LinkedIn and Paid Search; How Both Drive Conversions

LinkedIn is much like paid search in many ways, as both marketingtactics involve search, clicking, connecting, and converting. We explain to clients that it is of this mindset to keep in mind as we train onour approach to social selling for lead generation.

Linkedin is a social network for business; and to be engaging withcontacts and prospects should not be ignored. But as a marketer orsalesperson, no activity during the day should be done without some sort of convincing as your goal. Think about it; sharing content, postingcontent, and being helpful are what I call social retargeting. OnLinkedIn, its reminding prospects and connections of your existence, and you are sharing content that aligns with your personal brand.Retargeting in the advertising context means “finish a conversion on our website”, or “here’s a new offer you may like.” With LinkedIn,retargeting is “Remember me? Here’s content you may like. Maybe it canlead to a sale because I know stuff that can help you”
There are many ways that LinkedIn social selling is like paid lead generation programs, as the chart below shows. Let’s explain.

SearchLinkedIn: I am searching from prospects based on a variety offilters, to reach out to, or ask a current connection to reach out to?Why? I hope to sell my services to my targeted prospects by firstconnecting with them, sharing content, and hopefully give them something of value that can lead to an appointment. Prospects use groups tosearch for solutions, by asking questions themselves.Paid Lead Generation: Prospects are searching for a solution to a problem. Prospects are either looking to education themselves, orfind a company that has a product or service they need. They enterqueries into a search engine with the hope to become a lead for acompany if the content or offers are compelling enough for conversion.

Results:LinkedIn: After I enter queries into LinkedIn Search, I find alist of people who satisfy my query. I can now review and click who maybe helpful to me, or who I could connect with may be a potential lead.The more specific my search; the more granular my potential lead listis, and that makes my connection requests relevant to the prospect. Soif you want prospects to find you, make sure important keywords are inheadlines and profile.

Paid Lead Generation: After prospects enter their search query, they get a list of companies that have the potential to satisfy theirneeds. The more relevant their query is, the better results they get.When buying keywords on Google, if your keywords match the intent of the buyer, your click rates will be better, and you will get more qualified inquiries to your firm.

Ad:LinkedIn: A compelling profile headline, telling people whatyou do with relevant keywords that prospects use to find people like you will get you more clicks to your profile, and more connectionacceptances.Paid Lead Generation: If you have a compelling valueproposition, and a strong call-to-action, your ad will generate moreclicks, and you’ll receive increased conversions.

Click:LinkedIn: As prospects click to your profile, they are scanning your summary, background, and other profile information to make adetermination whether to become a connection. Your profile needed to bewritten like a landing page, designed for convincing and converting. As a social seller, this is the first impression of you and your firm,before they visit websites. Prove that you are a valuable connection to a prospect.Paid Lead Generation. Prospects click to landing pages designed for lead capture. Offers, benefits, and proof points must be easilyunderstood. A properly designed and well-written landing page can makeall the difference in the world in email capture conversion rate. Don’tlose the audience; convince them instead- reassure them.

Convert:LinkedIn: If you reach out to enough prospects with a tailoredand non-threatening connection request, your LinkedIn connectionconversion rate will increase. If your follow up messaging is helpful,and even if you include a compelling offer with proof points in yourmessaging, your message-to-lead conversion will increase. And, don’t beafraid to offer something free on your profile page.Paid Lead Generation: A problem solving content asset, a freeoffer, or whatever you have that is so valuable that a prospect willindeed be curious enough to offer an email address, is what will capture conversions on your landing pages. Testing is important here.


With both LinkedIn and paid search, the objectives are eerilysimilar, even though the mediums work so differently. Our goal with anymarketing or social selling endeavor:
• Convince • Convert • Then Close
Think of conversions when you engage on LinkedIn; that’s a key metricwhen identifying your results with social media lead generation. Agree?

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