How to Submit URL to Google Bing and Yaho

Billions of people use search engine daily to get what they are looking for viainternet  and its proves to be easy and free source for organic trafficto your website ,That’s why Seo expert suggest the website owner tosubmit there website or blog url to search engine for Search enginevisibility because if your website/blog get indexed in the popularsearch engine results then there will be more chances of getting organic traffic and audience to your website via search engine results howevertraffic amount depends on Website SEO .This Article will helps you with submitting your website/blog url to popular search engine like Google , bing and yahoo search engine . To get yourblog home url in Google , bing and yahoo search engine results , firstthing you need to do is to inform Google Bing and Yahoo Search Enginesearch engine spider about your website /blog homepage ( or ) . you can do this by Submitting your website/blog url to Popular Search engine like Google ,Bing and Yahoo Search Engine etc .

  How to Submit Url to Google 

If your website is newly created and not able to find your website in Google search engine then you need to Submit your newly website/blog url to Google  so that Google spider get informed about your  newlycreated website/blog url to index and include in search engine results .Before submitting your website url to Google make sure your website or blog is Online otherwise your website/blog will not be included .

Steps to Add Website Url to Google for free

Step 1 : Login to your Google account . 

Step 2 : Go to and enter your homepage url for submission and enter Captcha , hit ok ( For example if you own top-level domain name then  or if you own Sub domain name then .) .

  How to Submit Url to Bing 

Bing searchengine have its own search engine technology for indexing website andserving search results .So If you website is not appearing on bingsearch engine then your website/blog is not being crawled by the BingBot in past .To get your website/blog in bing search engine you need tosubmit to bing search engine .

Steps to Add Website Url to ning/yahoo for free

Step 1 : Go to  . 

Step 2 : Enter your top level or sub-domain name , website home address under Type the URL of your homepage and enter puzzle , hit ok . 

 How to Submit Url to Yahoo

Yahoo uses Bing search engine technology for indexing website/blog url and servingsearch engine results in there search engine , So if you submityour Website/blog  to bing search engine for indexing then automatically your website/blog will get indexed in the yahoo search engine , youdon’t have to submit your Website/blog for yahoo search engine 
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