8 Reasons You Should Use Bing Ads To Promote Your Blog

Why Use Bing Ads in Addition to Google

For those of you thatare not familiar with Bing Ads, it is Microsoft and Yahoo’s alternativeplatform to the more popular and well-known Google AdWords. Thispartnership between Microsoft and Yahoo was formed in order to competewith Google.
It also provides advertisers with one platform throughwhich they can place ads on both the Bing and Yahoo search engineresults pages (SERP). Many advertisers will go the easy route and stickwith the bigger and more well-known Google AdWords for their paid search marketing, often ignoring Bing Ads altogether. However, at OLB, we make it part of our digital strategy and almost always allocate a portion of our clients’ budgets to Bing Ads in order to compareresults.

1.     30% Market Share

ComScore recently released new statistics showing that together, Bing and Yahoohave a 32.8% share of all search traffic on desktops in the US. This isnearly one third of all searches performed via desktop and can be a newsource of impressions for advertisers. While these statistics do notinclude mobile search traffic which is heavily dominated by Google, Bing Ads tends to get about 1/5 of the impressions that you get on AdWords.Without Bing Ads, you are essentially missing out on a huge opportunityto reach new people and grow your business.

2.      Less Competition

One of the big advantages to Bing Ads is that not everyone using AdWordshas caught on to the fact that Bing Ads is an additional option. Whatthis means to you is cheaper cost per clicks (CPC) and a higher clickthrough rate (CTR). Based on my experience, I have seen cost per clickbe as low as 65% cheaper in Bing Ads than it is in Google AdWords, buton average, Bing is about 33% cheaper for the average cost per click. Ihave also seen click through rates be, in some cases, twice as much.

3.      Return on Investment (ROI)

Since your campaigns in Bing Ads tend to be more efficient by getting higherclick through rates with lower cost per click, this will normallytranslate to better ROI. If you are solely looking for volume, thenAdWords may be a better option. However through Bing, I’ve seen greatresults when it comes to getting the most out of every dollar spent.

4.      Easy Setup

One of the best updates Bing has made in the past year is the ability toimport your AdWords campaign directly into Bing Ads. With a few clicksof your mouse in the Bing Ads editor, your AdWords account can beimported right into Bing Ads, making the initial startup very quick.

How to Transfer AdWords to Bing Ads

You first need to create a Bing Ads account by going to advertise.bingads.microsoft.com.

After signing up and setting up your account, Bing Ads will give you the option to directly import your Google account.

If you already have an account and have not yet setup your campaigns, youcan sign in to Bing Ads and click on Import Campaigns on the navigationbar. Then click on Import from Google AdWords. Follow the directions byentering in your Google AdWords credentials. Once you do this, you willthen be able to import all, or selected, campaigns that you have inAdWords directly into Bing Ads.

I personally like to create the account in Bing Ads and then go into Bing Ads Editor to import the account and campaigns. Bing Ads editor, like AdWordseditor, allows you to make changes offline before setting them live.This gives you the ability to make any changes or updates to thetracking urls or add and/or remove anything from the campaigns beforesetting the campaigns live.

5.      More Control

Lastyear, Google AdWords required all accounts to use close variants forphrase and exact match keywords. This caused your ads to show forkeywords that Google may have considered close matches, but may not bekeywords you want to show for. This may make your ad less relevant forthose searches and may also result in spending money on clicks that canturn into a bounce if the search is not relevant. Bing Ads on the otherhand still allows you to exclude these close variant keywords. Do thisby clicking on the settings tab, then going to the advanced settings,and finally keyword matching options.

6.      Search Partners

Much like AdWords, Bing Ads also has search partners that are included inthe Bing and Yahoo search partnership. There is one particular searchpartner that has grown very rapidly in the last few years. This searchengine is called DuckDuckGo and is differentiating themselves by keeping users’ information anonymous and not storing search history. DuckDuckGo has continued to have growth in search queries every month this year.On June 22, 2015, DuckDuckGo announced that they have surpassed the tenmillion daily query mark.

7.      Demographics Targeting

One cool function that BingAds has that AdWords has not yet adopted is the ability to usedemographic targeting on search ads. Similar to how you can target ageand gender for display advertising, Bing Ads allows you to targetspecifically to your audience. Another added bonus to this level oftargeting is the ability to use bid adjustments to change your bids peraudience. So if women are twenty percent more likely to convert thanmen, you can use this data to either increase your bids for women,decrease your bids for men, or a combination of the two depending onyour goals. If you want to activate specific targeting and/or bidadjustments, just go into the settings tab of your campaigns and undertargeting options you will find demographic targeting.

8.      Automated Rules

In early June, Bing Ads launched automated rules for managing your account and campaigns. For those of you who are not familiar with automatedrules, they let you make changes automatically based on rules andconditions you set up in your account. You can change your status,budget, bids, and more. Automated rules can be a huge time saver inmanaging your accounts so if set up correctly, they can help lower theextra management time that would be needed for launching your newcampaigns in a new platform.

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