99 Ways To Get Rich At Home

Start a business at home for $500 or less! Yes, you can get rich at home.

If you find a business to start that you really love, you will never“work” another day in your life. In searching for the right business tostart, make sure you choose something that you love to do. There areprobably business ideas that will occur to you that would do well inyour community, but if you don’t love that particular type of business,skip that idea and keep thinking. Find something you love to do and then figure out how to get paid to do it. In researching the type ofbusiness you’d love to start, make a series of lists of what you’reinterested in and see what you’re good at. 

Are there commondenominators? Do you like sports, pets, fixing things? What types ofbusinesses could you start that relate to your interests. An individualwho loves parties and music might want to consider starting a mobile DJservice. Check out zoning rules in your community via the local countryclerk’s office or town hall. Conduct your own “due diligence” researchto see if the business would work for you in your region of the U.S.Yes, you can get rich at home! You can get rich at home working fromyour kitchen table, garage, attic or spare room. Here are 100 businesses to consider now:

Get Rich At Home

1. CLOSET RENOVATION: You can make anywhere from $100 to$1,500 remodeling closets. You’ll have to brush up on some of the neworganizer systems that are available, and if you have a knack forinstalling things, you’ll be good at fixing up closets and giving people more of what everyone wants: more closet space. You don’t have to be adesign genius to be good at this very practical business.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICE: You help individuals set up accounts at myspace, facebook, twitter, etc., and you maintain them.

3. CART VENDING: If you live in a busy area—near a bunch ofoutlets, for example—build a small cart and start selling. Selllemonade, fruit salad, cookies, sunglasses, suntan lotion, but startselling. If you live en route to a busy beach, sell your goods todrivers sitting in traffic. Sell vegetables from the roadside. Sell skiwax. This is a four-season business. Pick and choose the items that youwill sell for each season. Buy them wholesale. You are in business.

4. HORSE BOARDING: Some areas across the United States areknown as “horse country.” If you live in or near a region thatqualifies, you might consider building a stable on your property andrenting it out to people who own horses but who don’t have anywhere tokeep them. Once again, call your insurance company and inquire about the possibility of beefing up your liability coverage. You wouldn’t wantone of your boarders to stumble in the stable at any rate, butparticularly not if you don’t the proper coverage.

5. TOOL RENTAL: Do you have a basement full of tools that youare not using all the time? If you do, why not start a business rentingthem to people who need them for a limited time and limited use?  Useyour old tools to get rich at home. Do you really need that sanderhanging around all day next to your dusty wet saw? How about thatdry/wet vacuum? Or that giant wheelbarrow used only once to mixconcrete?

6. GARAGE CLEANING: Just about every garage in the UnitedStates could use a cleaning. Some need a complete overhaul. You canoffer this service to homeowners in your community and by the time youget all the garages cleaned and straightened up, it will be time tostart all over again. You can offer additional services, too, like stain removal, painting, building shelves, etc.

7. PET PHOTOGRAPHER: If you like animals and enjoy takingpictures, consider starting a business in which you photograph people’spets. Ask local pet shops if you can display a flier offering yourservice. If you own a pet, drop by your vet’s office and ask if you canhang a flier there, too. If you have patience and a knack in handlinganimals, this could be a great business for you.

8. ASSEMBLY SERVICE: Along the same track as business number21, but this one has you assembling items such as bookshelves, armoires, dressers and just about anything else that people buy from stores thatneeds to be assembled. Most people are too frustrated to readdirections. This is where you come in and offer your services. If youhave the patience, you can do it. You can also pick the items up andassemble them at home, and then deliver them to your clients. This wayyou can do it on your own turf and listen to the music you like whileyou assemble the goods. If you have a knack for assembly, get rich athome.

9. TEACH YOUR CRAFT: Do you engage in a hobby or craft thatpeople have told you they would love to learn? Then why don’t you startoffering classes or lessons in this hobby craft? Do you make quilts, dostained glass or build small sailboats? There is probably a market toteach this service in your community. If you don’t want to teach athome, call your local high school. You might be able to teach this class at a local high school adult education class, too.

10. NEWSLETTER: You don’t have to be a genius or even a greatwriter to start your own newsletter. To newsletter readers, it is muchmore important to digest the information that’s in the newsletter rather than analyze the writing style. For example, choose something you’reinterested in, as you’ll have more fun this way, and uncover betterinformation for your subscribers. Say you like scuba diving, but thereare already too many magazines and other newsletters that focus
on scuba. What if you narrow

your focus to Weekend Scuba Divers—those that don’t have the time totake long vacations once a year, but who want to go every weekend. Ifyou’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, there are probably a few places onecould fly to in a weekend and go scuba diving. Okay, maybe scuba isn’tfor you. What about astronomy? Car detailing? Start a newsletterfocusing on something you love, something you are obsessed with and youwill enjoy your business every day. You can start out by purchasing amailing list and sending a sample of your newsletter to everyone on thelist, or you can prepare a direct mail letter. Subscriptions tonewsletters cost anywhere from $20 to $350 a year.

