How to Create a Free Logo for Your Blog in Seconds

Starting a new website or blog is one of the most exciting times foran entrepreneur or anyone looking to create something online. Inaddition to getting your own domain and site, you will also have theopportunity to start creating exciting features for your site as well —such as your own company or brand logo.

While creating a logo for your site might seem like a fun task, manynew bloggers and site owners simply don’t know where to start. There are many options when it comes to creating your own logo, such as outsourcing and using design editing software, for many this is either too costly or time consuming.

The good news is that there are cheaper and easier ways to create alogo for your site, which is exactly what I’m going to be showing you in this article.

The tool we are going to be focusing on is and unlike many other logo design sites out there, this one is 100% free.

How to Create a Logo Design in Seconds

No matter what you are trying to accomplish online, too many websites and software applications make the process tedious and confusing. Whenit comes to using to create a logo, it’s prettysimple.

To get started with the process, all you need to do is visit their site and click on the Start Online Logo Maker link. Once clicked, a new browser tab will open which will allow you to accesstheir logo design editor as seen in the screenshot below.


What I really like about Online Logo Maker is that there is nothingto download throughout the whole design process. You also won’t need toregister for anything until you are happy with your logo design andready for download.

You may have also noticed that the design interface is quite plainlooking, but also a bit complex with all of it’s different components.Once you’ve taken a few seconds to understand what each of these areasare, you’ll better understand all the tools and features offered theirtheir site, while appreciating the cleanliness of the editor.

I’ve laid out each of the design components for you below.

  • The Working Panel is your main workspace. From here you can customize all elements of your design, such as images, text, colors and sizing.
  • The Toolbar area is where you can add different objects, save your work and also download your completed logo design.
  • The Objects Panel is where you can see the manydifferent layers of your design, each in its own element. This allowsyou to sort, rename and delete any modifications you don’t feel arenecessary to your design.
  • The Properties Bar along the bottom of the editorwill allow you to make various changes to your logo design, such asobject positioning, adding shadows, sizing and rotation and alsochanging how your font looks.

Each of these toolbars and features have been put in place to makesure you have complete and total control over the look and feel of yoursite, while also making the site easy to use, for even the most noviesite owner and internet user.

Full Logo Design and Customization

Now it’s time to take a look at the different design customizations built within Online Logo Maker.
The first customization we can look at is the Text based settings,which are found within the “Objects” toolbox. For “text” you will referto the “A” symbol, while the “symbols” will be referenced by the “star” 

 logo objects

Should you want to add, remove or edit any of these areas, you canalso do so by clicking on any of the icons below (when using theeditor). You can also use the globe with the arrow icon to import images from your computer as well.

object symbols

It’s not just about knowing that you can add text or images to yourlogo, it’s also about what built-in features has tooffer as well. To highlight these features, I’ve listed a few detailsbelow.

  • Symbol – If you want to make your logo designs popand come to live, you will need to add some color and images to them.OLM currently has over 1,000 pre-installed symbols, images and iconsthat anyone can use to spruce up the look and feel of their logo designs — best of all, they have a wide range of categories and niche marketsto choose from.
  • Text – Logo designs come in all shapes and sizes.Depending on your site template, you may need to mess around with thesizing of your text to make sure a new logo would fit correctly. Thiscan easily be done through OLD, as they have complete customization with different fonts to choose from and easy font resizing as well. Tocustomize the size, look and feel of any text areas that you add to your design, simply click on the icon found in the Properties Bar.
  • Image – Even with all of the symbol and textcustomizations in place, you might still have an image or logo designthat you would like to base your new logo around. This can easily bedone by importing any images right from your computer, then editing them and the content around them from within the dashboard editor.

The “symbols” feature is one of the most powerful areas within Online Logo Maket because of the vast amount of images they offer for use.Whether you have a site that is focused on animals, finance, travel,real estate or anything else, you will be sure to find a wide range ofimages for immediate use.


If you have any experience working with other online logo creationsites, you will already be aware that most will let you design your logo with complete customization, but will then require you to pay a fee todownload your image. Not only is this not cool, it’s also a big waste of your time.

To prove the concept and process over at, I spent a few minutes to create an original logo design of my own (which youcan see below). Best of all, it was 100% free to create and also todownload.


Through the use of a site like, there is no longer an excuse for each of your sites to not have a logodesign. It’s completely free to use and easiest enough for a kid to use, so why not go create a logo design from their site today?

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