Why I used to Write Subheadings in my Blog Post

Every web content writer is aware that online readers scan web pagesinstead of reading them thoroughly. The readers go through the contentquickly and pick up the relevant words and phrases that contain theinformation they are looking for. So, as a writer you can expect onlinevisitors to browse through your work in some seconds! You can do littleabout this tendency of the readers. What you can do is attune yourwriting style and use of embellishments in a way that gets your messagethrough without stretching the fragile attention of the readers. Justlike you will do justice to your content with the use of smartheadlines, the use of subheadings will offer you purchase as well.

Why Always Subheadings to write Blog post?

Why must you write subheadings in your web content copy? There aremany advantages of using subheadings and the most basic of them stemsfrom the reader psychology explained above. Because the readers arescanning through your content, subheadings help them find what theywant, even if they are reluctant to read through the entire content.They can quickly find what they are looking for, read the informationyou have provided and move on. If they are interested in reading beyond, your web copy is on their screen anyway.

Sometimes the reader is informed about much of the web copy that youhave written. It may be that he wants to know only a portion of the webcopy to fulfill what he is looking for. Subheads allow him to get tothat elusive point quickly. This kind of content reading is veryprevalent on the Internet. Online readers are repelled by paragraphslined up one after another without any subhead to lead the way. When the reader scrolls down, he is easily fatigued at the sight of the efforthe needs to put in to find what he’s after. Subheadings reduce thissense of fatigue immediately because you have already broken up yourcontent in digestible and accessible subparts. This is a smart way ofinforming online readers without taxing their minds unnecessarily.

SEO Advantage to use Subheadings

Subheadings provide you with an opportunity to plug in keywordsorganically. Web content writers are often faced with the difficult task of inserting keywords without disturbing the flow of content. That isnot always possible in the body of the content. Subheadings can beexploited for this purpose. Search engines find it easier to indexcontent when they come across subheadings that make use of keywordsdeftly. While composing subheadings, try to use the keywords towards the beginning. Other than favoring the search engine crawlers, onlinereaders scanning through your copy will also find these words popping up and helping them to locate information.

Writing quality subheadings is an advantage for content that isshared on social media platforms. As you know, the search algorithms ofsocial media networks have a similar mechanism as search engines. Whenyou write keyword-rich subheadings, you are likely to bag the top ranksfor relevant searches. That will help your web page get more readers.

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