How to Do A Keyword Research

There is a free, simple, and effective technique on how to do a keyword research. It will be further explained below step-by-step from how to get the ideas, target the specific keywords, determining monthly searches and competitions on that particular keywords. There is no doubt that keywords research is one of the most analytical instrument to get organic traffic to our sites which will eventually bring us revenue!

Steps to Do A Keyword Research:

Step #1  How to Get an Idea (part 1)

google alerts
Although there are countless things to write on our posts, having the idea to come out with is not easy for some extents. The best way to get a sense related to the site we have is by registering for Google Alerts. If you have a Gmail account, you just need to type what kind of interest you would like to get alerted from Google. They will send every new recent news about your selected interest to your Gmail account. Ex: you’d like to know about online marketing, just simply type online marketing, or you’d like to know about iPhone latest version or whatsoever. (I’d recommend 3-5 News Alerts).

Step #2 How to Get an Idea (part 2)

Here is plan B comes when you still don’t like using Google Alerts. My 2nd recommendation to get a sense will be This is a keyword suggestion tool that can be used for FREE. Just simply by typing into the query bar, we will be able to get A-Z second word keyword alphabet idea. Ex: we put “how to make money” on the query bar, it will show lots of advice such as “how to make money online,” “how to make money from home for pregnant mother”, “how to make money as a college student.” And Much MORE!!!

Step #3 Choosing the Right Ideas

how to make money online as a pregnant mothers - Google Search
So how can we determine that the keywords idea produced is going to be ranked? The 1st technique is to find lower competition, it will be useless to get thousands of searches per month, but the competition is really high. We will never be ranked on the first page of any search engine for competitive keywords. The trick is to get long tail keywords (instead of “how to make money,” we can choose “how to earn money for a pregnant mother at home”) this is called targeted keywords.

Step #4 The Best and FREE Keywords Tool

I will recommend a FREE and POWERFUL keywords tool out there. It is called Jaaxy. This tool is really easy to use and obviously way stronger than common research tool such as Google keywords tool. Just type in the keywords below and click Search.

Step #5 Determining Competitors and Monthly Searches

Jaaxy - The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool

You will see that there are some features such as Average Monthly Searches[Avg], competition[QSR]. These two are our primary focus. Try to find [Avg] above 100, and [QSR] below 300. Two magic numbers we need to remember. The lower [QSR] is, the better our chances to get ranked on the first page of a search engine, but also your [Avg] need to be more than 100. If we are able to get a targeted keywords that meet above requirements, we will get golden keywords that will lead to high rank, more traffic, and more sales! Do this consistently, and there is NO REASON that we don’t get more exposure to our visitors.

That’s all the 5 FREE, Simple and Efficient Steps to do a keyword research. Hope this will help your business keep moving forward. Don’t forget to share this information and leave me a comment below, I’d love to get back to you as soon as possible. For our successful future! Cheers.

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