9 Effective Tips to become a successful blogger

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When we say “Effective blogging” it simply means having good traffic to your blog and good content is what drives visitors to your website, also effective blogging is how your visitors respond to yourwriting and the comments on your blog post also play important role onyour blog.

Effective Tips to become a successful blogger

A successful blogger have good relationship with their readers by constantly providing them with quality content.
(“Constant” her, does not mean writing every day, but rather providing solutions to your visitor problems).
Today am going to show you the 9 Effective Tips to become a successful blogger.

A Catchy Blog Title:

I have recently talked about the important of having eye-catchy headlineor title. From your title, your visitors can quickly detect withoutreading further what to expect, so ensure that your title is short andhave some commercial message to attract your visitor to read the fullarticle.
Apart from making your title short, you must make itattractive and eye-catchy as this will play a very important role on the amount of traffic it will get.
Assuming you are ranking for this keyword ‘how to make money from homeand you are the first, if your title is not catchy enough, your potentialvisitors will skip through to open other websites below yours! So keepthis in mind when writing your new post.

Updating your Blog Regularly:

By updating your blog regularly, your visitors will know for sure that you are there to answer their queries and not only that, you will attractsearch engine bots to crawl your site always.
But it is muchbetter to update your blog with quality content once in a while, ratherthan updating it with trash twice daily. You may get noticed, but youwill not have loyal readers who are going to come back for more.

Maintain consistency:

If you have quality content, you will always have people would like tolearn more about you which is a good start for any Beginner to become apro-blogger.
Watch what you post on your blog and do not become ‘a jack of all trade’ blogger, if you have a blog on ‘wine’ then forcrying out loud, focus on that until you become an authority there,don’t jump from writing about wine and mule over to write about financeand tech and health etc.

Activate Comments on your blog

When you activate comment on your blog, your visitors will likely dropcomment when they need more information or just to show their thanks for your article, and comments on your blog means it is lively and youreally are making impart in your area of blogging.
If youdeactivate comment, users will find it out to ask questions that may bebulging them, hence, if your blog post is not clear enough, they willmostly close the tap and return back to google search for others.
We know comment is good for a blog, it is also advisable that you moderate your comments before approving them, a lot of spam-bots are going toflood your blog with spam comments that don’t contribute to the topicdiscussed. You can use wordpress plugin to fight comment spam.

The power of Social Media

If you are not already using social media to promote your blog, then youneed to start from today as social media can be used to get massivetargeted traffic!
Social Media can make your blog to be popular.Creating social media accounts are free, if you are busy to maintainyour social media profiles, you can hire a virtual assistance (VA) forthat purpose.

Don’t overuse Keywords

Yeah, we know you want to rank for that killer keyword, but new bloggers take this too far by trying to rank for multiple keywords in a single post!This is a wrong practice and if you are using this ‘trick’ before now,then it is time to have a re-think.
I know of bloggers who write1500+ words article for their post and they are only targeting a singlekeywords! Optimize your blog post and if you will not only rank for thekeyword you are targeting but also rank for multiple long tail keywords.

Blogging with joy

I don’t know if ‘blogging with joy’ makes sense to you. But let meexplain this to you a bit. If you do not love blogging, you will give up after a few failures, it has been known that over 95% ( if not more )of people who are trying to make money online give up.
The reasonis that they like it, but are only interested in the money one can makefrom blogging. It took me 2+ years before I start earning significantmoney from my internet business, if don’t love what I was doing, I would have given up before hitting the big $$$ which you can see in mymonthly income reports.

Add image to your content

Make your blog looks pretty neat and clean to visitors, it is advisable that you add images to make your blog post virtually bright, this will makeyour visitors to feel pleasant while reading or visiting your blog.

Now Wait for the success

This is almost similar to ‘blogging with joy’ above. Patience is oneimportant thing a blogger should have because a lot of beginners losefocus when they are not getting traffic to their website. There is noshortcut in getting traffic to your blog.
The fact is it requires a lot of hard work which takes many weeks or months. If you don’t want to invest any money on your Internet Business, then you must learn how tobe patience while working on driving to your blog.
On the other hand, if you have some start-up cash, then you can order for SEO services that will help fasten your blog ranking.
But there is one thing you should keep at the back of your mind- no matterhow long it may take, if you keep working on your site, if you keepbelieving in yourself that you will hit that jackpot, then it is only amatter of time before you reach your goal.
If you enjoy thisarticle, then share it with your friends. If you have any question, youcan use the contact us form to get in touch with me. The next time youwill be reading this post, I believe you would have become a pro blogger and a successful blogger!

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