Three Lessons I’ve Learned In My Online Marketing Journey

After starting my online journey 3 years ago, if I knew then what Iknow now, I would probably be 10 times richer and 10 times moresuccessful.
I’m not upset or angry though, the mistakes I’ve made have lead to me to where I am today. Running a number of successful websites, authoring eBooks and doing what I enjoy most, writing about Internet marketing.
In this article, I am going to reveal the biggest mistakes I madewhen starting my online journey and hopefully stop you from making thesame mistakes.

1. Not willing to spend money

The biggest hindrance in the beginning was my fear of spending money.
My first lead generation campaign was to direct people to a landing page where they would opt-in to my Top 5 Foods To Gain Must Fast eBook. I was reluctant to spend any money at the time because I hadn’tmade any. I wanted to invest as little as possible while making as muchas possible, great plan, right?
I created the landing page myself using a basic WordPress theme andeven wrote the lead magnet, all two pages of it. Someone how I managedto get quite a few opt-ins after spamming my URL on a number of forumsand thought to myself:

“Wow this online marketing is really easy.”

Then I sent my first email campaign and it all went downhill. Ireceived an extremely high amount of unsubscribes (over 70%), and in the end my Mailchimp account got banned for violating their spamming polices.
At the time I didn’t understand why, but now I realize it was because my eBook was incredibly poor value, my first email was a sales pitchwhich annoyed my leads and my traffic methods were of low quality.
I decided to do it all on the cheap and it backfired. If I cannotinvest in myself, how can I expect others to trust and buy from me? Iused to regard spending money as a cost rather than an investment backthen.

2. Being scared of taking action

I truly believe the number one reason why many people fail to makemoney online is due to the inability to take action. We all know thatperson (or maybe you’re guilty of it yourself) who says they will startworking on their project when they have more money, when they can findfree time or next year when they finally ‘quit their job’.
There are two types of people:

  1. Those that do
  2. Those that say they will do

I’m not a lifestyle marketer, but I often post pictures on Facebookshowing friends back home of my current lifestyle. They often privatemessage me asking how they can do the same, but after I provide themwith all the information, they make an excuse for never taking action.
lessons learned
I knew nothing when I started 3 years ago, I could barely write oruse WordPress. Now I earn more money doing less work than in my lastfull-time job.
I wonder how much potential is lost every day by people reading Internet marketing content but never taking action?

3. Be around like minded people (join a mastermind group)

There’s been big increase in co-working spaces in Asia (I live inThailand), and the idea of visiting a place to network with hippy online marketers is my idea of hell on earth. But I’m a short-sighted andmiserable person who spends most of the day working in my room barelyseeing daylight.
But a few months ago, I joined a Skype group with several otherInternet marketers who were doing similar things as I was. If I behonest with myself, I’ve been pretty stagnant when I work alone and mymotivation is close to zero.
I found that being around like minded people dramatically increasedmy motivation levels and work flow. Within 3 weeks of being part of that group, I launched two new websites and wrote an eBook.
If you’re someone who lacks motivation or drive, you should seriously consider joining a mastermind group, there are hundreds out there ifyou look for them. The money invested will almost certainly yield apositive ROI and push you in the right direction assuming you find agood group.
I’ve learned a lot of things during my journey through onlinemarketing, things which I’ve only learned because I decided to takeaction. The vast majority of people are stuck in neutral and can’t seemto find the missing piece of the jigsaw to make their first $1, $100 or$1,000 online.
What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned through your online journey? Leave a comment below.

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