6 Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills


Nowadays, the trend amongst learners seems to be to focus primarily on communicative skills. This is certainly an effective way to improve quickly, however, it isimportant to remember that the other key skills (reading, listening andwriting) should not be neglected as a result, they are all interlinkedand do affect each other significantly. Try to keep a reasonable balance between how much time you dedicate to each key skill. In this blogpost, we will look at ways to improve your written communication.

The more you write and read English correspondence, the easier youwill find recognizing the language. Not to mention the fact that written English is one of the main tools of workplace communication (emails or text chats), sometimes even if you’re sitting next to theperson you want to communicate with (generally so there is writtenconfirmation of the discussion). If you are looking for formal andinformal email phrases you can start using right away.
So, what can you do to improve your English writing skills?

1. It may be obvious, but don’t forget to take notes during classes and do all your homework! Some people may not find it necessary to write down what their teacher says, but a lack of attention can result in lack of improvement. It can bequite demanding to study a new language whilst juggling all otherday-to-day activities in life, and as such requires a lot of effort. So, to make it easier on yourself, be organized with your learning. Takenotes to help you remember things after a busy day, do your homework and get closer to your English fluency goal.

2. Write in your own words! Read something thatinterests you (about a topic that you are already familiar with) and try to write it again in your own words. This is also known as‘paraphrasing’ and can help you to solidify your understanding of whatyou read, by expressing it in your own way. You will undoubtedly usesynonyms, so it may be worth investing in a thesaurus!

3. Exchange correspondence with your friends in English. Reading and writing in English has and always will be an effective way ofimproving these skills. The more you do, the more you learn, andtherefore, the better you get!

4. Search interactive websites that provide online practice and correction! Here are some examples to get you started: QuizletUsingEnglishCardKiwi or Grammar Check.
5. Utilize social media! There are a great number of online platforms where you can share, chat and comment – all in English!

How to Learn English in a new way!

6. Improve your English writing skills by blogging. Share your learning experiences with others and tell people how you’reimproving and what you’re doing to get there. Don’t see this asboasting; it should be used purely to record your progress, give tipsthat worked well for you to other learners, and most of all, practiceyour writing skills!

Please feel free to share any writing exercises that you enjoy, in the comments box below. When do you use written English?

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