How to be Millionaire In One Hour Blogging

Perhaps the question How I got $35,498 In One Hour Blogging would sound event better??? Well, why stop on that number? 
What if I raise the bar and increase the number by couple moredigits? Would that sound any better? It seems that headlines of thistype attract bloggers of all kind and work well on social networks. So if you got to this page thinking I’m about to teach you some secret strategy – you will be greatly disappointed, my friend.

This post is as much of the experiment as it is rant. I just want tosee if this headline actually generates the interest, after all – it has ALL The Required Elements!

  • “Howto” – implicates that I’m actually about to share something very specific in an easy to understand format
  • “Get” – implicates that you are about to receive whatever comes next in the “big promise
  • “$ Million Dollars” – now, this is a Big One. I havecarefully used a “believable” combination of Not Too Large of A Numberand yet something that draws attention and I have sprinkled that numberwith magic number 7. Don’t ask me why but it is a common thinking inInternet Marketing community that that number is the key to selling your price or preposition, as was my case.
  • “One Hour” – this outrageous claim simply begs thewords Bull Crap! That period is hardly enough to get anything done butcombined with the number before it it makes for a One IncrediblePromise.
  • “Blogging” – hey, I could say shoving dirt from one corner of the room to another but Blogging for Money seem to be a hot topic with everyone sharing their “income stats” evenwhen they are not worth mentioning or what’s more important keptprivate, so I add to the hype too.

If you didn’t get the joke – don’t be hating
Truth to be told – any form of earning requires work. Consistent,meticulous and persistent and any promise of incredible amounts of money with little work is nothing but empty promise.

This is First Guest Post in this Blog!

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