How to make easy paint chip wall art

If your apartment needs some decorating, you can’t draw, and you’re broke, consider chopping up paint chips. These are Glidden swatches from HomeDepot made into a simple triangle pattern. I put it inside a mat andframe I already had, and it looks fairly respectable. Put anythinginside a mat and frame and it will look respectable. Heck, you couldframe a crumpled-up Kleenex and somebody will assume it’s a very special piece of modern art.
To make this fancy paint chip art, cut swatches into triangles. I found it easiest to trim the swatches into strips first, then cut the angledsides using one triangle as a template.
I laid the shapes out in an arrangement I liked, then transferred themone by one to a sheet of paper cut to the size I needed. I ran the paper through my London Clicks first to make it sticky, but you could also coat your paper with sprayadhesive or attach your pieces with rubber cement or other adhesive.
Trim off any overhanging triangles, put it under glass, and you’re done.

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