3 critical mistakes to avoid while making your first social media marketing

While a social media marketing strategy is included in the marketing bucket of almost any company these days, off-line or online,there are still some common mistakes that are repeated time and againeven by experienced professionals. Here are three critical mistakes toavoid while making your first social media marketing strategy.

Mistake 1: Not knowing who your customer is. It is extremely easy to be misguided about your own customer, partlydue to not making enough efforts and partly due to our inherent biases. A huge majority of entrepreneurs fall into the trap of spending all thetime on product development and none on customer development. While this is a mistake in itself, it becomes a critical failure pointwhen drafting a social media strategy. There is almost no way thatyou can be efficient in your social media outreach if you cannot pointyour exact customer segment. There are many ways to understand yourcustomer segment – one of them is to have a target persona ready evenbefore you take your first step. Of course, creating a persona is an art in itself. You have to be careful of not including so many details that you get confused and also of not limiting to so few details that thepersona is extremely generic.
Mistake 2: Not knowing where your customer is. Even after spending a lot of time on developing your persona andknowing exactly who your target customer is, many companies fail tounderstand where exactly this target customer spends his time andattention. Both of these factors are extremely important for your social media strategy. If your customer is a corporate professional who spends most of his time on LinkedIn, it will be difficult for you to reach him if you are focusing on only Instagram. Again it is also entirelypossible that while the target customer does spend his time on LinkedIn, he is not there to do any purchasing decisions. In that case you haveto find which platform captures his relevant attention. Perhaps asubreddit is where the most effective balance of time and attention canbe found.

Mistake 3: Not knowing what you want to achieve with your social media marketing. Again, a lot of companies try to do social media marketing in a mannerakin to throwing a bunch of stuff on the wall and hoping somethingsticks. The reason is that most entrepreneurs are unsure of what theywant to achieve by social media marketing. Of course the end goal of most companies is to get more sales, but the road to sales is unclear. Depending on the product/ service, it might not be possible to convertthe customer immediately via social media. In those cases the right aimis to just get the first contact with the customer and not try to do ahard sell right at the first meeting. In other cases, perhaps you onlywant engagement or feedback from the customer. The point is thatdifferent products require different social media marketing strategiesand you need to be aware of your decisions

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