11. RESIDENTIAL CLEANING: It is not uncommon to hear thatpeople start this business and make $60,000 in six months. They thenstart farming out the cleaning jobs to employees and sit back and justbook the jobs. You can do it, too. Pick up a batch of cleaning supplies, place an ad and get ready to make money. You can charge $50 to clean aone-bedroom apartment and up to $150 for a house. What will your marketbear? Remember, you are not doing the windows and other tasks that areonly done occasionally. Your clients can hire you back and pay youadditional fees to do those jobs. You are straightening up, washing thefloors and doing the dishes. Place an ad and watch your business grow.Word of mouth is an excellent way to build this business.

12. WELCOME SERVICE: Is your area booming with new homeowners? Consider a welcoming service. You make your money from all of the local merchants who pay you to include them in your “get to know theneighborhood” package. You drop in or make appointments with newneighbors and tell them where the local video rental store is, whetheror not the local deli delivers, where the best pizza place is, and howlate the bank stays open on a Friday night. The merchants often give you coupons to present to these newcomers to help generate business. Toround out all of this commercialism, you can also give the new neighbors tips on where the bus routes are, how late the library stays open, anddirections to the post office.

13. VINTAGE CLOTHING STORE: You can set up a vintage clothingstore in your backyard or attic. Check with the local zoning board andmake sure this is all right in your neighborhood. Some towns requirethat you get a permit to do this occasionally. Hang the goods—they canbe yours, you could have bought them, or they could belong to friendsand neighbors—on a few garment racks. Host nostalgic weekends such asReturn To The Seventies and display all your polyester pants, tightlyknitted sweaters, and platform shoes.

14. DOCUMENT SPECIAL EVENTS: Do you enjoy making videos ofspecial gatherings for your family and friends? Why not get paid for it? Take your video camera and start a business recording special eventsaround town for your neighbors and business associates. Your jobs couldrange from a corporate retirement dinner, a school picnic, a wedding, aspecial town club event, a marathon, a local bands’ gig—you name it. You might need to pick up a tripod or some special light to start thisbusiness, so save the receipts. These supplies are tax deductible.

15. BICYCLE REPAIR: You can turn your love of bicycling into a moneymaking enterprise by advertising that you repair bikes. This typeof business can translate into any hobby or love. If you ski, you canoffer to wax and repair skis, you can refurbish rollerblades, fix orshape surfboards, etc. Take a look at your hobbies and see if there isone with similar marketable potential.

16. AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE: When people buy tropical fish andput the fish in that gleaming fish tank with the special lighting andthat cute little plastic skin diver, it really does look great. But whowants to maintain the beauty of the tank on a regular basis. This iswhere tropical fish maintenance entrepreneurs come in handy. There arefish that can be selected for a tank that require little care andtenderness. You can learn these breeds and select them for your clients. Of course, we don’t advocate this business unless you are reallyconcerned about the little fish. You’ll need to drop by once or twice aweek, clean out the tank and feed the fish. If you maintain the tanksin, say, doctor’s offices, you’ll have steady customers. There are veryfew doctors or nurses who want to take on the additionalresponsibilities of managing the fish!

17. DJ: Do you love music and parties and people? Try starting your own disc jockey service. You’ll need a good sound system andperhaps some lights to get the ball rolling. Look into a karaoke systemso the partygoers can get up and sing. Try and tie in with a localcatering company so that they can turn you on to jobs. Don’t forgetlocal parties and local events, too.

18. SPECIAL INVITATIONS: Call-igraphy is still used forspecial invitations and corporate events. It is available in softwareform for personal computers, but many prefer to hire a calligrapher that can do the job by hand. Research other special options such as usingdried flowers, etc. Drop into a local art or crafts store and researchthe possibilities.

19. PARTIES FOR KIDS: You can start a business planningparties for children. You can buy all the party fair and drop it off, or you can also provide the cake, the entertainment and even be on hand to supervise these events. You’ll need good resources for the cake,entertainment and party goods. Advertise in local papers and at localclubs that cater to moms.

20. POOL CLEANING: Do you live in an area with a lot ofswimming pools? You could start a pool cleaning and maintenance service. Pool cleaners drop by once a week to vacuum the pool and distribute the chlorine. They charge about $40 for this service. There are plenty ofmotels and hotels who need this service performed, too. Most pool owners have a lot of the equipment (vacuum and nets to skim the surface) soyou really don’t need to cart around a lot of equipment. You can grabclients from other pool cleaners by doing a better job for a littleless—or offer to do the first job at a drastic discount.

21. LAWN SERVICE: Cutting lawns is something that everyhomeowner must do. You can start a business offering this service. Ifthere is lot of competition in your region, offer a discounted price for new customers.

