Craigslist vs Backpage for Marketing Your Services

Craigslist vs Backpage similar but at the end who has more traffic?


Two places to market your services for free (or inexpensively) areCraigslist and Backpage. These classified ad sites are worth considering if you are just starting out and on a budget, but can still beeffective for established businesses. Here is a quick comparison of thetwo services and the pros and cons.


Craigslist is the most popular classified ad site on the internet and whether people use it or not, most people who have been online forawhile know what it is. In most cities, you can post your ad for free,but some cities require a small fee to post.

  1. Craigslist has a much wider user base than any other onlineclassified ad site. So you will be able to potentially reach more people this way.
  2. Craigslist has a good amount of international traffic as well as US traffic.


Backpage is a smaller site in terms of traffic, but some people saythey get more business from it. It gets about 3 million users a dayversus craigslist’s 64 million users per day.

  1. Backpage has a nicer design and cleaner interface.
  2. Backpage has partnered with several newspapers. There are options to have your ad appear on newspaper websites, which can lead to higherquality traffic.
  3. You will likely get less spam and scam replies on Backpage.
  4. Most of the user base is in the USA (4 out of 5 people currently), so Backpage may not be as effective in other countries.

Both Sites

Here are some nice advantages of both sites.

  1. Both sites are easy to sign up with and use.
  2. Both sites are free or cheap to post ads.

In summary, try both sites out and see if each site is worth the time and effort.

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