How To Build A Killer List On Facebook

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We all know the money is in the list but not all of us are great at list building or email marketing. luckily for you and I, Facebook has made that easier.
No longer do you need to create pretty call-to-actions or provide ahigh quality lead magnet to get a prospect’s details, Facebook hasstreamlined the process and made it foolproof.
What I am I talking about?

Facebook custom audiences

Okay, first of all, you can’t build an email list on Facebook (well not yet anyway).
I’m talking about Facebook custom audiences. In a nutshell, it allows you to place a tracking cookie on your website, and when a visitor whohas a Facebook user profile visits your website, they are tracked stored for up to 180 days in a list.
Let’s assume your website receives 100 views per day and 70% ofvisitors have a Facebook user profile. Within a 180 day period you willhave a custom audience size of 12,600 people.
These are 12,600 people who have previously visited your website andhave some sort of interest in your product or service. Using this listyou can create highly targeted adverts that are seen only by the people in your list.
I have a custom audience pixel on my website and have more than 180,000 prospects who I can display adverts to:
Picture 1
Custom audiences do more than just collect data, but I’ll get to that later in this article.

Retargeting through Facebook is the new list building

I’m only joking about the headline (I don’t want email marketers slating me), but it’s a great alternative.
If you’ve ever ran adverts on Facebook before, I will assume thatmost ads targeted new prospects and don’t provide a scalable ROI.Showing an advert to someone who is unaware of your website is alwaysgoing to be a tough sell. They don’t know who you’re, there is no social proofing and there may be a good chance they have zero interest in what you’re offering.
The result? Higher ad spend and poor conversion rates.
But when you show adverts to people who have visited your website inthe past, there is an element of social proofing, they do know whoyou’re and they are interested in what you’re selling (or saying). 46% of marketers say that retargeting is one of the most underused marketing methods today with retargeted ads having a 70% success rate of increasing conversions over regular ads.
But that’s not even the most compelling statistics (for anyone running an online store), it’s estimated that over 67% of consumers abandon their online shopping carts, that’s a lot of people who had the intent to buy but ended up leaving.
Now what if you could target the 67% of people to go back to their carts and checkout? You can.

How does it work

Custom audiences collect data of everyone who visits your website who has a Facebook profile. If you place the tracking code in the header or footer of your website, it will track every who visits your website. If you place it in a the body of a specific page (landing or productpage), it will only collect data from people who visited that specificpage.
For example, prospects who land on your thank you page aftertaking your lead magnet are tracked, put into a list and ready for youto advertise your next offer. You can track the following:
custom audience
You’re only allowed to have one custom audience per Facebook account, and creating more Facebook accounts to add more on your website willget you banned. Each custom audience lets you track prospects for 1-180days. If your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic opting for a longertime period is fine. For sites that receive thousands of visits per day, keep the tracking length shorter, as people who recently interactedwith your website are ‘fresher’ and more likely to convert.


Facebook is one of the world’s biggest brands and the opportunitiesfor marketers and businesses is endless. I myself have created so manyads on the fly through the Facebook Adverts Manager, targeting newprospects and I’m usually left scratching my head wondering why nobodyhas taken my offers. Then I started using custom audiences and myconversions went through the roof.
Using a custom audience to build a targeted Facebook list willprovide you with cheaper ad spend and give a much better ROI. Have youused a a  custom audience before? What are your thoughts?

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