22. HOT TUB MAINTENANCE: Hot tubs are still a big item whenpeople build a new home. It takes less than 15 minutes a week tomaintain a hot tub. You can start a business offering this service. Itcould be a great add on to a pool cleaning business. If you have a hottub already, you know what to do. Drop into a local hot tub shop orpurchase a book on hot-tub maintenance and get ready to distribute aflier to get your client list ready.

23. STEPPING STONES: If you can make concrete stepping-stonesfrom a simple mold, you can start a lucrative business making gardenpaths for your clients. You can dye the concrete to have a wide varietyof color offerings, too. Mix in some decorative stones or pebbles andyou are really on to something. You can practice in your own backyardand even sell the stones you create to help build your business.

24. DECK BUILDING: If you are handy with carpentry, thenstarting a deck building specialty business could be the right one foryou. Specialize in just a few styles and build some for your friends.(Let them supply the materials.) Use these “models” for your photobrochure or deck album. This will be your selling tool to generatebusiness. Charge for materials and labor. Local deck builders in theNortheast charge anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour to build a deck.

25. ORGANIZING KITCHENS: You take on this task that apartment dwellers and homeowners don’t want to face.

26. FLOWERS TO GO: If you live on a street on which harriedexecutives travel on their way home, consider growing flowers andselling them right from your front yard. It’s an easy-start business and once you reel in a few customers it will attract more and more. Youshould have some attractive wrap handy to wrap up the flowers, too. Atsome point you might consider branching out and selling potted plantsand vases.

27. FAMILY TREES: Do you enjoy history? Do you like to doresearch? Then you can start a business tracing family histories?Advertise your service in a local newspaper or even in a regionalmagazine. There are software programs on the market that can help youtrace family histories by plugging in a few items. You interview yourclient, get the answers to the right questions, and generate a fortunewith your home computer.

28. BIRDHOUSE BUILDING: If you can build birdhouses, startturning them out and sell them at local fairs and flea markets. Makesure you investigate what types of birds like what types of houses. Some birds prefer a small entry hole for their doorway, and others like alarger one. Some don’t like certain colors, etc.

29. FLEA MARKET ENTREPRE-NEUR: Do you have goods to sell? Then you can become a flea market entrepreneur. You’ll need to researchlocations in your region where you can set up shop and sell your wares.Some flea market entrepreneurs empty their homes and attics or get their products from neighbors and friends.

30. FURNITURE REFINISHING: Even if you’ve never done this before, there are scores of books out now on the topic and
dozens of magazines that teach one how to refinish furniture. You canoffer this as a service and do it at your place or theirs. You makeanywhere from $20 to $75 per house, depending on your location.

31. BEDS FOR PETS: If you are handy and can build, you can create fun beds for pets that resemble couches, carriages and even sports cars.

32. SERVICES FOR SENIORS: There are plenty of senior citizensout there who could use some help in getting chores done, answeringmail, helping out with seasonal duties around the house and much, muchmore. You can start a senior service business where you help them do all of these things. Post notices around town and ask the local newspaperif they would consider putting your flier in every paper. You might have to pay a little for this type of distribution, but you will be reaching senior citizens as well as the sons and daughters of many seniors whocould use a break from all the work they take on for their agingparents.

33. COLLECTIBLES DEALER: Do you love old things and lovecollecting? Old toys, Barbie dolls, Mickey Mouse watches, snowglobes,lunch boxes are all valued collectible items and dealers will pay a tidy sum to have these goods in their collections. We recently saw an ad for Ty Beanie Babies. Collectors looking for the one or two they don’t have will pay a fortune to complete their set. Not all collectibles,therefore, are old. Another example is the Swatch watch.

34. DRIED FLOWER WREATHS: You can gather dried flowers fromyour own garden and make your own wreaths from dried flowers, herbs, and ornamental grasses, hollies and pines. These could be sold at craftsfairs, flea markets or via mail order. You can also customize thewreaths to meet special needs: a wreath for a gardener could come with a pair of gardening gloves attached; a wreath for a golfer could comewith golf balls or tees; and a wreath during the Christmas season couldcome with an ornament.

35. MEDITATION GARDENS: Create a calming space in your ownbackyard, such as a fountain or other water feature, bench, flowers,etc. Photograph it and use it to get gigs in your neighborhood andbeyond.

36. BUY A PRODUCT WHOLESALE & SELL IT: There are thousands of possibilities online. Find something you love, like a yo-yo or agadget and start selling at fairs, mail order, etc.

37. HOME INVENTORY BIZ: The horrible storms and tornadoes have taught homeowners the importance of keeping a good inventory log of all possessions. This audit is necessary in case of fire, storm, mudslides, robbery, etc. Insurance companies want to see documentation before they start writing their checks to help homeowners recover from tragiclosses. You can do this by hand, or with the help of a laptop computer.Purchase a Polaroid camera or use another type of camera or even a video camera. You record everything your clients own and organize it into awritten and photo/video report.

