How to Find Dofollow links: Step By Step Guide

Every blogger wants to get high page rank and to get more traffic.For this one of the method is creating backlinks for your site and myarticle is also about backlinks. Dofollow links attribute and that helps you to boost your backlinks and is good for your blog to boost yourGoogle page rank. So lets start first what is backlink and after this we will see


how to find dofollow links and many more thing which helps you in building good backlinks.

What is Backlink:

When a webpage links to other webpage , then these links are known as backlinks. Backlinks contain two category: Dofollow  and Nofollowlinks. There are many terms related to backlinks, which you want to know such as what is dofollow links??  difference between dofollow andnofollow links ?? and many more things. see below:

Link juice: When a webpage links to another websitehomepage or article, then it passes links , which helps in the rankingof the website and these links are called link juice. These links alsoimprove your Density authority.  

DoFollow: Links that pointing back from other sites to your site, without the rel=”nofollow”  html link property.  That means search engines are allowed to transfer page rank to your sitefrom the site where the link is placed. If you get links from high PRsite, then it improve your site rank.

NoFollow:  Links that pointing back from other sites to your site, with the rel=”nofollow”  html link property  (seo nofollow tag) . That means search engines are not allowed to transfer page rank to your site from the site where the link is placed.

Each time search spiders visit your site, they follow both internaland external links on your pages that don’t have the rel=”nofollow” tag. Each external domain you link to without this stop sign will beconsidered a recommendation by you.

On thing, you always focus on gets links from high page ranks Now, lets focus on Dofollow.

How to Find Dofollow links:

If you want to rank high in search engines then you need to getdofollow links from reputed websites which are having high GooglePage-Rank(PR). There are many example of it, you may see that somewebsite which having high quality content, very good SEO etc but stilltheir search ranking do not get the top position that they deserve.

If you are facing the problem then you should start making backlinksfrom reputed or high page rank site. For this you can do Guest Posting,commenting on other reputed or trusted site or a lot more things. butremember one thing  if you comment in low page rank website, then thelinks you are getting from these website to your site, can lesseffective in your search rank than the links getting from high page rank website to your site. So, focusing on finding on those Dofollow linkswhich improve your search rank.
Here some very reputed and High Page-Rank websites by which you can get do-follow backlinks from them.So,Lets start:

1. Google Plus:

You know all Search engine is control by Google. So, if you getdofollow links from google then, it it surely improves your site rankpage. If you want to know about : how to get backlinks from google here

Now follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in your Google+ account
  2. Click on about option
  3. Click on Story  and then, Click on “Edit”Option
  4. Story Bar will open Now Fill up
  5. Write something about your website and insert you blog link under Introduction.
  6. Save

2. Facebook:

  1. Login to your Facebook Account and Go to Here
  2.  Click on Add Static HTML toPage and this app will add in your Facebook Page, when you select whichpage you want to select to work (in case of multiple page linked tosingle account)
  3. Click on Welcome and Click on Edit Tab
  4. Remove This File index.html and add new
  5. Now After Remove Add This file on your Index.html

    <a title=”check out” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”dofollow”>OnlineLivingblog</a>
    just replace site name and URL awith your site name and URL

  6. All Done.

3. Mozilla.ORG :

Mozilla is another trusted and reputed website, which have very high page rank. Now follow below step to Dofollow links:

  1. Sign up Sign Up for Free Mozilla Account
  2. Fill out the details and activate your account, after submitting form.
  3. Visit your profile page.
  4. Put your bio with your website’s link and open Mozilla blog and Comments on Post.

4. :

Adobe is another amazing site having 9PR. So, Lets start:

  1. Create your account at Adobe
  2. Now, after activating your profile.
  3. Go Dashboard open of Adobe account
  4. visit Adobe forum and submit your URL in other Post and comments other post.

5. Pinterest:

Pinterest is another reputed site. It is very active website and million of user active on pinterest.

  1. Create Pinterest Account
  2. Create a account
  3. Now, add your website in pinterest and verify with meta tag
  4. After verify your post on pinterest.


  1. Sign Up TED.COM
  2. After activating, Click on profile and then, Edit Profile
  3. Just Add your websites and blogs.
  4. Done.

7. YouTube :

  1. Create Youtube account 
  2. Create channel on YouTube
  3. Go to Setting
  4. Add your website URL in Channel
  5. Done

You can also create account on following website to get backlinks:

List of DoFollow Forums

From these website, you can get dofollow links easily. but i suggestyou to also follow dofollow forum. Below is the list of  dofollow forum, register there. Use your blog link as signature in these forum and make sure that you stay active as these forums are very active and bepatience and you will get backlinks as well as traffic.

1 V7nForum
Digital point Forum
Joomla Forum
Siteowners Forum
Search engine watch Forum
6  Warrior forum
CNET Forum
Affiliate Marketing Forum
Site Point Forum
10 Geek Village Forum

How to Find DoFollow links via commenting?

Blog commenting is another effective method to get backlinks for your site. Below i providing you simple method, which helps in you buildinggood backlinks for your site. But one thing you should always rememberthat always comment on reputed or trusted site such as site whichcontain .edu , .gov . Generally these type of site are considered as trusted site. Another thing , is that always insert your google plus id in your website form.

Lets start:
Go to
Type keyword “comment here” (e.g. cheap domain“comment here”)
You can also type in google search such as  keyword “add comment”,   keyword “submit comment”,    keyword “add url”,   keyword “submit url”,   keyword “submit a site”etc.  and just rename the keyword with yourdesire keyword.  Here you will get lots of blogs for commenting.

I hope this article helps you in finding good dofollow link. If youhave any query related to this topic, then comment below, I’m waitingfor your response. If you like this article interesting, then share it.
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