How to Make Money by Uploading Files

Don’t you wonder why most uploaders on internet upload Software, Music,Movies and other files in forums and blogs? The answer is simpler thanyou think, they simply share those files to earn money from people whodownload them… How? Every time you download a file from a file sharing website the uploader earns some cents but when 1000 Downloads occur hecan make up to 7$. Here I’m explaining how you too can make some bucksfrom uploading files, and some tips to increase your earnings easily.

How this Works?

Using one of the file sharing websites below, and after uploading filesto your account, every time one person downloads the file you earn somecents (0.005$) but when you receive 1000 people to download your fileyou’ll get easily from 4$ to 7$ in your pocket, sounds great isn’t it?So those 1000 downloads can easily be reached using one of the promotion methods to increase your downloads thus your earnings.

3 Best Website to Make Money Uploading Files

1. RapidGator

RapidGator is one of the best file hosting and sharing services on theinternet, among its high quality uploading service it also provides away to make money with it easily, it pays you for every 1000 Downloadsand you can make up to 40$ per 1000 Downloads

  • 40$ per 1000 Downloads (from Tier-1 Countries and file more than 1 GB)
  • Make money referring others
  • Sales bonuses (selling premium accounts)

2. Turbobit

Turbobit is a file exchanging website to share files over the internetwith friends, family and with the public. You can also make money usingTurbobit from your file downloads that you are making every day, it pays for 1000 downloads and you can make up to 7$ for the thousand downloads you drive.


  • 7$ per 1000 Downloads (from tier-1 Countries and file size over 10mb)
  • Pays for Incomplete downloads
  • Instant reports
  • 40% Sales bonus
  • 38% Rebill (affiliates)

3. HulkLoad

HulkLoad is a great alternative to Turbobit website, it also enables agood and reliable file sharing service that you can make money fromuploading files to it. Just like rapidgator and turbobit, Hulkload paysfor thousand downloads and you can make up to 10$ for every 1000downloads.


  • 10$ per 1000 Downloads
  • High payouts for all countries in the world
  • Affiliate bonus 10% of your referrer’s earnings
  • 50% of Premium sales

Tips to Increase Downloads and Earnings

  1. Upload useful files that can match the need of internet users (Cracked Software…)
  2. Share your files links in Forums, Blogs, Comments…
  3. Use Social media to spread your links: Facebook fan pages, Twitter profile, Linkedin…
  4. Upload Youtube videos and add your link in the description
  5. Repeat the above Tips to make around 50$ per day easily
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