38. COMPUTER TUTOR: If you have a knack for working on yourcomputer, then you might want to start a business that enables you toearn money while helping folks learn how to operate a computer. Take out a few ads in local newspapers or distribute fliers on bulletin boardsaround town. Don’t forget schools and local corporations. Charge by thehour or group students together and offer a group rate.

39. HOME DELIVERY SERVICE: Home delivery is predicted to beone of the hottest business opportunities of this decade and beyond.People are lazy and pressed for time. The population is getting olderand more consumers want stuff delivered right to their doorstep. We’rereferring to prescriptions, grocery goods, hardware, lumberyard, etc.You’ll need to tie-in with stores and shops in your region that don’tdeliver.

40. COMPUTER BIZ WIZ: If you are great with a computer,consider starting a business in which you help small business owners and residential customers set up computers and perform tasks. You couldcompile mailing lists for them, set up their bookkeeping and accountingsystems and help homeowners install software systems for their kids. You can also work on special projects for your clients, too. It might seemsimple to you, but you could make money for your talent, skill andknow-how.

41. PERENNIAL GARDENS: If you have a flair for gardening andif you are good at design, start a perennial garden business. You visitthe home of your clients and design a perennial border for them. Youpurchase the plants—or transplant them from your own divided perennialgarden—and actually dig and plant the garden. There are many designbooks available that can help you get started, but if you are already agardener, this could be the greatest small business you could considerstarting.

42. VIDEO TO DIGITAL SERVICE: Everyone has old VHS tapesaround. You take them and transfer to DVDs or store on a flash drive orcomputer. There are transfer machines available for around $200 or less.

43. PERSONAL SHOPPER: Do you like to go shopping? Just imagine how much fun it would be to get paid to do this! You can, as a personal shopper. Lots of busy executives and harried single parents don’t havethe time to shop for themselves or for others. Your service comes to the rescue. You select and choose and maybe even wrap the gifts for yourclients. When you start shopping around for clients, don’t forget tocall on local corporations for their business.

44. GARAGE SALE: It is possible to host a garage sale everyweekend. You don’t have to come up with all of the merchandise; you cansell things on consignment or buy up the contents of homes for sale andthen resell them at a profit. You’ll need to advertise your mega garagesale to generate a steady flow of customers. Try to come up with uniqueitems to display such as a horse from a carousel. These crowd grabberswill help attract people to your garage sale.

45. HOMETOWN GUIDE: If your hometown features some uniquehistorical monument or water mill or windmill, or if your town issteeped in history that others would find fascinating, then why don’tyou put together a tour and offer it as an option whenever tourists come to town. You can dress up like a character from that period to make the tour more accessible, amusing and fun for your clients. Contact thelocal chamber of commerce and ask them if you could give them the tour.

46. JEWELRY OF THE MONTH CLUB: Start a jewelry making business and offer a piece each month to your customers who sign up for a yearly subscription. Sell at flea markets, fairs, community centers andonline. Consider other “product of the month” businesses you can start.

47. WEED REMOVAL: That’s it. Just weeds, okay, and maybe somevines, too. You advertise in local papers, offer prices that are lowerthan landscapers and you take on clients. You don’t need much equipmentat all, just some weed digging tools and a pruner. You’ll need barrelsto cart away the weeds and vines and you must have a destination forthis compostable material.

48. ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS: You can use your home computer (along with the appropriate software) to prepare astrological charts for yourclients. They might want their charts done for their friends, too, ofcourse, and you can build a nice clientele via positive word of mouth.Advertise in the local newspaper and try and book yourself as a guest on a local cable TV show. Use the Internet to search for software to helpyou execute this business.

49. KIDPROOF HOMES: You can set up a business in which you gointo homes and conduct a troubleshooting session for parents who haveyoung kids and babies. Are the outlets exposed? Is there bleach underthe sink or other harmful chemicals within reach of the children? Could a child fall down a staircase or from a deck? These are the types ofsituations you’ll be looking to uncover as you help parents childprooftheir home from potential disaster. You’ll need to brush up on whatthings to look for, so talk to a lot of parents and find out what stepsthey’ve taken to make their homes a safe haven for their kids. You cangenerate additional income by offering to fix what’s wrong and toinstall special locks, clamps, etc., to safeguard children in theirhomes.

50. BALLOON DELIVERY SERVICE: Everyone loves balloons, andthey are gaining on flowers in terms of items to be delivered to home or to office. Balloons are festive and fun, and you don’t need to be anartist to learn how to arrange them. Blow them up or purchase a heliumtank. Take out an ad in your local paper and start buying balloons.

