How to Create Blog Content That Sucks In AdSense Cash

If AdSense cash plays a role in your blog monetization model then you absolutely must know how to create content that pulls more expensiveads. When you write your blog you already trying to integrate your moreimportant keywords into each of your posts (I do hope you do so), butwhy earn pennies when you can pull some real cash?

I don’t use AdSense on my blog as you can see but in this post I will show you completely “white hat” method to discover What Keywords will pull most expensive ads into your content and share a free tool you can use to discover them in a matter of minutes. This very same technique canbe easily used for a profitable niche research if you are in that stageof your market research.

Know What Keywords Pay Well Before You Create ANY Content In ANY Niche Market!

And before I move into discussing on how find more profitablekeywords I think I need to explain Why. AdSense is becoming more andmore expensive and advertisers becoming increasingly smarter. It is very common for advertisers now to target very specific keywords that willtrigger their ad for a simple reason – it more corresponds to theirproduct and they find less competition while doing it. They also spendless money by not using broad search but exact phrase match in AdSense.And guess what – two very similar key phrases can cost quite differentamount. I’m going to use an example which is pulled on July 8 and iscorrect for this time frame (these prices do change …).

Let’s say you are in credit niche and creating a post on creditcards. You can simple try to place as many combination’s of your mainkeywords but did you know how much advertisers are willing to pay fordifferent key phrases to trigger display of their ad? Here is anexample:

  • visa credit card machines” – $18.48 – $27.72
  • visa credit cards” – $13.17 – $17.07

So which one of these key phrases would YOU like to target? I thinkits pretty much a no-brainer … You can always hope that “by accident”you stumble onto “visa credit card machines” and pull that ad or you can KNOW about it and optimize for it! Mentioning this specific key phrase candouble your earnings from a single click! Advertisers are willing to pay a lot more for a more targeted key phrase as it gives them higherconversion and optimizing for those key phrases simply means more income to you.

Similar concept can be applied to niche research. Knowing which keyphrases pull more expensive ads to your content site or blog can easilymean more income for you. That concept described very well in Red HotNiches Free Report, which I highly recommend you read.

Before you get all excited I do have to provide a simple warning.These examples can’t be taken at their nominal value but more as ageneral guidance on their potential profitability. Google provides anoption for AdWords advertisers to specify a totally different price for“Content Network” but profitability potential in correlation to eachother will still remain true. What that means is that click on ad oncontent network (your blog) will get less money per click then shownabove but content optimized for “visa credit card machines” will stillpull more expensive ad.

Prices I provided above are pulled directly from Google AdWordsKeywords tool and you can do your research using that tool but it isextremely time consuming, as you will have to discover the exactkeywords to use and then their prices. There is a lot better way toaccomplish this task and that is what this post was all about – a FREE tool you can use to get whole bunch of keywords with their prices and demand (search volume). 

See screen shot below:


Two minutes was all it took me to get the results. Visit this site to get the tool and its usage guidelines. Author created video tutorialthat explains in great detail proper usage and you can take it with youanywhere you go. Now you have an opportunity to create blog content that sucks in AdSense cash and actually get paid for those clicks. And bestpart – it’s FREE.

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