What are best plugins for wordpress blog?

WordPress Plugins 

There are so many WordPress plugins outthere that it’s easy to end up getting “plugin-happy”, so make sureeverything you add to your site makes your site better and increasesvisibility and ease of use. That being said, here are some of myfavorites:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – A huge list of helpful features come with this. See previews of yourrich snippets in the search results. Use page analysis to check for allthe little things you might forget, like subheadings, image altattributes, etc. Write meta titles and descriptions. Optimize youron-site links. Automatically deindex excess pagination (if you want).Setup automatically updated XML sitemaps, so you get indexed rapidly.Optimize your RSS feeds so that scrapers link back to your site. Setupbreadcrumbs. And there’s still more. This is a serious tool.
  • SEO Rank Reporter – This does pretty much exactly what it says. Track your rankings forkeywords you choose, refreshed every three days, and graph the results.Compare your changes with the changes of your competitors. You can alsoset up alerts to warn you when your rankings change by a factor that you designate. You can export the results to CSV. You can also view a listof the keywords that are already driving traffic.
  • Disqus Comment System – Disqus does all kinds of great things for online discussion. Itaggregates social mentions and posts them as “reactions.” It allowsthreaded comments. It blocks spam. It ensures that all of your commentsare indexed. It offers subscription and RSS options. It’s connected tothe Disqus community, offering the potential for increased exposure.Almost certainly the best free comment system available.
  • Sharexy – You pretty much need social sharing buttons, and there’s no shortage of plugins thataccomplish this for you, but this one seems to have the perfectcombination of options, customizability, and aesthetics. You can choosefrom several different button styles, choose a floating toolbar, choosewhere to place the buttons, change the size of the buttons, and arrangeand choose networks as you see fit.
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Uses a native algorithm to find related posts on your site andrecommend them at the bottom of your post. It supports thumbnail imagesand offers an advanced template system to control how it looks. You canalso use it to add related posts to your RSS feed. This is great forboosting your visitors’ time on site.
  • Google Site Verification Plugin – Easily verify your site with Google webmaster tools and get this over with.
  • Author hReview – Get rating stars in your Google listing with schema markup without all the technicalities.
  • SEO Smart Links – This plugin automatically searches for keywords and transforms theminto links so that Google can easily identify which page on your site is most important for that keyword. Don’t rely too heavily on this, oryour site will appear excessively optimized.
  • Redirection – Easily redirect pages. This is incredibly useful if you are migrating from one site to another, and very useful if you have any broken orout-of-date pages.
  • Broken Link Checker – Find and update your broken links.
  • WP No Category Base – This plugin cleans up your blog post permalinks so that the mandatory “Catagory Base” is removed. This eliminates needless and illogical URLstructure from your site.
  • SEO Friendly Images – This plugin automatically updates your images with the correct ALTand TITLE attributes so that the search engines can more accuratelydetermine what the image is about.
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