51. MEAL DELIVERY: You purchase sandwiches at a local deli and resell them at the roadside or at a busy intersection or in a corporate or industrial park. Some meal delivery businesses started out on ashoestring and have grown into franchised ventures with vans anduniforms and the works. You can also make arrangements with severallocal restaurants and deliver their dinners or lunches to corporationsor to individuals who are too busy to cook at night. You charge a 15%service charge on all items to make your profit.

52. FIREWOOD DELIVERY: A few years ago, we interviewed threefirewood delivery entrepreneurs who worked weekends only. They boughttheir wood a few counties away where it was cheap and tripled the priceto sell it locally. They made profits of up to 400% on a cord of wood in some locations. They sold to residential customers and to the owners of restaurants, inns, etc. While this is not a business that could be runall year in most areas of the country, it could produce quite a niceprofit during the winter months.

53. SPECIAL EFFECT DECORAT-ING: You don’t need to be a masterartist to learn the tricks of special-effects decorating. Look at thewide variety of stencil kits available on the marketplace today.Marbleizing is hot, too. Practice your skills and photograph theresults. Use this as a portfolio to get jobs. You can do the work ontheir premises or take it home to complete the work. Check outbookstores for information on these techniques and visit home centers to see what’s available for your small business.

54. CHILD CARE CENTER: You care for children during the daywhile their parents are at work or otherwise occupied. You can start adaycare center right in your own home. You’ll need to purchase smallchairs, a table, toys, games and outdoor play items. Maybe you alreadyhave a lot of this stuff because you have small children of your own.There are about 75,000 daycare centers in the United States that arelicensed. The price charged for each child ranges from $45 to $200 aweek. You’ll only need a half dozen kids to make this a high-profitventure. Most states require that one have a license to run a daycarecenter. Several steps are involved in getting a license. Call your local State Department of Health and Human Resources to determine the correct office that regulates child care in your state. Call that office andask for a copy of regulations governing child-care centers.

55. TAILOR: If you have a knack for taking up a hem oraltering a jacket, it might not be a big deal for you. But for millionsof Americans, these tasks are a hassle and they would gladly paywhatever it costs to get these jobs done. You can get paid for theseservices. If you can make slipcovers and drapes, that’s a super bonusbusiness opportunity for you.

56. MAIL ORDER: To start a mail-order business, you need tofind a product or series of products to offer for sale. Then you placeads to advertise these goods or have them placed in someone’s catalog.Sit back and wait for the orders to roll in. There are a wide variety of sources for wholesale mail-order products. You’ll need to get a “resale number” in order to purchase goods wholesale. Your local county clerk’s office can help you establish that.

57. POWER WASHING: It’s not hard to use and master powerwashers, but everyone seems to need them and dread having to find aplace to rent them and get to know how to use them. You can buy one anduse it for a wide variety of services for your clients. Add this service onto other offerings and you’ve got yourself a nice service business.

58. COMMERCIAL CLEANING: You can start a weekends-onlybusiness cleaning offices. Most offices are closed during the weekends,so you will be able to get in and do a good job. There are a widevariety of potential businesses that could hire you: legal offices, taxservices, medical offices, and just about any other small business. Youcould generate business by creating a flier and distributing it. Chances are good word of mouth will help get you even more jobs.

59. HOLIDAY DECORATING: There are plenty of homeowners andbusiness owners who just don’t have the time, the inclination or thedesign know-how to decorate their homes and businesses for the holidayseason. This is especially true for the winter season, but you couldexpand this business into a four-season enterprise. You’ll be handlingholiday lights (and purchasing them at wholesale rates—selling them at a whopping profit). You’ll also be putting up other decorative items. You could conceivably start this business all by yourself and then expandby hiring folks to work for you.

60. GARDEN SHEDS: If you are handy with tools and can create a few basic shed designs, you can offer them to your clients. Master afew different types of sheds. Make sure you check out local zoningcodes. Some towns don’t permit new sheds to be built; they only permitthe “renovation” of sheds. Advertise in local newspapers.

61. COSTUME EMPIRE: If you are handy at sewing and have somegood ideas, you can start a business creating costumes for children andfor adults. Costumes are big all during the year, not just at Halloweentime. Kids wear costumes all the time, or wish they could. Adults coulduse them for special events, parties, benefits, etc.

62. BOOKKEEPING FOR A SMALL BIZ: If you are handy with numbers and can master some of the accounting software programs available, youcan start a business offering bookkeeping and accounting services tosmall business owners who don’t have the time nor the inclination to set this type of system up for themselves. Check out local software shopsand read some new books on the latest accounting tips and methods.

63. MAKE AND SELL A FOOD PRODUCT: Do you make sauce or saladdressing that people tell you, you should market? Then do it!Investigate with local health officials if you can produce your recipeat home. You might need a food handler’s license. Find out whatinformation you must include on a label. Research marketing options.

