Easy Ways To Make a First Sale on Ecommerce Website

make your first sale

So, you have decided to step your foot into the eCommercebusiness. When it comes down to any business, the first sale plays avital role in triggering the furtherance of sales and to get themomentum going. Also, it helps in strategic branding and marketing while enabling you to iron the kinks out in terms of your operations.However, this is a natural fact that your first sale is also the hardest one. Let us see & discuss the effective ‘mantras’ on how to makefirst sale on your ecommerce website.

Create A Pre-Launch List & Email Them

Generate a buzz while you create an email list that tells the storyof your launching of business. If you have already got your pre-launchlists built, then shoot it right away before you apply any othertactics. You have already got their email shared by them, so they areperhaps your easiest potential leads when starting an eCommercebusiness.

Direct Selling to Friends & Family

The easiest and perhaps the basic way of making your first sale is to seek a legitimate help from your friends and family. You need notguilt-trip anyone for not purchasing your product, but you need togenerate a subtle need by listing out the benefits of buying from youronline store. You can connect with those who genuinely are interested in your product and you may want to try out MPOS. Your friend/family canalso benefit by saving their shipment costs as you can handle theproduct directly to them.

Giveaways, Contests & Sweepstakes

Okay, so it is a hands-down fact that giveaways are likable and helpin grabbing quick attention towards any new product. If and when donecorrectly, these contests have the potential to garner quite a buzz andtraffic to your website which can enhance your brand’s publicity by word of mouth marketing. There are plenty of apps which help you to generate contests and giveaways which you can share on your social media

Social Selling: Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram

Your Facebook friends list or your Whatsapp contacts list is a goldmine, so dig deeper and plan how to resourcefully extract the best ofthe available opportunity. Most likely all your friends and family areon social media so share your product with them. Dip your toes into theworld of social media where you can choose from multiple platforms likeFacebook, Whatsapp and Instagram to generate leads. You are likely tofind your potential first 10 sales on these platforms. You can alsointegrate your ecommerce website with your social media by using thirdparty apps.

Selling On Online Marketplaces

The best part about selling on other marketplaces like Shopclues,etc. is the fact that they are well established brands and have theirlogistics chalked out intricately in advance so that new sellers likeyou can benefit from the strong brand presence and make your first sale. Do you want more? Then try and integrate your online store with thesemarketplaces by using ecommerce enablement platform which enable youwith features for selling your stuff on marketplaces while rolling yourecommerce website into more sales.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook has a native advertising platform by which you are enhancing the visibility of your newly established business. You can choose yourdesired target market, track and analyze your growth and pay accordingto the number of visits you get on your page. Collaborate this with your online store and you can generate more traffic to your ecommercewebsite.

Earn Credibility through Google Adwords

Google Adwords has been the most far-fetched and popular advertisingplatforms and networks available on the internet. Its reach is seamlessand its search based or intent based advertising helps you in generation of targeted traffic to your ecommerce website. There are quite a lot of online guides through which you can acquire the basics of GoogleAdwords.

Create and Manage a Blog

Blog posts bring organic traffic to your website which, wheneffectively marketed can generate sales and bring revenue to yourecommerce business. Use this tool effectively and wisely by creating arich, informative yet subtly selling content on your blog to createcredibility for your brand and build a targeted audience.

Your first sale is more likely to be your important one. This willdraw an ignition to your selling engine while helping in gaining asustainable momentum for the business. The best advice is to try out the method that suits your business and its niche in the best way. Do notbe hesitant in spending some money like in giving out discounts oroffers if it is fetching you well and more in the future. When yourbusiness is fine tuned to your desire, it will automatically reach itsbreak even very soon.

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