Top 15 Reasons Your Business Should Use AdWords

Every gain comes along with a certain payment; it can be hard work,intelligence, power, or investment. The phrase applies completely toGoogle AdWords, as it is a tool Google offers users to gain trafficthrough clicks against payment per click. As the Google AdWords Campaign costs money, the decision to use it may sound risky but it also comeswith assured business and traffic, and with the effective use of theGoogle AdWords Campaign, this business can be driven to profit-earningrevenue.

Top 15 Reasons Your Business Should Use AdWords

Google AdWords offers assured, immediate traffic to Web sites against acertain investment, and therefore using this campaign comes with a hostof advantages for Web sites and businesses. Google AdWords is the mainadvertisement and major revenue source for Google. It offers a Pay PerClick (PPC) advertising campaign that includes ad programs with local,national, and international distribution.

Importance of Google AdWords

Google is the largest search engine on the Internet, and to use theInternet as a profit-making source, one needs to use Google. The moresmartly you use it, the more benefits you will reap. Google AdWordsmakes your marketing task a whole lot easier by bringing huge per clicktraffic through the use of proper keywords. When these keywords convertto business and sales, the traffic driven from Google AdWords isconverted to profit. Many factors contribute to Google AdWords’ successas a method for Web sites to earn profit. Keywords are search terms orstrings of search terms that when put in the search box show resultsrelevant to that search. For example, a person searching for “CAT exam”will get, say, 1000 search results in the search engine, and the usercan click on any of the items to view the results and details. However,the top search results that come through Google AdWords have greaterchances of visits. On the other hand, Google ads appearing in relevantWeb sites, such as “e-learning materials” showing in one corner of aneducational Web site, have a greater chance of getting visitors throughthem. Both these situations come along with the Google AdWords Campaign. Thus, this campaign is of great importance in bringing relevant clicksand visits to one’s site.

Google AdWords’ location targetingenhances the importance of the campaign all the more. Location targeting is one of the most important and useful components of implementing asuccessful PPC campaign. This determines in which location a particularad campaign will be shown and thus one can customize ad displays perlocation. It also disables locations where the ads need not bedisplayed. These features that come along with the Google AdWordscampaign highlight its importance for e-business.

Here are Top 15 Reasons to use Google AdWords

1. To Attract Customers

90% of people search for a product or service using Google. Theresults will include your competitors, so it’s important that you’reincluded too.
OnlineLivingBlog can help you rank above your competitors in both the natural search results (using Search Engine Optimisation) and in the AdWords ads through professional consultation andmanagement. It’s advised that both AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation are used for maximum effect. This is particularly important for new websites and small businesses.

2. Small Initial Investment

This is the major reason why Google AdWords is so popular. Google AdWords comes with a small initialinvestment. You need to pay only a small amount to create an AdWordsaccount; thereafter you can bid on the best keywords. After creating the Google AdWords account and releasing the content, the payment is billed after every click. Therefore, with each click, a certain amount isbilled and if no click happens, no amount is billed. In such a case,Google AdWords comes with assured clicks, and payment is billed onlyagainst clicks. Thus, there is no loss if keywords generated areperfect, and effective related measures (discussed later in the article) are taken.

3. Defining Budget

This is another important reason why GoogleAdWords is used. You can set your own budget with Google AdWords andmonitor your budget, thereby reducing any overspending. After theaccount is created, the bid for any keyword is independent of choice.Therefore, any keyword that performs well can be bid high for betterresults. And a keyword that does not perform well and does not bring any profit to the site can be removed from the campaign. Also, keywordsthat bring more clicks but less conversion can be removed or bid with areduced amount. You can also control your budget during a crisis. Attimes, when a site is down, a bid can be reduced in order to control the defined budget. Thus, defining the budget becomes another essentialreason behind the use of Google AdWords.

4. Immediate Response

As soon as your AdWords account is activated your ad starts to appear to users searching for your product or service.

5. Target Traffic

This is another important and very usefulaspect of Google AdWords that serves as a major reason behind the use of the Google AdWords campaign. By using this, you can bring targeted traffic directly to a Web site. As ads are displayed along with adefined title and description, a serious audience will end up clickingthese links and taking a further call to action. Thus, Google AdWordsserves as an effective way of bringing traffic to your online business.This target traffic can be defined as per location and places as well.There are options through which you can specify a definite keyword for a specific location. This increases the rate of visits and conversion,which improves the business of a site tremendously.