64. BACKYARD PONDS/WATER GARDENS: These are increasingly indemand. Homeowners want to have this type of sanctuary in their yard.They love the sound of water splashing over rocks and would love theidea of having some fish in the backyard, too. These ponds are very easy to build today. There are kits that can help establish them veryquickly. Pumps keep the water going, and lights are available to keepthem looking their best at night. Do some reading and bone up on fish.You don’t have to offer the fish; however, the water garden alone isquite in demand.

65. LANDSCAPE DESIGN: If you are good with a computer, checkout the various landscape and garden design programs available onCD-ROM. You can use these to help start and run a landscape-designbusiness for your clients. You don’t have to be the one to do all theplanting, either, as you can farm that out to another business thatspecializes in plantings, or you can offer your services to anestablished gardener who needs new, fresh ideas for his or her business.

66. PERSONAL ASSISTANT: If you are good, and we mean reallygood with details, and you are very perfectionistic about the jobs youdo, you can start a business hiring yourself out as a personal assistant to your clients. You will do everything from problem solving to writing letters to handling the caterer, the gardener and special events foryour clients. Your clients might be small business owners who need anoccasional right hand or they might be homeowners who have too much todo when they are planning to have their kid’s wedding in the backyard. A cell phone, a computer/printer and a fax machine are good tools forthis job. Word of mouth will get you other jobs, too.

67. ERRAND SERVICE: Charge by the hour to perform a widevariety of errands for your clients. You can market your services tomoms, single parents, grandparents, seniors, etc.

68. KAYAK/CANOE RENTAL: If you live near a lake, pond,protected bay or gentle stream, you could make some nice cash rentingyour kayaks and canoes to your customers. Offer to drop off and pick upthe canoes and kayaks and make sure your customers sign an agreementreleasing you from all liability should any accidents occur. Check outthis release form with an attorney.

69. MARKET YOUR ARTS AND OR CRAFTS: If you make jewelry, art,photography, distress furniture or make baskets, etc., figure out howyou can paid to do it. There are several books on the market availablethat can help you learn how to market your arts and crafts. Sell them at fairs or sell directly to stores or even to catalog owners.

70. KITCHEN DESIGN: Get on your computer, purchase some newsoftware CD-ROMs and learn how to dazzle your clients with your newideas in kitchen design. Local hardware stores or lumberyards that sellkitchen cabinets, etc., might want to suggest that their shopperscontact you for ideas. It could help build their business, too.

71. VENDING VENTURES: Look into the possibility of runningyour own vending machine empire. Candy, soda, fruit, juice, clothing,cosmetics, condoms—you name it. You’ll have to find some good spots toplace your vending machines. Most vending entrepreneurs must share a bit of their profits with the owner of the establishment in which you areplacing the vending machine. It could be worth your while, but check out the possibilities before you buy any vending machines. You’ll have tovisit the machines once or twice a week for restocking and, oh yes, toremove your money.

72. CAR DETAILING: Americans spend more and more on theircars, and they are willing to spend an extra $50 to $150 a month to have the car hand washed and waxed. You can start this service with verylittle money. Spend a day in an auto products store and learn whatproducts are available and learn how to use them. If you are tidy anddetail oriented by nature, this business is a natural for you.

73. PLANT SERVICE: Do you have a green thumb? Are you luckywith plants? Then consider starting a plant service. This business issimilar to a pet-sitting business. You’ll care for plants when folks are away on business trips or on vacations. You can care for the plants intheir home or yours. You can also start a plant business just geared tocommercial customers. You sell them the plants and then you come by once or twice a week to maintain them.

74. WRITE AN E-BOOK: Pick a topic you know about, and write a book. You don’t need a publisher anymore. Sell it on amazon.

75. INTERIOR DESIGN FOR KIDS: You can establish an interiordesign business that specializes in creating great themed rooms forchildren and for babies. Nursery set-ups are a natural add on to thisbusiness. There are so many themes from which to choose, parents to becan get overwhelmed. Do the research of what’s available and create abrochure of several offerings. Makeover a room in your own home or doone for a friend. Photograph it, and it will act as a “reference” foryour new design business.

76. ROADIE: If you enjoy music, offer your services as afreelance roadie to bands, singers and performers. Learn the audio andlighting set-ups in local venues and you’ll be a valuable asset to anygig.

77. MOVE-IN SERVICE: How many times have you or someone youknow moved into an apartment to find the refrigerator in need ofcleaning, the stove quite unkempt, the bathroom grout full of mildew,the walls in need of a paint job, etc. Well, you can make some money bystarting a move-in service. You get everything ready for the folksbefore they move in. It is well work the $250 to $1,000 you’ll becharging for them to move into a clean environment. Many individuals(especially single parents) simply don’t have the time to get all thiswork done. They would gladly pay someone to take care of the cleaningand shaping up of their new digs. This service could also be marketed to people who buy a new home. The windows will have to cleaned, the tilewashed, the floors vacuumed, etc.

