou have your blog setup with Adsense you will then need to verify andsubmit your tax information and pin number they mail to you.
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Now you are ready to start earning money. Adsense will pay you once you reach their $100 threshold.

Create Important Pages and Sections to Adsense Signup

A website or blog is full with useful pages and sections. Someimportant pages are contact, about and terms page. These improveusability and experience. The Google AdSense team will look for thesepages because of higher user experience. You must have these page for successful Google AdSense Signup:

  • Contact Page: This is the page where contact formand information are located. That is the way to approach the admin forany kind of helps. The contact page will provide better usability.
  • About Page: The about page will provide the history of the blog and the founder. It is because sometimes the readers wantto read about the owner of the blog. In this situation, it is important.
  • Terms and Conditions Page: This page is forspecifying the rules of users. This page reveals how the users shouldinteract, how they should use your blog etc. This type of page will help the adsense team understand that the blog is strict with its policy.They would love to approve the blog in their program.

Google’s AdSense online advertising can be your way to living by blogging. Signup today if you meet the requirements. 

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