Three major reason to use Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard as a global freelancer or Entrepreneur Blogger. Its a great alternative of paypal (I should not compare this with) 


  • Sign up to Payoneer 
  • Receive Payments to your Payoneer account from companies worldwide 
  • Withdraw funds to your local bank or via Prepaid card

Why I Think Payoneer Deserve an #Oscars2016 for their Product and Service?

1. Payoneer is Free
2. Payoneer is Super Fast (Only needs to enter a valid email and a reason to send payments/ money
3. Almost all country supported
4. You can Use Payoneer to Your Local ATM
5. You can withdraw money to your local bank from Payoneer US Bank Account
6. A Payoneer Account Means You have an US Bank Account from outside the US (You sould not be US citizen to get it and use its features)
7. Almost all freelancing company and online working company are using Payoneer to their payment method. (Where payoneer says “

Ready to apply? Get Your Free Card with $25 Bonus


2. Neweg
3. 99design

4. fiverr
5. airbnb
6. upwork
7. taboola
8. freelancer
And almost all companies as they said!

Payoneer Is a company That takes Your Finances to a New Level,ImagineHaving  a Card that you can use to receive Payments In Foreigncurrencies,purchase online and in stores, or withdraw cash at ATMsworldwide.

Get FREE Payoneer MasterCard With 25$ Bonus

Payoneer is one of the rapidly growing payment processors andwhen I say its growing I really mean its growing, because almosteveryday you get to know that some renowned firm(s) has signed-up to pay their members. So, if you haven’t signed-up for aPayoneer account yet, I recommend you to signup immediately, as theaccount is absolutely free and you also get your own MasterCard.

If you want to get a bonus of 25 US$ then create an account here PAYONEER.COM . Payoneer is offering a great rewarding program to its existing andnew members. If you signup using an existing member’s affiliate link,you and the person who referred you will get 25$ bonus/reward when youraccount touches 100$ figure. It’s really great to have a free debitMasterCard with 25$ bonus from a payment processor, which servesthousands of renowned firms and networks in their payment processing tothe members.

Wait! Things are not done yet, let’s talk about the services, which Payoneer offers to its members: –

1) With Payoneer account you can get payments from top freelancing websites such as, Odesk, Freelancer, Fiverr and etc. As I mentioned before!

2) With Payoneer account you can get payments from renownedpublishing/affiliate networks, such as, Plimus, Adfly, Infolinks andetc.

3) With Payoneer account you can get the US payment enabled and thenwithdraw your e-currencies such as, Paypal, Moneybookers Formal Now), Payza and also ebay, Aamzon and other network’s payments from any ATM worldwide.

4) Use your Payoneer’s MasterCard to buy anything online or use it on any shop, restaurant and etc.

It’s really peace of mind to have a Payoneer account with itsMasterCard, because it’s a one-window service to thousands of merchants. You can get payment of your freelancing jobs, payment withdrawalsolution from to e-currencies firms and not to forget that gettingpayments from renowned ad publishing or affiliate networks.

International Money Transfers | Payoneer USA

Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transferand e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard worldwide. The company is headquartered in NewYork City. Wikipedia

Why Payoneer is the best PayPal withdrawal method

when sign up for a payoneer MasterCard you receive the ATM card after 3 weeks or 2. most MasterCard takesless than 3 weeks to alive in maximum case. you can easily use thepayoneer MasterCard to withdraw paypal fund from most local MasterCardbranded ATM’s in Your local Area. there are so many benefits that are associatedwith using the payoneer services to withdraw paypal funds in any Country you Live.

You can Link it to Your Paypal account and withdraw with the Card.

How To Get Yours

  • Go to and Sign Up for a Free Account
  • Fill in All Details Like Name,Address,Date of Birth e.t.c You need to be at-least 18 years old to Apply.
  • You would Also need to Have Either a National ID,PASSPORT or Drivers License as some Details would be Needed.
  • The Address earlier entered would Be the shipping Address,But can be changed by clicking Entering Alternate Shipping Address on the Form
  • When Done,Click the ORDER Button

Your Account would Undergo A review,You would be Notified Upon Account Approval.

Most Common Frequently Asked Question about Payoneer

How soon after applying will I receive my Payoneer card?

The bank needs two to three working days to issue the card. Shipment timeto you depends on your chosen shipping method and can take 7-10 business days within the US and 12-25 business days for international shipmentsusing regular mail. These times can be expedited using courier options.

What limits are applicable on the card for loading and spending?

These limits are determined by the bank that issues your card and therelevant program under which it was issued. You can find moreinformation on this subject by logging into your account using the “MyAccount” option.

Can I use my card as soon as I receive it?

No, your card must be activated prior to first use. You can activate your card either:

  • By phone: 1-888-802-4442 from within the US or 1-847-461-1828 ext.3 for international users.

  • Online: By clicking “Activate your card” on the Payoneer home page and following the on-screen instructions.

Can I recover my PIN if I forget it?

Yes, but not online. You will need to contact our Customer Support for this. When contacting Customer Support, make sure that you are online andhave all the information you provided in your card applicationavailable. Resetting your PIN is at the sole discretion of our SecurityDepartment.

Can I use my cards if no funds have been loaded?

No; Your card has to be activated and have money on it in order for you to use it.

How do I sign up for a Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard, if I do not have an existing Payoneer account?

1. Confirm with Payoneer that your country is supported and that their features and fees are acceptable.
2. Go to the Wallet tab to click on Withdrawal Methods .
3. Click the Sign Up Now link in the Payoneer Actions column.
4. You will be taken to the Payoneer website to register for a Payoneeraccount with your email address (in Settings> User Settings ).
5. Complete the Payoneer registration process.
6. Complete the Payoneer withdrawal method activation process. 
Ready to apply? Get Your Free Card with $25 Bonus

Can I do direct deposit onto my card with my paycheck?

You can only direct deposit your paycheck to the card if your employer is a Payoneer partner

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