78. BLIND CLEANING: Almost every American home has at leastone blind hanging in the window, and we’ll guarantee you that about 100% of all of those homeowners hate cleaning those blinds. You canestablish a business in which you clean mini and micro blinds for yourcustomers.  You can take the blinds home or clean them on the premises.Charge by the blind or charge by the hour. You can also target thisbusiness to industrial clients.

79. ANTIQUE CENTER: Yes, you buy antiques and collectibleitems and set them up on display right in your home. On weekends or even every day, if you live in a well-trafficked location, you invite thebuying public in to tour the room(s) in which you feature these itemsfor sale. You can also sell antiques that belong to your neighbors andtake a cut for your display and sales services.

80. PARTY PLANNER: If you enjoy people and parties, then thiscould be a great business for you to start. Do you have greatorganizational skills? Then you are one step closer to launching yourown party planning service. You get to throw great parties spendingother people’s money. You’ll have to develop a very good file ofresources for music, catering, places to hold events, florists,invitation printing, and just about any other aspect of hosting anevent. Charge by the hour or charge by the event. Some events take along time to plan, so be cautious before you commit to do the event forone set fee. You might wind up spending many, many hours without beingproperly compensated. Once you do a few of these party-planning gigs,you will learn the ropes. Check out local bookstores forinformation/books on party planning.

81. LIGHTING DESIGN: Whether you start this business forresidential or commercial clients, you’ll be installing lights inbackyards, walkways, lampposts, security lights, decorative lightsaround pools and gardens, etc. You buy the goods wholesale and thenresell them to your clients for a profit. Check out what’s on the market and check through your Yellow Pages to see how much competition youhave in your area.

82. PARTY ENTERTAINING: If you are a natural entertainer,consider starting your own entertainment business. You will be hired toperform at parties—parties for kids, for civic groups, for corporatesponsors, for town celebrations, etc. You’ll need a good rapport withpeople. Think of the various personas you could create: gorilla,historian, clown, etc.

83. BED & BREAKFAST BIZ: Do you have an extra room or twothat you could rent out? Congratulations, you’re in the bed andbreakfast business. This is a great business you can start without toomuch hassle. You don’t necessarily have to provide a private bath, butit is a nice touch. You should call your insurance company and ask themto review your policy. Should you beef up your liability coverage? Itjust might be a good idea. If you live near a tourist attraction, suchas a beach, lake, or a mountain for skiing, etc., it makes your bed andbreakfast much easier to market. You don’t have to serve a hugebreakfast. In fact, a bowl of cereal with coffee and some juice isacceptable.

84. ART GALLERY: You can set up your very own art galleryright in your home. Hang the art of local artists on your walls and host a party once a month to show the work to potential buyers. Gettingtogether a group of artists for a show will not be a problem. There areplenty of folks out there who are making art but who have no place showtheir work. You will make a percentage of whatever the paintings sellfor the customer. For example, perhaps you’ll give the artist 60% of the sale price and you’ll keep 40%. You’ll have to spend time developing agood mailing list for your gallery openings and you’ll have to print upattractive announcement invitations for the shows. Contact the localmedia for possible mentions to help generate a crowd at the shows. Hangthe art in your living room, and you’re ready to sell.

85. CAR-BUYING SERVICE: You interview your clients todetermine what their needs are and then begin searching for theirperfect car. You can establish relationships with a couple of cardealers so that they will help you get good deals for your clients.They’ll know you’ll keep customers coming to them if they offer goodrates for your client. We know of one individual who paid $150 to acar-buying entrepreneur and said she would have paid $250 for theservice provided. If you are a car buff, this could be a good businessfor you. Increasingly, consumers don’t want to deal with car salesman.

86. BUY A BIZ OPP: We have a directory on our website atsbomag.com that lists more than 150 turnkey businesses you can purchase. Many are less than $100 and come with materials to help you learn thebusiness.

87. CRAFTS C0-OP: Do you have the space to invite 50 or 100crafts people to set up tables and sell their wares? If you do, and your property is zoned to accept the amount of cars this type of sale canattract, you have the makings of an exciting crafts fair. You don’t sell anything, but table or booth space. The crafts people are happy to payfor space and will fork over about $10 or $15 a day. Some crafts co-opentrepreneurs take a cut of their take for the day, too. Make sure youhave enough parking space and bathroom facilities. It will also be yourresponsibility to advertise the crafts sale. After all, your merchantswon’t want to come back and rent your space, if the customers don’tshow.

88. HANDYMAN: Are you handy around the house? Wouldn’t it benice to get paid for it! There are probably plenty of folks right inyour own town who would love to avail themselves of your handymanservices. You might think it’s simple to install a light socket, put upmolding, change a doorknob, patch a screen, repair a broken door hingeor put up some bookshelves, but most people do not. Promote yourbusiness via word of mouth, fliers or a small advertisement in the local newspaper.

