The Power of Building a List in Twitter and Following Thousands

Part of marketing my new product, isreaching out to potential channel partners (companies that have adatabase of my target market) to secure a mutually beneficial deal where they market my course to their audience, and receive a percent of sales when their database signs up.

To gather a list of potential channel partners, I used Twitter lists. Why? Because it’s easy to use, time efficient and I can keep an eye onwhat my potential channel partners are saying on Twitter.

A Twitter list is a group of users. The list is curated so that you can listen to acertain group of Twitter users, without having to go through your mainTwitter stream. I have a number of lists (some of which are public, andsome that are private) and I will turn to a specific group of contactsfor a certain reason.

One of the biggest reason whybuilding a list in Twitter is powerful is because you can cut out thenoise, and focus on the information I need at that time. If I need agreat article to share with my audience, I will go to my influentialbloggers, if I want to share information that a friend or employee hasbeen posting, I will go to my focused list based on this.
There are so many lists you cancreate. You could create hashtag lists, client lists, employee lists,personal lists, influencer lists, news lists, journalist lists and much, much more. It doesn’t cost anything to create a list so why not savetime, and be intelligent with the people in your community.
Here are 3 ways you can use the power of Twitter lists for your business;

  1. Journalist/News Directory

If, like me, your share educationalcontent about your industry, consider creating a list full ofjournalists and news outlets that share specific information that youknow your audience will love.

  1. Event/Trade Show Directory

For me, it is important that I knowabout the latest events and trade shows that are happening not just inthe UK, but worldwide. If they have a seminar program, chances are Iwill be a good fit for their audience as social media and digitalmarketing is a hot topic.

  1. Recommended Accounts for your community to follow

Creating a list of accounts for yourcommunity to follow is a great way to build trust. If you are suggesting great Twitter accounts, chances are you will receive the same inreturn.
Use Twitter lists to help yourbusiness grow online. It is one of the best social media features thatis still not being utilized.

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