Top 20 Reasons You Logged Into Facebook

Facebook has enjoyed boasting about their highly active users overthe past few years. One statistics that they often state is that 50percent of “active users” log in to the site on a daily basis. Facebook has most definitely changed the way we interact with each other and for many it has become heavily integrated into our daily lives. I decidedto compile the top reasons that users log in to the site and have posted them below.

1. Stalk People

Let’s be honest, there are many motives behind connecting with others and on Facebook one of those primary motives is to stalk people! Oneof the best things about Facebook’s stalking features is that they areabout to be upgraded! With the real-time news feed, you will be able to see a lot more about what your friends are doing in real-time. So goahead, stalk your friends and don’t worry because they’ll never know!

2. Share Photos

Facebook is now the largest photo sharing site on the web. The main reason forthis growth is the ability to tag your friends in photos. While socialtagging has been around before Facebook, tight integration into thesocial graph has proven to be extremely powerful. It also naturallyimproves your ability to stalk people given that they are constantlybeing tagged by others.

3. Play Addictive Games

When Facebook opened their platform two years ago they weren’t expecting the site to become the central platform for the future of social gaming but soon enough it was. The most popular application on the site based ondaily active users is Pet Society and overall, a large percentage of the top 100 applications on Facebook are games. If you are on Facebook,there’s a good chance that you have played a game in the past month andmany more are playing daily.

4. Advertise Your Business

While Facebook’s advertising platform is still in its infancy, manybusinesses are taking advantage of the site’s ability to efficientlytarget users based on specific demographic information. Many of theadvertising opportunities are still being explored including“nanotargeting” which is the ability to target a single user via aFacebook advertisement.

5. Monitor Your Children

The fastest growing demographic on Facebook over the past few monthshas easily been parents, more specifically: mothers. Facebook can be aparent’s dream come true. While the site can occasionally provideparents with more information than they ever wanted, Facebook can alsobe used to increase communication between parents and their children.

6. Meet Other People

While Facebook is supposed to be for connecting with those thatyou’ve meant offline, the launch of the Facebook platform brought about a number of applications which have served as powerful tools forconnecting previously unconnected users. Some of these applications are for meeting fellow singles to date while others are for connectingwithin virtual communities. However you are connecting with others,Facebook is rapidly spawning millions of new relationships.

7. Create An Application

While everybody isn’t a developer, Facebook has been extremely effective atattracting new developer talent to build applications on top of theFacebook platform. Facebook initiated the movement toward a more opensocial web with the launch of their platform two years ago, and they are continuing that movement today. The result has been numerousapplications which now are legitimate businesses for hundreds if notthousands of developers.

Many more developers have attempted to build powerful applications on top of the Facebook platform, and despite their failure to attract amass following, the opportunity provided to developers is frequently too good to pass up.

8. Check Tagged Photos

Embarrassing photos have become a permanent fixture in the media when referencingFacebook. Thanks to the large amount of buzz resulting from articlesabout individuals being fired and relationships ending due toinappropriate or compromising photos, millions of users log in soonafter they are alerted to a newly tagged photo of themselves.

9. Reply to Messages

Facebook is a communication platform and messages are a central component ofthat communication. Every time we receive a message, an email arrivesin our inbox to notify us of that message. Many users (includingmyself) have complained about the lack of features within Facebook’smessaging system. Despite its downfalls, Facebook messages are one ofthe most important features of the site.

With the growth in mobile Facebook usage, Facebook’s messaging system has witnessed continued growth and we can only assume that this growthwill continue for the foreseeable future.

10. Search For Old Friends and Ex-Lovers

Often times we log in to Facebook just to find a person we happen to bethinking of at that moment. It can be an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, as well as a childhood friend, or even a distant relative. Whoever you are thinking about, you can log in to Facebook and search for thatperson. More often, that person now has a profile on Facebook. You can find most people that you’re looking for on the site and that’s whymillions of people are logging in every day.

11. Chat With Others

Facebook chat only launched recently but every day that I log in, I end upgetting tons of messages (as long as I’m not invisible). From otherpeople that I’ve spoken to, chat has become an increasingly activecomponent of their Facebook usage. As I said before, Facebook is acommunication platform and chat is now an integral component ofcommunication on the site.

12. Update Your Status

Status has been an important component of Facebook since early on and with the increasing popularity of Twitter, status is becoming even moreimportant. Users don’t actually need to visit the site to update theirstatus though. Many use their mobile phones to update their status andthen wait for the comments to flow in. Status updates were created byFacebook and are now becoming an integral component of generalcommunication on the web.

13. Take A Break

In the world of the cubicle workplace, we often are seeking for waysto take a break from performing the task at hand. According to somestatistics Facebook has single handedly resulted in an overall decreasein domestic productivity as well as abroad. Regardless of theproductivity impact, it’s clear that workers are using Facebook duringtheir downtimes and any time they wish to take a break.

14. Converse With Customers

More important than how you are wasting time is how you are makingmoney and Facebook is a great platform for doing that. Through Facebook Pages, brands have the opportunity to interact directly with theircustomers, engaging them in a two-way dialogue. I believe that over the next few weeks and months we will see a surge in Facebook Pagesadoption as new services arrive to make it easier to build a presence.This is just one of the many reasons users log in to Facebook!

15. Figure Out Your Event Schedule

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook then you probably have a lot ofevent invites. Whether or not you are attending them, Facebook hasbecome a central location for finding out what events or taking place on any given day. One of the main reasons we log in to the site daily isto figure out what’s going on and what events our friends are going to. If you are on Facebook, then you are most likely creating and RSVPingto events.

16. Create Buzz

Guerilla social media marketers (or whatever you want to call them)have a heavy presence on Facebook and are actively trying to figure outnew ways to increase their reach through the site. Whether it’s finding more friends, posting more status updates, creating fan pages,purchasing ads, setting up events, tagging users in photos, or anythingelse, many users perform certain activities for the sole purpose ofgenerating buzz.

17. Participate or Create Groups

Groups are the central place for organizing large numbers of users togetheraround a single purpose on Facebook. Many times groups will surgebeyond thousands of users and suddenly there are ongoing conversationsthat are formed. Users that participate in these conversations returnregularly to talk with other users about the topic being discussed inthat group.

18. Approve New Friend Requests

Adding friends is one of the most important parts of the Facebookexperience. The average user has somewhere around 150 to 200 friendsand logs in every time they receive a new friend requests. Withoutfriends on Facebook, the experience would be a pretty poor one which iswhy the company attempts to suggest new friends as soon as usersregister, increasing the likelihood that they’ll become an active user.

19. To Check Application Requests And Notifications

When the Facebook platform first launched almost two years ago, applicationrequests began flooding in. The primary reason behind this flood ofrequests was that there were no limitations on how many applicationscould send. Despite the eventual limitations that were enforced,application requests and notifications continue to fill up within users’ “request” area. Cleaning out your requests is a good reason to log inevery day.

20. Check Birthdays and Send Gifts

Facebook has become a central location for checking up on our friends’birthdays. Rather than storing birthdays in your calendar, you cansimply log in to Facebook and check out who’s birthday it is. You canthen be one of the hundreds of people to post “Happy Birthday!” on their wall. To stand out from the rest, you can even send them a gift.Birthdays continue to be one of the most important reasons people log in to Facebook everyday.

So what was the reason that you logged in to Facebook today?

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