How to Use Hashtags on Google+

Hashtag: Hashtag is a word or phrase followed by hash symbol(#). Socialnetworking sites like Facebook, Twitter are allowing hashtags. Google +also providing hashtags feature. You can categorize your posts onGoogle+ using hashtags.

How to use hashtags :
After writing post on your Google+ account, add hashtags to your post content. Also don’t post full blog content, just write smalldescription about your post or post title and then add hashtag.
Ex: Lean how to use hashtags on your Google+ #Blogging.

Here #Blogging is a hashtag. Like this you can usehashtags on Google+. Include hashtags in all your posts in Google+. Youcan also use two or three keywords in hashtags like #Blogging tips. Just use the keywords in hash tags related to your content. Afteradding hashtag to your post, it will turn into blue color and works as a hyperlink.

Just click on hashtag on your Google+ post to see how it works. You can see other posts similar to your hashtagged post.

Hashtags those appearing in grey color are those used by the authorof the post and while blue color hashtags are added by Google based onthe post content.

You can include more hashtags in your post if you want. Try toinclude that are relevant to your topic. First three hashtags willappear at top of the post.

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