Why Pinterest Is So Essential To Woman’s Success?

From her laid-back, effortless style to a fresh, ahead-of-the-trend beauty aesthetic, Lauren Conrad is a girl after our own heart. So, each week, the born-and-bred California girl and editor-in-chief of LaurenConrad.com will share with us her insider secrets and personal musings. Plus, check out her visually stunning guest pinning here!

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Today, we’re catching up with our good friend and #girlboss, Hannah of The Little Market. When it came time for us to ask her anything, we really wanted to knowwhat a day in her life looked like. So she told us…and it’s prettyinteresting. Take a peek at the timeline below to see a day in the lifeof one of Lauren’s best friends and business partners, Hannah Skvarla.

6 a.m.
Since having my baby, I am up at 6 a.m. every morning. I feed my dogs whilemy husband, Ryan, makes us vanilla lattes. Then I read and respond toemails until my daughter, Liora, wakes up. I try to get in as much timeas possible with her until I leave for my morning workout.

7 a.m.

We make avocado toast with an egg for breakfast almost every morning. It’s absolutelydelicious and it takes less than 5 minutes. Our toast gets really fancywhen we get fresh eggs from Lauren’s mom’s chickens. Yum.

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8 a.m.
I try to get a workout in before I begin working. I like to mix it upwith spin classes, Pilates, running, and hiking. I usually try torecruit a friend to make the workout more fun! When our schedules allow, Lauren and I get together to hike and go over plans for The LittleMarket.

9 a.m.
I get home from my workoutaround 9 so I can start working. I find that I am most productive (andleast distracted) when I work out of my home office. To start work, Ilight one of our Little Market candles (the tropical scents are my new favorites) and put on a playlist byJilly Hendrix. I get back to emails and review my to-do list so I cancome up with a plan for the day.

10 a.m.
Caitlin, The Little Market’s director of operations, has a newborn baby girl, so she has been working from home since she became a new mama. When wecan’t work from the same place, we work together over the phone. I think it’s really important to be constantly touching base with yourcolleagues when you work remotely, even if it’s over the phone or Gchat.

11 a.m.
Most days, I have some type of call before and/or after lunch. My favoritecalls are video calls with potential or existing artisan partners. Ilove learning more about the amazing artisans we work with. It’s so much nicer to communicate with our artisan partners by video than by email.

12 p.m.
I like to schedule lunch meetings whenever possible. Because I work fromhome, it’s really nice to get out of the house. I think spending time in person is really important, so I make an effort to meet up with peoplewhen I can. I highly recommend this for any other work-from-home girlsout there! We started The Little Market because we believe women shouldsupport each other. I love to meet with other women to learn about their work and find ways to collaborate.

2 p.m.Most days, I spend a few hours working on product development. Right now,we’re working on designs for new bracelets and woven bags from Guatemala. I love the collaborative process of designing new products with ourartisan partners! We are constantly impressed by how talented andhardworking these women are.

4 p.m.We take photos of our products every week, so I spend time editing,shooting, and planning photos every day. Getting all of the elementstogether to take a beautiful photo requires a lot of planning!

6 p.m.
I love to eat dinner around 6. Ryan cooks while I spend time with ourdaughter until she falls asleep. I really enjoy our nights at home as afamily. Most nights, I end up back on my computer after dinner. Iusually send off a few more emails before heading over to Pinterest. I love scrolling through Pinterest to find inspiration for traveling, recipes, and products for The Little Market.

9 p.m.
I get in bed with Ryan and our dogs around 9. We like to talk or watch documentaries on Netflix until we fall asleep.

Pretty interesting, right? Hannah told us that mapping out a “typical” day for her was harder than she expected — when you work for yourself, everyday is different.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

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