How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals and it now has more than 100 million users. Almost 60% of LinkedIn users are inconsultant positions or at the executive level. As a result, LinkedInhas the highest number of decision makers in one place over all socialmedia networks. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing sites – one newuser arrives every second, or translated that’s around one million newusers every week.

Just as you would with other social media sites, you need to use thewhite hat approach. Rather than transparently advertising your goods orservices or outright asking for work, try to interact, help, and engagepeople.

Your LinkedIn goal should be to establish yourself in your niche oryour industry. Take the time to connect with colleagues, and customersthat you have already established a relationship with and then build onthat relationship.

Groups are one of your most popular tools on LinkedIn. You can drivetraffic to your website and reach an endless stream of targetedprofessionals. There are more than 870,000 LinkedIn groups withmemberships varying from 1 to 400,000. Most of the groups are businessrelated, although there are nearly 130,000 corporate alumni and academic groups.WordPress is one of the favorite LinkedIn groups because of itsknowledgeable and engaging members. You can easily get your questionsanswered, and you can participate in a lively discussion. Everyapplication you use will have a LinkedIn Group that represents it. Thesame applies to every type of job you might do, there is a group for.Whether you are a photographer, an illustrator, a Photoshop user, amarketer – there is a group for you.
Are you already on LinkedIn? If you have not yet signed up to useLinkedIn now is a good time to do so. LinkedIn members are not there tolook at their friends’ photos or to give their friends aminute-by-minute description of their day. Rather, it is an excellentplace to make the types of connections that can grow an income.

Take the time to update your profile so it clearly and conciselyexplains what you are all about and what it is you have done. Make surethat you take the time to get at least a couple of recommendations. Thebest way to do this is to offer to write a recommendation for someoneelse. Now start driving traffic to your site.

Another great tip for using Linkedin togenerate the traffic required to be successful is to regularly updateyour status. This means updating your status on a regular basis, andgiving people information that they are going to find useful. Forexample, you can update about new products, or simply something that you have been working on recently.

Another great tip is to take advantage of the blog link widget available on Linkedin. This widget links your blog and Twitter account to your Linkedin profile. This means that people get to seeevery time you update your blog, making them more likely to visit yoursite. This makes it much easier for people to access your blog, sincethey can get easy access to every update.

Linkedin is a great tool for drivingtraffic back to a website. It is however most important to remainactive, and regularly update your status. It is also a great idea toshare your expert opinion with others, as it lets them see you as aleader in your niche market area.

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