6. Instant traffic

This is one of the most important reasons why you can still use Google AdWords. Google AdWords bring instantgratification or traffic to one’s Web site. On-page optimization andoff-page optimization is very important for bringing traffic to one’sonline Web site. However, all measures such as link building, on-pageoptimization, and so on do not come with assured traffic brought byGoogle AdWords. Google AdWords showcases relevant ads in relevant sitesand also at the top of search pages, which increases the chances ofclicks and visits, which later convert to business. Google AdWordsbrings instant traffic to a site, which would otherwise take a muchlonger time and require greater investment. Thus, as it comes withinstant gratification against a certain investment, it becomes aneffective way of bringing immediate traffic to a Web site, whichtranslates into a profitable and successful business.

7. Tracking success

By using Google AdWords, you can track your success and take effectivemeasures when required. You can use Get Clicky or Google Analytics totrack the reports of the Google AdWords campaign against keywords. Thisallows you to decide on their future steps with regard to a certainkeyword or marketing campaign. Suppose a keyword or a campaign isperforming well; you can track its report and place it prominently with a high bid in future to increase traffic towards a profit-makingbusiness. On the other hand, a keyword or a campaign that fails to bring expected traffic can be removed for future usage. Thus, you can tracksuccess and failure in real time and decide on calls to action forfuture marketing.

8. Suggested high volume keywords

Google AdWords does not justdisplay ads, but also suggests high-volume keywords for an ad campaignthat will convert to purchases and a profitable business. High-volumekeywords are those that are searched the most, so including themprominently in the ads, title lines, and in the description improve theclick rates for the ads. High- volume keywords can be included keepingin mind the competition. Also, as phrase matches for keywords workbetter, such search terms can be included for the ads and the campaignto be more relevant. This is another major reason why you can use Google AdWords.

9. Improves hands-on experience

By using theGoogle AdWords campaign, Web sites get instant traffic or gratificationand therefore soon become effective direct marketers. Users perceivethese sites as popular, and therefore are likely to click on the sitefor another purchase decision without giving it a second thought. Also,marketing through the PPC ad platform levels the playing fields forpeople and their competition. It gradually increases the value of thesite and takes the business to a level of brand. Thus, the feature ofimproved hands-on experience makes Google AdWords more relevant forusers aiming to generate profit from their Web sites.

10. Complete Transparency

You can see how many people have seen and clicked on your ads almostinstantly! We’ll also provide you with detailed weekly and monthlyreports. If you had an ad for ‘Belfast Dentist’, we can tell you howmuch it cost you, how many visitors it brought to your site, how longthey stayed on your site and how many people booked an appointment withyou as a direct result. You’ll also be able to compare your return oninvestment on the search query ”Belfast Dentist’ compared to, forexample, ‘Northern Ireland Dentist’. Unlike many other agencies, we’llallow you to have full access to your AdWords account so that you cansee all changes being made and maintain complete control.

11. You only Pay for Results

Google AdWords offers a “Pay Per Click” system so that you only payif a user clicks on your ad to visit your website. This means users will see your ad without you actually having to pay anything.

12. No Minimum Spend Requirement

If you just want to dip your toe in the water then you can set a daily budget of as little as £1, if you like! This may only achieve very limited results, but the point is it’s your choice. OnlineLivingBlogcan guide you to choose a suitable budget to make the best return oninvestment for you. We can show you how many clicks you’re likely to get for a certain cost.

13. Easy, Instant Cancellation

There’s no need to send a handwritten letter, or fuss over terms andconditions. If you’d like to cancel your AdWords account you can do soonline and instantly.

14. Return On Investment

AdWords is known for it’s great return on investment since you canpay per click and all clicks are traceable. However, achieving the ROIyou’re after does require a lot of time, analysis and skill. If you need results fast and can’t afford to waste time or make mistakes, then ourAdWords Consultancy is the way to go.

15. Flexibility and Control

If your website experiences technical issues and you want to pauseyour AdWords account until it’s back up and running – you can. If you’dlike to increase your budget one day and decrease it another day – youcan. You have complete control and flexibility to make instant changes.We’re always there to advise you, make agreed on changes for you or youcan simply make them yourself.

These are the top 15 reasons why you can still use Google AdWords tobring effective traffic and business to your site. All these featuresaccompanying Google AdWords make this campaign more effective and useful and thus increase its use among those who maintain Web sites to bringinstant and targeted traffic to their Web sites. These features alsospecify that Google AdWords, if managed efficiently, can be used as aperfect tool for increasing Web site traffic and running a profitablee-business.

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