89. INSTALLATION SERVICE: If you are handy at putting together items or if you have a knack for installing VCRs, laser disc players or whatever, then this could be a lucrative, fun and easy business foryou. You can advertise in local newspapers, put up a flier and drop into stores that sell these items and ask them if they can refer you totheir customers. The store might be convinced that they will sell moreitems if they have a person to hook them up!

90. DIRECT SELLING: We don’t usually feature multi-marketingbusinesses in this magazine because our readers don’t consider it having a business of their own, but it is something you might want toconsider. Direct selling means that you sell your products directly tothe customer without a store or shop. It’s the Fuller Brush or theAvon-type way of earning extra money. Today there are direct-sellingopportunities galore! There’s a direct-selling venture for just aboutany type of product you’d want to sell.

91. PET SITTING: Do you love animals? This could be a business dream come true. There are plenty of people out there who don’t want to leave their precious pets alone during the day. Or, maybe there is anindividual who travels a great deal for the job he or she holds andwould prefer to leave their pet in their own home or in yours, ratherthan in a kennel. You might call a local insurance company and ask themwhat it takes to become “bonded.” This way, should a vase break orsomething else get damaged when you are in someone’s home, they’ll be ameans by which it will be paid for or replaced.

92. KEEPSAKE ALBUMS: You meet with your clients to reviewtheir photos, letters, keepsakes and mementos. You organize them intophoto albums, scrapbooks or a DVD. If you are organized and have a bitof a flair for putting things together, this could be the perfectbusiness for you. Charge by the hour or by the project.

93. PASTRY PROFITS: You can turn a recipe you’ve refined into a hot moneymaker. We know of one elementary school teacher who perfected a dessert. He offered the dessert to catering companies. They loved itand were soon ordering them by the dozen for the weddings and otherevents they catered. He soon had to move out of his own kitchen andrented a bakery at night to produce his tasty treats. You can do thesame. Make a batch of your favorite bread, cookie, cake or tart andoffer it to the appropriate business. For example, offer your homemadebread to local restaurants, etc. Check out requirements for a foodhandler’s license in your state. It varies state to state, so check itout.

94. HERB GARDEN: You plant an herb garden for your clients. It can be indoors or outside. You supply the equipment, soil and herbs,and give them a plan to keep the herbs going, or they can hire you tocome back once a week to maintain the garden.

95. BLOG FOR MONEY: If you have a knack for writing and workquickly, you can make money as a blogger. You write blogs for others, or create your own blog, and post ads on it. It is easy with blogger.comand Google’s AdSense. You can explore affiliate programs too, withcompanies such as amazon.com. Check it out!

96. WEDDING PLANNER: Planning a wedding is tough for theharried bride who has enough on her mind. A wedding planner sits downwith the bride and the groom and plans a wedding that they want. Thewedding planner must work within a budget and should have good resources in the community to find a location, a caterer, band or DJ, flowers,invitations, etc. Patience is a virtue for this business.

97. JUNK REMOVAL: Many landfills across the U.S. are closing,and giving way to recycling centers. It’s a great thing, but it has made it more difficult to get rid of a lot of junk. You can start a business removing items from people’s homes and yards that they can’t get rid of themselves. Maybe your customers have no way to haul their stuff to the dump. Maybe it’s too heavy for their car, etc. You do the research andfind out what’s dumping/recycling facilities are available in yourcounty, but before you haul the stuff to the centers, check it out! Itcould be an item that an antique dealer would love once you fix it up abit, that is.

98. GIFT BASKET BIZ: The gift basket business is still booming as Americans have discovered a tried-and-true solution to the “whatshould I give” blues. Gift baskets aren’t just for those get-well times, either. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be customized for a wide variety of recipients from the golfer who finally hit par to thesingle mom who just got a great promotion. It’s key to develop a goodlist of resources from where you can purchase the items at wholesalerates. Look into getting a “resell number.” This will enable you topurchase goods at rock bottom wholesale prices. It will also help youget into “trade only” shows where many manufacturers come and show their wares. You can start a gift basket business out of your home or tie inthe service with a local florist, card store, sports shop or just aboutany other type of business you can think of that might want to alsooffer gift baskets to their clients.

99. WINDOW WASHING: Window washing is a business that, whileyou don’t actually work at home, you do run the business from home(sending out fliers, making calls to place ads, calling customers to get business). There is almost no one out there that doesn’t refer to thetask of window washing as a disagreeable necessity. You come to therescue and make some good bucks for it. Think of all the potentialcustomers in your residential area. Now consider all of the businessesthat would avail themselves of your services. You will be bookingclients on a steady basis if you do a good job. You won’t need much inthe way of supplies, just a bucket, a cleaner, a window-cleaningsqueegee.

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