Yahoo Search Engine Optimization – How to use Yahoo for SEO

SEO is the Queen of blogging. This is the thing every blogger needs to get quality traffic.  But don’t forget Content is the king of your blog. If you don’t have enough traffic, then publicly blogging will valueless.

Out of the three most popular search engines namely Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, it is Yahoo! that stands at the second position and has really largenumber of websites connected to it. The SEO for Yahoo! is as importantas for Google and Bing.

Here are certain things that need your consideration while you optimize your site for Yahoo!

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is one of the most important factors for SEO. One must always remember that there can’t be a specific keyword density as it is always different for different types of websites and again the criteria keeps changing from time to time. So it is important toconduct a thorough research before actually deciding the keyword density for your site.  Analyze your competitors using some specific tools, itproves helpful in deciding. Again, different sites go with differentrange of keyword density. Some have very low, others prefer really high, and some go with medium density. One should try being in the last group i.e. with medium density.

Structure of your Site

Site structure is again very crucial for SEO and interestingly, its importance is more in the case of Yahoo!compared to Google and Bing. Even a slight change in your site structure does a lot of work when it comes to Yahoo! whereas it doesn’t work that much in the case of Google and Bing.
Again, the structure of your site is important for deciding how yoursite will be seen by the search engines and also which content on yourpage will get more value and which won’t. This is why it is advised toplace the important content higher in your page code as it is givenhigher value than the content placed down in the code.


Backlinks are as important in the optimization of your site for Yahoo! as for Google and Bing. Yahoo! calculates the backlinks in a way much similar to Google’s. Few things that you need to considerwhile getting backlinks to your site are:-

How the quality of the site is

Yahoo! works like Google while deciding the quality of the site from where the link is coming. So check out whether the site from where youare getting the backlinks is related to your site, ranks well on Yahoo!, and is trust worthy. The domain should be more than 3 year old and should have good number ofnon-reciprocal links.

Where the link is positioned – links should be positioned higher on the webpage as the links placed at the bottomor almost near the bottom are not considered much valuable. Again, ifyour link is placed with other links on a page, effectiveness of thelink on your page decreases compared to the number of links that arepresent on the linking page.

Anchor Text – It is the clickable part ofthe link. Thus, one should always choose such keywords for the anchortext that is related to your site or page. Again the anchor text thatappears in the middle of the content is given greater importance by thesearch engine than the ones placed in directory type format placed withsome description.

Non-reciprocal links – Though it is notable that Yahoo still values reciprocal links, yet it is essential to placenon-reciprocal and one way links to empower the reciprocal links on your page.

Aging of the Site

New sites do need a lot of time to make their presence felt. ButYahoo! doesn’t have as harsh a process like Google’s “Sandbox”. Yahoo!has its own way of delaying the aging of new sites. It takes a lot oftime in getting a new site ranked well for competitive keyword andphrases; however, Yahoo doesn’t deal with the new site in that severe amanner as Google does, hence you can get ranking for secondary, andtertiary and entirely new phrases well.

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