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Photo: Courtesy Pinterest.
If pinning is your thing, you’ve got to update your Pinterest app today. The platform has made some incredibly helpful changes to its iOS and Android apps that you will definitely want to check out.

Pinterest’s improvements center around making it easier to find items you’ve pinned in the past, as well as find new things based on your existing pins. To do that, Pinterest has updated the layout of your personal profile sothat recent pins now sit at the top. According to Pinterest productmanager Cesar Isern, most people tend to search for pins they’ve added over the past month, so this new look will make that search faster.

Once you’ve become a relatively prolific pinner, Pinterest will organize and let you browse your pins by topic — from ingredients and cuisines tocolors and designers. You can also now more easily find specific boards: You can organize them alphabetically or by date, or just search for aspecific board or pin.

Pinterest also added a new visual search tool, which makes it easier to find items, patterns, and motifs in pins thatyou like. Let’s say you’ve pinned some #livingroominspiration, butyou’re really just interested in the lamp in the back corner of theshot. What is it? Who makes it? Tap the search tool, select that portion of the pin, and Pinterest will pull up more pins that look similar towhat’s in that image. You can check this out in action in the GIF below.

GIF: Courtesy Pinterest.
Making your dream pins become a reality just got a whole lot simpler.
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