Love Notes Felt Notebook: DIY Valentine Gift

Whisper (or, in this case, write down) sweet nothings to yoursignificant other. This handmade felt notebook opens up into the shapeof a heart. It’s a darling gift for Valentine’s Day, or any romanticoccasion.

Tip: After cutting the pages, I used sand paper to get rid of the littleloose pieces of paper.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well this step worked.

 I then  traced the shape of the book onto a piece of red felt, allowing some extra felt to wrap over the edges.

It was a cloudy day, so I decided to photograph the book outside for better lighting…

and while taking the pictures it started to snow.

I am making a couple of these little notebooks for Isabella’s best friends.  They are going to make sweet little Valentine gifts but they could also make a sweet teacher’s gift.

There is a certain someone I know that would love this little book if it wascovered with beautiful vintage music sheets, some old lace and perhapsa perfectly imperfect rusty old key as embellishment.  I can picture itnow…..sigh!

DIY Valentine Gift



DIY Valentine Gift

DIY Valentine Gift


Red, sweet and pretty…sounds like the perfect OnlineLiving DIY Projects to pick and enjoy, and I hope you did!

Have a beautiful week!

much love,


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