Bloom Flower Crown – DIY

Bloom flower Crown 1 

Hi friends! Today I want to share this quick and easy method for creating a handmade floral crown. Kinsey whipped this crown up in about 10 minutes. They’re super cute and perfect for Spring, which can’t come soon enough! Enjoy…

Floral crown steps 
Step 1: Supplies Needed- plastic faux floral branch bunch with blooms, wirecutters, brown wire.  2. Use wire cutters to clip some pieces of a fauxfloral “branch”. 3. Use small pieces of wire to attach branch piecestogether. 4. Use your own head as a size guide to know when to stopadding branches and complete the circle. Super easy! 

Bloom flower Crown 2 
Here’s the finished crown. You can bend it a little bit to fit your headbetter. I like to weave some pieces of my hair around the crown too! 

Bloom flower Crown 3 
Have fun creating your own floral crown! We can’t wait to wear them all spring… xo. elsie 

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