11 Fantastic Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Looking for fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your family this year? We’ve got some ideas that will make this special day one to remember. 

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate our mothers and how importantthey are in our lives. Breakfast in bed, making dinner for mom, and aspa day are all great gifts for a mother. This year, make Mother’s Day a unique and unforgettable celebration. Making a memory jar, taking yourmother to afternoon tea, planting a tree, taking mom for a picnic, andvolunteering at her favorite charity are unique ways to celebratemotherhood.

Have Breakfast in Bed

Drop a few not-so-subtle hints that you’re expecting a Mother’s Day brunch. Peruse some delicious Mother’s Day brunch recipes to find the perfect meal to start off your Mother’s Day.

A Day Together

Set aside all other plans and treat the mother in your life as a queenfor the day. Turn the day into a one day adventure to someplace special. Grab the whole family and head to a favorite park, lake or ocean.Spending the time together (preferably outdoors) is what really counts, so have a picnic, go for a bike ride, take a hike, or do some gardening together.

Generations Unite

Gather all the grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles andother ‘mom’ family members together for a joint celebration. If theweather is nice a barbeque is the perfect venue.

Simple Celebration

Making a Mother’s Day celebration memorable and unique doesn’t have tobe complicated or expensive. It could be as simple as heading to yourfavorite local ice cream shop and sharing an ice cream sundae (thiswould be top choice in our house!).

Give Mom the Day Off

This could be the best gift of all. Encourage everyone to pitch in andlet the moms in your life sit back and relax. They deserve it! Have thefamily prepare dinner (go for something simple and pre-packaged like Tyson’s chicken) and serve Mom on her special day.

Give to Others

Mother’s Day is about honoring all mothers. This Mother’s Day help amother in need by donating to organizations that help mothers andchildren.

Memory Jar

Paint and decorate a mason jar. Write favorite memories of your momon slips of paper. Encourage the other members of your family to writetheir memories down as well. Fill the mason jar with the paper slips. On Mother’s Day, sit with your mom while she reads all of the memories you have written down.

Afternoon Tea

Book an afternoon tea at a local tea-house or restaurant. Invite thepeople who are most important to your mom. Use the time to talk abouthow much you appreciate your mom.

Planting a Tree

Pick your mom’s favorite tree from your local garden center. Together with your mom, plant the tree in a visible place in your yard. Visitthe tree each mother’s day to remember the love and appreciation youhave for your mother.

Picnic in the Park

Pack a picnic lunch of your mom’s favorite things. Pick a quiet local park to have the picnic. Spend the time talking and laughing about thethings going on in her life.

Local Charity

This year, schedule a time with your mother to volunteer at one ofher favorite charities. Some ideas are a local nursing home, takingitems to a women’s shelter, or a soup kitchen. Let your mom know howmuch you appreciate her efforts with you and admire her giving spirit.

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